Ask, “does it work?”

The completion of the inauguration last week  has  allowed the media to finally  drop  the act and acknowledged that the President is — surprise — a progressive.  For those old enough to remember the movie Casablanca, think of the MSM as Captain Renault:

Captain Renault: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.”

Emile: “Your winnings, sir.”

Captain Renault: “Thank you very much.”

Most readers of The Brenner Brief have understood since 2008 that the goal of this president and his supporters can be distilled to one thing — power.  Regardless of the tagline de jour or flowery word-crafting in the inaugural speech — such as “collective action to achieve individualism” — the bottom line is bigger government in the name of helping the oppressed.

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @MikeRuffing1

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @MikeRuffing1

Sara Marie Brenner’s recent column on The Brenner Brief, Detroit, MLK and today’s African-American slave masters, should serve as an example to conservatives of an easy way to educate, change minds, and win elections.  Ask your friends and neighbors from this day forward one simple question: does it work?  In other words, have the billions of dollars spent on government programs really worked?  If the response is yes, the retort is quite simple — look at Detroit.  Personally, my retort would be look at Cleveland.  As a Clevelander, I have witnessed the devastating results and corruption of liberal policies.  Like Detroit, Cleveland was once a world-class city.  It enjoyed the benefits of having over twenty-five Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the area.  After years of liberal policies under the guise of racial advancement, the inevitable corruption resulting from cozy union-Democrat alliances, and electing leaders like the boy wonder Mayor Dennis Kucinich, Cleveland is now just another rust-belt shell of what it used to be.

Republicans should reach out and ask the “does it work” question to minority interest groups.  Doing so helps cut through the racial obfuscation tactics used by the left, and helps keep the issues on the table for meaningful discussion and education.  The “does it work” question scares the hell out of the left because no reasonable person can argue that government spending really works without ignoring the Detroits and Clevelands of the world.

Some of the bravest people in America today have to be black conservatives.  They endure scorn and ridicule yet stand on principle.  They are targeted and singled out as traitors for disagreeing with the liberal establishment.  Their experiences and the shaming by liberals who claim benevolence should be a cautionary example to everyone of the inevitable and necessary demands of liberalism. Since liberalism is good, disagreement is bad.  And if you disagree, there is a steep and hard price to be paid.

Conservatives should support the efforts like the Reverend C.L. Bryant, whose documentary Runaway Slave was released in 2012.  The movie approaches the does it work question from the important and unique African American perspective.    As described in the movie press release:

Runaway Slave is a history lesson not being taught in the public schools: a revealing look at legislation aimed at curbing and controlling the black population and the results that have kept them on the government “plantation.” The question the movie dares to ask: “Are African-Americans truly ‘free at last’?”

If liberalism works, how can there be a Cleveland or Detroit?  How can the African-American community be in the circumstances it is in now?  How is it that abortions claim an alarmingly disproportionate number of black victims?  Does it work?

Ask your friends and neighbors, “does it work?”  Grassroots, person to person education is something everyone can do.  Our ideals win when our neighbors are given the facts.  The “does it work” question also allows the opportunity to illustrate just how mock-worthy liberalism is today.

As the video below illustrates, the results of liberalism would be funny if they were not so dangerous.  But hey, we’re not Detroit — yet.

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  1. Good quote “Tyranny is not color blind.” Thanks for informing us of the documentary “Runaway Slave.”

  2. Valid points Mike, good article.

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