Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at Boehner

And we wonder why nothing can get done. What if Boehner had done this to the First Lady? He’d be called a racist, no doubt.

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  1. I do wish I knew the context of said eye roll. Michelle does kinda shovel if in though…no?

  2. Rep. Boehner took the higher road. Tough circumstance, and he showed social grace.

  3. I have slapped my children for showing this kind of disrespect..I am quite sure if Speaker Boehner had rolled his eyes at Michelle he would have been called a racist and probably worst things. The media would have torn him up and President Obama would be calling for a public apology and the Republicans are cowering in the corner wringing their hands. OMG this is totally unacceptable!

  4. This is such a petty and catty posting. It’s beneath us. Let’s focus on more important matters.

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