The tale of two videos and a lesson for conservatives fighting hate

Even though this video is from August 2012, it proves an excellent point: fighting hate with hate is hypocritical, ineffective and ridiculous. By being hateful to the employee standing there who is merely trying to do her job, how is this customer “taking” his free water fulfilling any genuine purpose?

Whether it’s Chick-fil-A or any other subject, if you fight hate with hate, it is you who is hateful.

Then Rebecca, the bullied employee, went on Fox News Channel. In a most gracious and humble response, she forgave the hateful man who bullied her at the drive through window.

Let’s really compare. Who is the hateful one, and who is not?

Lesson: By being hateful in trying to fight hate, you yourself become the hateful one. Conservatives need to learn from this, as well as liberals. Anyone who is polarized enough to use hate in fighting for their beliefs needs to reconsider.

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  1. while I am against hate lets not confuse disagreement with something as hate, hate is more a I want to hurt you type feeling, not just a disagreement, while I don’t stand in anyones way to do what they want, as long as they don’t directly hurt me, I don’t approve of homosexuliaty, doens’t mean I hate them personally just the lifestyle itself, but lets take it furthur I hate adultery, lying cheating stealing murder and fornication, even if it doesn’t hurt me directly but it causes harm to the participants in the long run, of course by the time they realise it it is too late, I care about how others actions harm others. I have known homos before I never treated them any different than anyone, else but I would like to remind people is it really necessary to advertise one’s sexual prevences? I don’t go around saying I am hetero. why go around saying your gay, why not just keep it to yourself and no one will be the wiser but if you adverttise and some people really hate that lifestyle then don’t complain if some one hurts your feelings about it. if your comfortable in your life then what do you care what others think of you anyway? unless you have some doubt and need help in quelching your conscions or something (I don’t speak discrimmination like in workplace or gov benefits, of course I don’t think the applications for jobs/benefits have a quesition of what your sexuel preferences are they are however private affairs.) but rather people in general in social settings.

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