1. Our world has become less personal (and more about individual satisfaction). Text messaging has replaced face to face discussion, Facebook posts as opinion and smartphone cameras as journalistic excellence. More than once have I had actual discussions with my daughter about these issues. Most times I remind her it’s not about jumping off the bridge like everyone else, it’s about not being afraid to step back and let the other fools do it if they chose to.

  2. Agree.Perhaps more male chauvinism today, then before feminist movement.

  3. Mike maybe it’s because I have a daughter too but HANDS DOWN this was your best column yet. This was the best column on women in our society that I have read it recent memory. Excellent job because that is the inconvenient truth of the feminist movement. Now parents like us have an incredibly harder job to do and we better make sure we do it well with what the society has waiting out there for our girls. Great piece and I will be sharing it like crazy.

    • Michael Ruffing says:

      Many thanks Richard. Fathers can not defer anymore- we are allies to women and must be involved in the conversation. At the same time, we need to challenge and encourage women to lead the charge to take on feminism. They can’t be cheerleaders to each other anymore. They need to be generals and captains in charging up the hill, if you will.
      Since motherhoold is not held in high esteem anymore, “the hand that rocks the cradle of civilization” has been collectively placed elsewhere and we are all suffering for it. Women wanted the vote. They got it. Now they need to be the stewards of the future.

      Thanks again.

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