Let’s move … 3,000 calorie inauguration lunch


This year’s luncheon is a bit on a indulgent side, admittedly. We initial checked out a menu with excitement, though as we review by a 3 courses a smiles fast incited to frowns, not during a extravagance of a dishes though their sky-high calorie counts.

One full portion is some-more than 3,000 calories! Lobster in clam chowder sauce, grilled bison and a finish of abounding apple cake with homemade ice cream take no time to zip past a singular day’s calorie reserve.

CalorieCount.com‘s Rachel Berman, RD, CSR, CDN – who gathered this year’s Inaugural Luncheon nutritive statistics – was a small repelled by a numbers, too, and felt that nonetheless it’s excellent and even healthy to provide ourselves once in a while, a total were a bit too to justify.

“It’s OK to indulge any once in awhile and if a Presidential Inauguration isn’t a special, celebratory arise to do so, we don’t know what is,” she said. “However, in light of a first lady’s plumpness initiatives and a fact that a menu was finished public, it was really a missed eventuality for nourishment education, for example, to offer lightened-up recipe alternatives (even if usually on a website).”

We couldn’t determine more. With all of a tough work Mrs. Obama has put behind championing healthier diets not usually for kids though also adults, it was unsatisfactory to see such complicated equipment on a menu, generally deliberation a eventuality is so heavily reported on by a media and noticed by a American public.

See a three-course Inaugural Lunch menu and nourishment information for yourself, creatively common on a Senate’s central website.

First Course:
Steamed Lobster with New England Clam Chowder Sauce
Lobster Tails
New England Clam Chowder Sauce
Sauteed Spinach
Sweet Potato Hay
Per Serving: Calories 783, Fat 45.7g, Saturated Fat 16g, Cholesterol 247 mg, Sodium 1819 mg, Carbohydrates 55g, Dietary Fiber 7.5g, Sugar 14g, Protein 29g

Second Course:
Hickory Grilled Bison with Red Potato Horseradish Cake and Wild Huckleberry Reduction
Butternut Squash Puree
Baby Golden Beets and Green Beans
Red Potato Horseradish Cake
Strawberry Preserve and Red Cabbage
Wild Huckleberry Reduction
Per Serving: Calories 1184, Fat 34.6g, Saturated Fat 16g, Cholesterol 177mg, Sodium 7445mg, Carbohydrates, 149g, Dietary Fiber 16.7, Sugar 97.2g, Protein 51g

Third Course:
Hudson Valley Apple Pie with Sour Cream Ice Cream, Aged Cheese and Honey
Pie Dough
Cinnamon Crumble
Sour Cream Ice Cream
Maple Caramel Sauce
Artisan Cheeses
Per Serving: Calories 1060, Fat 64.4g, Saturated Fat 39g, Cholesterol 331mg, Sodium 488mg, Carbohydrates, 108.5g, Dietary Fiber 1.7g, Sugar 75g, Protein 14g

Total Nutritional Counts (not including booze pairing):
Calories 3027, Fat 145 g, Saturated Fat 71g (49% of fat), Sodium 9752 mg, Total Carbs 312.5g, Sugar 186.2g (59% of carbs)

Wine Selections for any course:
Tierce Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2010
Korbel Natural, Special Inaugural Cuvée Champagne, California
Bedell Cellars Merlot 2009

If you’re formulation to horde an initial lunch or cooking of your own, we might wish to surrogate a riesling and merlot for some-more affordable options.

Jamie Stratton, Kansas’ usually Certified Wine Educator, of Jacob’s Liquor Exchange suggested replacing a Tierce Finger Lakes Riesling with Nine Hats Riesling 2011, that is a take during $14.99. Stratton also suggested replacing a Bedell Cellars Merlot with Benziger Merlot 2010 for a some-more affordable cost of usually $17.99. The Korbel Natural is already a sincerely reasonable preference during $19.99.
Tune in to check out all of a Inaugural events this Monday, Jan 21. The Constitution dictates that a grave irreverence in take place during noon on Jan 20, that will be finished in a private rite this Sunday. For a seventh time in US history, a central coronation eventuality will take place Monday, Jan 21.

We entice we to try a few some-more presidential recipes this Monday:
Red, White, and Blue Sangria
Obama’s Favorite Grilled Chicken Tacos
Barack Obama’s Chili
Red, White, and Blueberry Turkey Burgers
Molasses Whipped Sweet Potatoes
Herb Roasted Pheasant with Wild Rice Stuffing

From HealthyFoodRecipe.com. Typographical errors were in the original story from Healthy Food Recipe and copied here.

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  1. Bill Ivey says:

    I enjoy your column, but there are several errors in the first paragraph to the point it did not make sense. Looking forward to many more of your briefs. Iveysplace@aol.com

    Sent from my iPad

    • Please see the bottom of the story. This is from another source. At the bottom, we mention that the typographical errors were in the original piece and so we just copied them here. There were many errors, but again – they’re from the Healthy Food site’s original version.

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