VIDEO PROOF: New York plans to confiscate guns

Here it is. Listen carefully to one Assemblyman saying that he doesn’t want the information discussed because it could dampen the desire to compromise.

Yea, no kidding.

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  1. Reblogged this on BeeshaSIM and commented:
    Confiscation of our guns is the goal make no mistake about that! Family and Friends living in NY need to pay special attention to this! Share it far and wide!

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  3. Rep. State Senator is begging New Yorkers to call their reps in the statehouses to stop this legislation. The other got through with little resistance. I have already bombarded the phones in my old counties. NYC of course could care less but it is worth it anyway.

  4. Was there ever any doubt Democrats want to confiscate guns? This is not about saving lives this is about power and control and the Democrats want it all.


  1. […] Jan. 22, The Brenner Brief reported on the video proof that is available demonstrating that the Democrats in New York want to […]

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