The Notre Dame style Republican party

Rout. Blowout. Over before it began. Rolled.

These were some of the more generous descriptions of the 42-14 Alabama win over Notre Dame for the BCS Championship of college football. It hurt Notre Dame fans like me to watch the sons of “Our Lady” getting pushed around the field.  To witness the vaunted ND defense being overwhelmed by a behemoth offensive line was hard to stomach.

notre dame college republicansDown 28-0 at halftime, I texted with my son about another historic miracle comeback and he agreed that we should believe. I was praying for another wake up the echoes, cheer in her name moment, if you will. Alas, Notre Dame could only garner 14 points and merely slow down Alabama’s offense in the second half leaving us with a 42-14 final. Ouch!

The entire evening, the game, the strategy, and outcome felt eerily like 332-206 all over again — 332-206 was the final score of the Electoral College in the most important game in our country last November. Like Alabama’s running game, it turned out the Democrats ground game was far superior to the Republicans who couldn’t get millions of their voters to show up.

In the first half of the football game, referees blew some calls and didn’t call a fumble that may have given Notre Dame a chance to catch their breath and alter the momentum of the game. And ESPN play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger spent an inordinate amount of time commenting on the attractiveness of the QB’s girlfriend instead of the game. Similarly, in the election game, the lame stream media blew the coverage of Fast and Furious, Eric Holder’s lawlessness, and ignored Benghazi for more attractive stories like Romney’s wealth and anything else but Benghazi.  Not that the outcomes would have changed, but momentum has worth in sports and campaigns.

The Crimson and White of team Obama continue to have the Blue and Gold Republican defense on their heels and missing tackles in trying to defend against a multi-threat offense scoring another touchdown for state control. Kathleen Sebelius as running back Eddie Lacy, is running over and battering religious freedom.  With the behemoth bureaucracy serving as her offensive line, she is running untouched for huge gains in mandating what citizens can and can’t do, how religion is defined, and where it will be allowed to be practiced.

As when Notre Dame committed manpower to defend against the Alabama running game, team Obama throws long passes for huge gains and continued momentum against Republican budgetary efforts in the House. Like ND’s secondary, House Republicans lack the speed and agility to keep up with the wide receiver corps of Democrat operatives and the media. The red team is running post patterns, crossing routes, and fly routes made up of gun control, power grabbing via Executive Order, and more taxes.

Some ND fans tried looked for some small moral victory in the fact they tied Alabama 14-14 in the second half. This is similar to Republicans trying to take something from the recent fiscal cliff deal. The score was still 42-14, and we are still over 16 trillion in debt.

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @MikeRuffing1

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @MikeRuffing1

This analogy comes to a screeching halt when it comes to coaches. To compare President Obama to Alabama coach Nick Saban would be slander, against Mr. Saban. Saban is a leader, out front, and holds himself accountable. With the rare losses Saban points to himself for blame, and when they win he stresses the team’s performance and dedication. To wit, after the game Monday night Saban said, “We’ve had a lot of really great football players who’ve worked really hard. Because we’ve had a great team, we’ve been able to have a significant amount of success.” Sounds just like President Obama after getting Osama Bin-Laden, doesn’t it?

One last comparison: on the way out of the tunnel to games, every Notre Dame player taps a sign that reads, “Play Like A Champion Today”. Alabama players tap a sign that reads: “Roll Tide”. The difference is interesting. Well, Alabama certainly rolled Monday night, and the Crimson Obama team seems to be rolling right now.

But, take heart and recall the last lines of the ND fight song, “Old Notre Dame will win overall, while her loyal sons are marching, onward to victory!” We just need to get the country’s loyal sons and daughters moving before halftime.


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