Ben Shapiro: conservatives must be bullies to win

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If anyone in the Republican party required additional proof to solidify the decision that now is the time for passing the GOP torch to the next generation, Ben Shapiro’s recent appearance at The Heritage Foundation provides the smoking gun.

This video is a must see for anyone frustrated with the GOP’s messaging, or lack there of, outlining Shapiro’s approach to taking on the left.

If you had an opportunity to see Shapiro debating gun control on CNN with Piers Morgan, you witnessed his brilliance in using an unapologetic approach of punching back twice as hard against the bullies on the left.

Shapiro’s technique is one many on the right are reluctant to employ. They instead prefer taking the moral high ground rather than playing the game on the left’s level. But as Shapiro accurately points out, taking the high ground rarely wins elections, as illustrated with Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama.

By painting Obama as a reasonable guy who is ill-equipped to handle the presidency, Romney left himself open for low information voters to accept the left’s portrayal of him as evil. After all, even Mitt Romney thinks Obama is a reasonable man.

I encourage you to take the time to watch this video, it will not disappoint.

*At the time of posting, the video promised to be provided by The Heritage Foundation is not yet available. However, it should be available shortly at

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