VIDEO: Piers Morgan talks to the “gun girls”

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  1. abaworlock says:

    That guys a douchebag!!! I don’t thing any one takes him seriously. His rating are very low even with his anti-gun crap.

    • abaworlock says:

      Apparently you’ve never done any real research on the effectiveness of gun control, and never use stats from any lobbyist. And from a common sense point of view, how exactly would this effect criminals, remember guns are coming in from out side of the US, plus they already are armed. plus more people are murdered by knives than with the so called asalt weapon. Do you think that mass killers will just go away because they can’t get a gun. It would be great if that really was a cure. But in realty they are still mentally ill and they are still hell bent on killing.
      This is nothing more than the government putting on the appearance of doing something.
      But the causes of crime have not been addressed, drugs, poverty, unemployment, mental illness, these will stay the same, no change!!!! and no change in crime.

  2. Please take him back. England. He’s so boring.
    Guess this is his claim to infamy.


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