EBT card: the official card of the Democrat party

Several days ago, a woman was arrested for trying to by iPads at several different Wal-Mart stores by using a food stamp, or EBT, card.  It seems that she is not the only person doing this. She just happens to be the one who got caught doing it, and being abusive to the door greeter did not help her case.

ebt cardA fellow co-worker of mine was standing in line at a Dollar General store and the gentleman in front of him used his card to buy a phone.

When I was younger, people using food stamps who needed them, used them just for that — food. I remember being a little girl and seeing people paying with food stamps at grocery stores. They seemed embarrassed to actually have to pay for food that way.

Fast forward to today and it’s the norm. There are signs in grocery stores stating they take the green card. At first, I was not sure what that was. I actually had to ask, and when I did the clerk gave me the dumbest look I ever received.

I am a forty-five year old single female. I have worked my whole life in the broadcasting industry and made a career out of it. I did not go to college as I had the burning desire to make something of myself and work hard at it. I ate, slept, and drank broadcasting. I surrounded myself with the greats in broadcasting and learned everything I could, and soaked everything in like a sponge.

Today, it is too easy to rely on the government for help. Obama has made it even easier for society to become dependent on him. Little does the person who voted for Obama realize that taxes will go up for the lower and middle classes. They were so starry-eyed to put him back into office for a second term without doing their homework. But really, why should they? You can get food and even tattoos, manicures, and bail money on these EBT cards now. When will this stop ? When will this card be used for only food and necessities once more?

Statistics show that over 45 million people are on food stamps now. That’s 15 percent of people, or one-sixth of the population. Those numbers will only go up with the way the economy is now. It will soon get to the point where if you don’t have an EBT state card you will be looked at funny — the way the clerk looked at me when I asked about it.

Justine Bartko Thomas is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.

Justine Bartko Thomas is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.

We are slowly turning into a socialist nation. I looked up socialism and found  this explanation in simple form:

Socialism is a form of government in which the people control the production and distribution of goods and services. This system is operated based on equity and fairness and would be in between capitalism and communism.

Although many countries use this type of governing system, the United States does not for obvious reasons. The United States prefers to capitalize on market principles.

It seems we are not so far off after all. I will let my pride get in the way and continue to work hard, respect my elders, fight for my beliefs, and go to work everyday to collect a paycheck so that I can pay by cash or use my own bank card connected to my own checking account to pay for my food and necessities. I guess I’m just old-fashioned like that.

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  1. Discipline, hard work, responsibility/accountability and Honesty these are also “old fashioned” ideas and for many young people these are foreign concepts. Americans are being taught if the truth is offensive it is okay to avoid it. America, We the People deserve better than this! This is unacceptable and We are better than this! It is not too late for 2016. We need to find leaders with Courage.
    Courage is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as the ability to conquer fear or despair. My interpretation of Courage is being able to do the right thing(stand on principles) in the presence of Fear(fiscal cliff). Courage is not talking about doing the right thing and then behind closed doors doing something else.
    The right needs to elect leaders with Courage. President Obama and the Democrats know this too which is why Fear is always a large part of any campaign. Fear is effective and leaders with Courage are rare. Just my thoughts.

  2. According to POTUS’s speech yesterday government assistance does not “sapp” out the work ethic but the evidence is contrary. People need a hand up sometimes but not a hand out. The role of government in this area has expanded because we don’t help each other and do our civic obligations. As long as we keep ignoring the truth that is sometimes hard to except then there will always be a role people want the government to play.

  3. abaworlock says:

    While there’s a great many people that truly need the help, there’s an equal number of people that are making a good living off of government hand outs. You need to be a professional leach to take advantage of the systom otherwise you kind of get screwed.

  4. Years ago, as a very young stay-at-home mother whose marriage had just imploded, whose husband turned off the electricity, water and phone and took the family vehicle, I applied for food stamp help. My parents paid to have the utilities turned back on and gave me one of their vehicles, but they were far from well off, too. The food stamps were life saving to me and my children. I went out and got the first job I could find. It was an evening job because I couldn’t afford childcare, and it didn’t pay much. But it was a beginning. In the meantime, I kept looking for work. It didn’t happen over night, but I was eventually able to find a job that paid a living wage. The day I found out I was hired, I called my social worker and told her I didn’t qualify for help anymore! I was so excited. I could pay my own way. I didn’t need to rob taxpayers anymore to provide for my family. And that’s really how I thought about it.

