Dana Loesch: Women “are their own first responders”

We are seeing the gun control issue saturate the media lately. We went from the redundancy of the fiscal cliff fiasco to one heart-string tugging story after another. While many of us have given up on objectivity coming from the media (except The Brenner Brief, of course!), I find it nonetheless incredibly disappointing that we’re only hearing one side of this debate.

Dana Loesch at a gun range.

Dana Loesch at a shooting range.

This Tuesday, a 15-year-old young woman who just performed at Inauguration 2013 was fatally shot in Chicago. While this is no doubt a very tragic loss, and my heart breaks for this child and her family she left behind, it simply cannot be a reason to taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. As tragic as the loss in Newtown was, it also cannot be a catalyst for enacting legislation that takes away our Constitutional rights.

My right to protect my family was granted to me in 1791 and this world is certainly not getting safer by the minute. As a mother, the instinct to protect my children at all costs is inherent and strong. Dana Loesch wrote an amazing article today with several links that I strongly encourage you to visit. This paragraph is profound.

I’m a mother. I’m 125 pounds. While I’ve taken several disciplines of defensive techniques, if a large man was to break into my home with the intent to turn me and my children into a statistic, I’d have little chance fighting back without a firearm. I don’t live in the fantasy land of Hollywood where every woman is G.I. Jane or Lara Croft. If women have the right to defend their country in battle, they have the right to defend themselves and their family at home. In their home, they are their own first responders.

Can you possibly imagine waiting ten minutes for a response to a 911 call?

According to American Police Beat, the average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes. Atlanta has the worst response time with 11 to 12 minutes and Nashville comes in at a lightning speed of 9 minutes.

I hope to God I am never in a position that I am faced with taking the life of an attacker, but if I am, I would not hesitate. As a woman who has personally experienced violence at the hands of another person, I know all too well how much damage can be done in 9-11 minutes.

Loesch makes an excellent point in her article. Is gun control ultimately a war on women? We are indeed our own first responder. I vehemently encourage all of you to enroll in self-defense classes, become trained on how to properly use your firearm, and be prepared to engage if you are attacked. It is our right.

JackieLynn Wellfonder

JackieLynn Wellfonder is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @princy_lyn

The statistic that Loesch points out, that is frequently being overlooked entirely by the mainstream media is this:

According to the FBI, Americans use firearms in self-defense 2.1 million times annually. Cases where firearms are used criminally amount to 579,000. Seventy percent of those cases are carried out by criminal repeat offenders.

You will not hear statistics like this touted in the mainstream media. I implore you to educate your family, friends and neighbors. It is up to all of us to educate the masses, contact our elected officials, attend gun rallies and give testimony explaining why we won’t allow legislation to turn us into victims in our own homes.

Do we want the US to follow the path of Australia after their gun grab?

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