If Obama cares about gun violence, why the hypocrisy with urban crime?

If you look up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary, a picture of President Obama would likely appear next to its definition given the staggering amount shown over the past four years.

obamaThe latest example — President Obama’s use of the Newtown massacre as the presuppose to push gun control legislation under the guise of protecting our children.

President Obama’s plan to curb gun violence was unveiled during a Jan. 16 press conference with children as his backdrop. In addition to urging congress to pass legislation addressing background checks and assault weapons, he issued 23 executive orders accomplishing little other than to throw money at the wrong problem while assaulting the 2nd amendment.

President Obama, clearly moved by the Newtown massacre said, “we have a moral obligation — a moral obligation — to do everything in our power to diminish the prospect that something like this could happen again.”

Later saying, “If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence if there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.”

Agreed Mr. President. We do have an obligation to protect our children, all children, from violence. Unfortunately, attempting to legislate away responsibility while ignoring the underlying causes of gun violence does little other than give the president and the democrat party a photo opportunity.

The tragedy suffered in Newtown, Connecticut is unspeakable, but is it more important than the children killed in President Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago? Does the president feel we have the same moral obligation to protect these children?

According to the Washington Post, “Chicago counts far more homicide victims every month — many of them young people — than died in the carnage in Connecticut. … Since Jan. 1, 2012, Chicago police have recorded 2,364 shooting incidents and 487 homicides, 87 percent of them gun-related.”

According to the 2012 report “Black Victimization in the United States,” 6,505 African-Americans were murdered in 2009. To place this figure in perspective, the total number of American Soldiers killed since the 2003 inception of the Iraq war is 4,488.

Think about this for a moment. The African-American homicide rate is 45 percent higher than the Iraq War deaths, and 30 is the average age of those killed. Further illustrating the Obama administration’s hypocrisy, of the victims killed, 82 percent were killed with guns, and 74 percent of those were hand guns.

The President and the Democrat party continue to use the Newtown massacre to advance their agenda, while ignoring the root causes of such violence.  Instead, they prefer to blame the gun, pushing for a ban on weapons that although cause horrific results account for the smallest percentage of U. S. gun death.

One wonders why President Obama and the Democrat party remained silent about their moral obligation to save even one life until now?

Could it be they are concerned that by addressing the root causes of U.S. gun violence some in the electorate may conclude liberal policies contribute to the gun violence President Obama feels a moral obligation to reduce?


Stacy Rush headshot

Stacy Rush is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.
Twitter: @discoveringme40

Fact: Homicide rates in poor urban communities are higher than the national average
Fact: Since taking office in 2008, the poverty level increased by 21 percent
Fact: The unemployment rate increased by 60 percent, minorities accounting for highest unemployment rate
Fact: African-Americans account for 13 percent of the population and 47 percent of the homicide victims
Fact: The percentage of homicides committed with the “assault” weapon President Obama wishes to ban accounts for 6 percent of the total of deaths by gun
Fact: President Obama and the Democrat party have been silent about gun violence until Sandy Hook
Fact: Ignoring the facts, the underlying causes of gun violence does nothing to meet the moral obligation President Obama feels so strongly about now

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  1. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    If Obama cares about gun violence, why the hypocrisy with urban crime?

  2. I agree, the systemic root causes of gun violence need to be diagnosed and addressed.The tide of violence in our country is symptomatic of an underlying problem.

  3. Michael Ruffing says:

    Good article. Obama’s exploitation and hypocrisy knows no bounds. I bet gun control people can’t name on kid from Newtown- My post from December http://thebrennerbrief.com/2012/12/21/newtown-victims-used-for-socialist-causes/


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