    Things have changed since then. And it hasn’t really been all that long ago (little more than a decade). And I think that’s how such assistance was originally sold to the public to make it palatable. Back then, people were generally held accountable for the decisions they made and family played a greater roll than today. It’s just more commentary on our social decay that more people consider supporting themselves on the labor of others acceptable and normal. Atlas will shrug one of these days and those of us that know better will mourn. But no doubt about it, we’ll all languish together.

  5. 1greeneyedgal, you seem to get the point of food stamps in your first paragraph then in the second (after you’ve been assisted) you seem to lose the point of a government safety net. First, you didn’t “rob taxpayers.” You paid taxes for the insurance that food stamps provide. Would you feel guilty if you crashed your car and your insurance company paid for the repairs? No, you’ve pooled your risk of a car crash with others with the understanding that if any of you crash your car you will receive money to have it repaired. Food stamps work the same way, we pay in so that if times get rough (and only the Great Depression was rougher than the last four years) we don’t go hungry.

    Now it is certainly debatable where benefits should start and stop but the program as a whole is a good thing, as you yourself testified in your first paragraph. Obviously people buying phones and the like with food stamp cards is illegal and I would guess it would also be a minuscule percentage of people. But the actions of those people shouldn’t be used to tear down a program that helps families literally not starve to death while in their greatest hour of need. Unemployment remains high and it logically follows that food stamp usage would also remain high, but as the economy continues to recover the cost of food stamps will likewise decrease.

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  7. Tyson… I am sorry but that is just not accurate. Nice to whomever thumbed down for laughs but the truth is (as we have seen in Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland) unless someone turns off the spigot, the amount of recipients will not decrease. It is the same with unemployment benefits. Currently, people who are at 150% of the poverty line are receiving food stamps simply because the government wants them to have more assistance to buy the healthier foods that they deem less expansive to them under the Affordable Care Act. I agree that we must have a safety net because we are not doing the duty that was expected of us to take care of each other. Whoever thumbed down my remark before does not understand what the point of civic and public virtue was during the founding of our country. A Republic can only limit government when the people limit the necessity for government assistance into matters our own communities should be taking care of together. She is an exception and rightfully labeled “robbed” how she saw herself treating society. Without that mentality she would have been like so many other Americans and been content to live off of the government dole. If we are honest with ourselves, each other, and greater communities we can stop the garbage fake outrage when someone tells the truth. When we learn how to again take care of each other, then we can rightfully claim the right to limited government. When was the last time you checked to see if your neighbor needed a hand?… That’s what I thought.

  8. Richard, last thing first. I’ve helped my neighbor mow their lawn; my wife has walked their dog. I’ve borrowed and then lent tools to my other neighbor. Told a third neighbor that isn’t home often that I would help keep an eye on their place and when high winds blew the cover off their grill (when they weren’t there) I was the one that chased it down. I’ve also worked at a neighbor’s local furniture business a few times just because they needed an extra pair of hands (nothing beats delivering a hide-a-bed couch in the middle of July). So I’m there for my neighbors and vice-versa.

    1geeneyedgal didn’t “rob” society; she got the help she needed and is in a better place today because of it. She paid for the benefits through her taxes before her hardship and has repaid her use through her taxes since. She shouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt for being stuck in such a desperate place and getting the help she needed. I applaud your courage ‘gal’ for getting onto a conservative blog and posting (as a conservative) that you used food stamps (to many conservatives food stamp use (regardless of circumstance) seems to be akin to smacking baby Jesus).

    Moving along. As the chart shows (linked here: http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=2226) SNAP usage and the poverty level move together. Shocking, I know. Another fact from the link above: “The [2009] Recovery Act called for SNAP benefits to remain at their new, higher level until the program’s regular annual inflation adjustments overtook it. However, as a result of legislation passed in 2010, the increase will terminate in November 2013, causing a sizeable and abrupt benefit reduction for virtually all households on the program.” So, SNAP benefits are already scheduled to be reduced this year.

    Another economic benefit is that the poor aren’t savers. They can’t. These are people living paycheck to paycheck (and often day to day) to keep their bills paid. So money (and food stamps) given to the poor is spent, which helps the economy. This is the same economic thinking that was behind Bush’s Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. The rich didn’t need a $600 refund check, to them that’s just money to save for a rainy day. To the poor $600 is immediately useful and, more importantly, spent since it was already raining. There is also this study (http://money.cnn.com/2008/01/29/news/economy/stimulus_analysis/index.htm) done by Moody’s that finds that “[f]or every dollar spent on [the food stamp program] $1.73 is generated throughout the economy.”

    But you’re right Richard, It Takes a Village.

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