Muslim sex ring preyed on young girls

There are nine men currently on trial in Oxford, U.K. for crimes so obscenely cruel and depraved that many will wonder why this case has not garnered more media attention. The reason may be that the suspects are all Muslim men.

two girls for saleThe men involved are Kamar Jamil – 27, Bilal Ahmed – 26, Akhtar Dogar – 32, Anjum Dogar – age unknown, Assad Hussain – 32, Mohammed Karrar  – 38, Bassam Karrar – 26, Muhammed Hussain – 24, and Zeechan Ahmed – 27. They are facing charges including arranging or facilitating child prostitution, trafficking for sexual exploitation, child rape, and using an instrument to procure a miscarriage. The victims are children, ranging in age from 11 to 15 years old.

The men charged allegedly preyed on girls from troubled families, or girls who lived in group homes. They often met these girls as they were seeking to buy narcotics. The men would also give the girls gifts, such as perfume, in addition to drugs, like cocaine, before turning into their captors. Then, they forced them into sex, prostitution and even torture.

One girl was arranged to be given a backroom abortion when she had become pregnant, according to her testimony. Victims claim daily torture, including burning, beating and rape. They say the men threatened to burn down their homes and murder their siblings if they ever alerted authorities.

The prosecuting Attorney Noel Lucas said in opening arguments that what the girls endured was “perverted in the extreme” and the suspects “showed the complainants little or no human decency or consideration.”

The girls were allegedly sold and traded as property and treated accordingly. They were even burned with hot pins to be recognized as brands by their captors. The girls were kept in a sedated state with alcohol and drugs, often left in houses with legs tied awaiting paying men to abuse them however they pleased.

Suspects in this case are all in custody during trial, though some allege there may be more at large involved in the ring. The trial is expected to continue until April.

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