Liberal intolerance on Facebook exposed and debated on “The Five”

A compelling segment from Fox News Channel’s show “The Five” discussing the difference in intolerance levels on both sides of the political arena taking place in public and online.

Have you ever been suspended on Facebook or had your post taken down? Tell us your story in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

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  1. Yes. Every time I go on a conservative site to get their point of you, I usually get banned, no matter how respectful I am. This usually happens when my conservative friends ‘like’ a post and I go over to see what all the fuss is about. It happens on both sides.

    • I meant view. Oops! 🙂

    • Agreed. I’ve probably had upwards of 25-30 comments removed on this blog despite all of these posts being respectful (while being insulted myself) and some actually agreeing with the poster and others just pointing out standard historical facts. I actually tested out the report system one day, since some were using it against me for having a dissenting view, and was just scoffed at.

      • If all you’re doing is using your comments to “test” the system, how about you just don’t. We’ve asked you not to comment before and this is why. We’ve been very lenient, and don’t want to ban you completely because it could impact your settings on other blogs. But, we’ve received numerous complaints and informed you in writing via email to stop commenting here. So, please stop. This is the final notice.

        • I’ve seen his posts and they’ve been very respectful. Is this the liberal intolerance you were speaking of? I thought this was a conservative site? Am I in the wrong place?

        • Please don’t put words in my mouth. I was finding out whether or not your moderation was biased against me by using the report function for exactly it’s defined use. I reported someone for using direct insults (i.e., coward, tool, etc.) and not adding productive comments. Instead of being received and actually looked at, I was laughed at purely based off me being the user I was, despite my posts being respectful and productive in nature. Dissent is not the same as disrespect, and many of your users seem to fail to realize this. Many times I even agreed with other users and you removed my posts (ironically, this post was a good example).

          And you have failed to provide me with any of my comments or statements and the reason they were considered offensive or disrespectful. Hard to adjust when I literally have no clue what I’ve said that’s offended people.


          P.S. When you give a “final warning,” it is customary that the final warning be breached before the warning is carried through. Judging by my inability to post on the other name, I had to use the inspiration of a fantastic musician to come up with a good name for my final post.

          P.P.S. Make sure to get some ad-space sold. I thinking about trying to help your site traffic by posting to one of my favorite discussion areas on the internet. They’re quite liberal so you should have some healthy debate if I decide to do so.


  1. […] Liberal intolerance on Facebook exposed and debated on “The Five” ( […]

  2. […] Liberal intolerance on Facebook exposed and debated on “The Five” ( […]

  3. […] Liberal intolerance on Facebook exposed and debated on “The Five” ( […]

  4. […] Liberal intolerance on Facebook exposed and debated on “The Five” ( […]

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