We explain: why isn’t the MSM reporting on the Iran bombing?

iran with nuke symbolEarlier this morning, we reported on the apparent bombing of a nuclear facility in Iran. We reported on this before many of the major news outlets, including having it up over 12 hours before Breitbart.com posted a link to another site.

Our contributor, Jason Blair, and The Brenner Brief have been questioned via social media today regarding the validity of this story. We stand behind the story, as other news outlets had then and have now reported on it. Of course, we do not have any direct assets in Iran, as only the government would in that closed society. However, several outlets, including reputable direct sources listed in those other stories, have proclaimed that this explosion did indeed take place and that a bombing, or sabotage, of some sort did occur.

So the question is, why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on the Iran bombing story? We have been asked this question in a manner to suggest that because the “MSM” isn’t reporting on it, it cannot be true. Perhaps this is the first story where we have truly done as our slogan suggests: “The Brenner Brief — rendering the mainstream media useless.”

We asked Blair his opinion on the MSM’s failure to report on this. We are not supporting a conspiracy theory and neither is Blair; however, we are thinking through the various reasons why this complete avoidance of the topic by mainstream media could be possible. Blair’s thoughts on the issue are as follows:

If the report is accurate, the explosion would have happened on Inauguration day. The media was focused on that and this topic really didn’t jive with what Obama was looking to push in his inaugural address.

Chuck Hagel, who is being floated for Secretary of Defense, is perceived as being weak on Iran. With this news coming so close to his confirmation there may be a push to try to hold it back from the public. At the same time, I would think those seeking to block his nomination would be leaking this out.

If Israel had anything to do with it, they have a track record of being pretty quiet about this kind of stuff, as seen in their 2007
bombing of a Syrian nuclear reactor. Also important to note – President Bush refused to comment on it when he was confronted on this Operation in a press conference.

Drudge put out a story from yesterday that shows Israel is stepping back from plans on unilaterally attacking Iran. Could this be a reason?

I’m pretty sure Iran wants to keep this quiet. They have been stalling on nuclear talks, and this week suggested the talks be pushed out to February. Perhaps they’re a little pre-occupied?

There have also been a few more sources coming out on this issue:

So again, we stand behind our posting the story. Blair’s thoughts above are genuine possibilities explaining the main stream media‘s completely ignoring this story to date. And, the MSMs ignoring this story does not mean the event did not occur.

We have also listed other outlets below that are now reporting this story, and we encourage readers to understand that, with Iran’s secrecy, it may be some time until we have the full story on what actually happened at the Fordo facility.

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  1. bigbossogg says:

    If true, this will be a boon for the Israeli people, a small breather in the ongoing grind of war, and rumors of war.
    Now they can turn their energies to the prospect of lunatics with missiles screaming at their borders swearing blood oaths to eradicate them all.
    I’m sure either possibility is nerve wracking, and I’m also sure I could not live under that sort of threat for long without wigging right out.

  2. bigbossogg says:

    By the way, could someone please tell Mr. Blair that he should be using the word ‘jibe’, not ‘jive’ in this context?

  3. Maybe there are some explanations from Haaretz about the credibility of the original source?


    Not for nothing have the major news organizations ignored Kahlili’s Fordow report. Beyond his questionable credibility, there is no supporting evidence. If a large explosion did occur at Fordow a week ago, why have no satellite photos appeared of dozens of vehicles on the site involved in rescue operations? And if there are 240 workers trapped underground, how come no worried relatives have expressed concern on one of the social networks? Iran may have a repressive regime, but tens of millions of citizens are connected to the Internet and are experts at evading the regime’s attempts to monitor and filter their communications. Something would have come out by now.


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