No time to take time off before 2016

marco rubio iowa 2016 cartoonSome of us had the stomach to watch the inauguration of 2013 and some of us did not. I watched most of it and certainly can’t fault anyone for choosing not to. As we are close to entering into the second month of 2013 after a GOP defeat in November, does anyone have the energy to focus on 2014 and 2016?

Burnout is rampant in political circles. I’ve been warned by friends and family several times to be careful, and careful I shall be. But while being careful, I have to remain vigilant. That is the only way we can get a jump on the opposition. Trust me, they aren’t taking a break. The opposition knows they have an edge, they know they have momentum, and they plan on maximizing it.

Much to my amusement and somewhat surprise, Joe Biden is actually contemplating a 2016 run. Despite being the “gaff master” of the campaign trail, he seems to think he’s got a shot. Of course, he hasn’t said so officially, but it’s clear to those in his close circles, he is giddy with anticipation.

Via Politico:

Biden, according to a number of advisers and Democrats who have spoken to him in recent months, wants to run, or at least be well positioned to run, if and when he decides to pull the trigger. Biden has expressed a clear sense of urgency, convinced the Democratic field will be defined quickly — and that it might very well come down to a private chat with Hillary Clinton about who should finish what Barack Obama started.

He’s intoxicated by the idea, and it’s impossible not to be intoxicated by the idea.

Part of me welcomes the possibility of Biden entering the 2016 Presidential Race, because I honestly feel it would be a continual source of amusement and fodder for many blog posts and memes. On the other hand, it terrifies me, because despite American optimism hitting the “lowest point since the Carter administration,” those very same folks were foolish enough to give Barack Obama a second term.

The Democratic governor from my home state of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, is also keeping his eyes on the prize. He has received immense criticism from the state for being an absentee Governor as he focuses on positioning himself for his own 2016 run. He was in attendance with Biden at the Iowa State Society inauguration ball. While there, O’Malley reflected on his experience as a campaign surrogate.

JackieLynn Wellfonder

JackieLynn Wellfonder is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @princy_lyn

From Newsmax: “I have campaigned in Iowa before,” O’Malley said, referring to his work on behalf of other Democratic candidates. “I have great affection for Iowa.”

One resident of Iowa indicated that he realized “it’s a long way away” but that the “2016 campaign has already begun.” Indeed it has. Has the GOP taken the necessary steps to improve outreach to minority populations? Have we effectively improved our messaging as well as our marketing? Those things are critical factors in a successful 2016 campaign, and as the Iowa resident indicated, the campaign has already begun.

We cannot take any more time off resting and reflecting on what we did wrong. Now is the time to focus on what we need to do right.

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  1. We need to be marketing our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We need to improve our outreach to minorities and low information voters.

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