No presidential term limits: King Barry

king-obama“King Barry.”

The term sounds like it should be a poorly directed 90s movie starring one of the Belushi brothers. Sadly, it could soon be a reality in our country.

For the last four years, Obama has had an almost “rock star” following from the left. He can do no wrong. Mistakes are a thing of the previous administration, and Heir Barry is the savior of the world. The problem with the left-wing media portraying him like this is that the uneducated sheeple of this fine country have grown to believe it. We elected (and I use that term very loosely) a man who single-handedly has done more damage to our nation and its core values that any other person in history. Liberal judges and a liberal Congress have stood by and allowed this man to have a blank check, figuratively and literally, to do whatever he pleases with no repercussions. And now, it’s getting worse.

On Jan. 4, Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY) introduced House Joint Resolution 15. If passed, this resolution would remove the limitations of term limits on anyone serving as President of the United States. This could give Obama a lifelong appointment to the office. With the limits removed, the court on his side, and a Congress that does his bidding, there would be nothing to stop him from issuing one of his beloved executive orders establishing himself as president until further notice.

Comrades, this would be the fatal blow to our republic.

Tom Oyster is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @Poli_Psy

Tom Oyster is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @Poli_Psy

There is two pieces of hope, however. Luckily, the 22nd amendment establishes a term limitation on the president. I would hope (insert Obama poster here) that even the moderate left would agree that in order to repeal this, we would need to follow the Constitution and have at least three-fourths of the states ratify a new amendment repealing the 22nd. Don’t count on that idea holding much water though. We did just re-elect Obama.

The second piece of good news is that less than 15 percent of House resolutions ever make it out of the judiciary committee and on to a full vote of the House.

Our republic is under attack from a very organized and determined opponent. We cannot allow them to give Obama a third, and possibly lifetime, term.

Act now.

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  1. abaworlock says:

    JC What rights is he not attacking?

  2. abaworlock says:

    Apparently he is serious about the term limits because he keeps introducing it.
    And it just keep adding to his constitutional infringement!
    Fact, he is attempting this.
    Fact, it dose pertain to all US citizens.
    Fact, even if this is likely to fail it is still a serious action that he is attempting.
    Yellow journalism. NO!

    • Perhaps you should use your lame stream media source for your run of the mill daily news with all of your plagiarized facts, eh? In the meantime, we will keep reporting on the issues that the MSM is wholly ignoring.

      • chuckatpdo says:

        I am very troubled at this response from a blog that expresses a desire to “render the mainstream media useless.”

        The article omitted relevant facts. To have any effect, the resolution requires much more than mere passage. The author should know, and acknowledge the Constitution-amending hurdles that are required to accomplish such a change. Frankly, referring to the article as “yellow journalism” gives it more credit than it deserves.

        I have high hopes for The Brenner Brief. It will require much better than this article and its defense to achieve the stated goal.

    • abaworlock says:

      The supreme Court and most people would find your interpretation of the Constitution flawed.
      In the constitution and in the founding fathers letters I can’t remember any part about keeping servents and slaves or the people in-line or repressed, it has always been about keeping free men free. Slaves where considered property and property was also covered in the Constitution.
      As for yellow journalism.
      Copy/past from Wiki.
      1.scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news.-Not really
      2.lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings.- Not really
      3.use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts.-Not really
      4.emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips.-Not really
      5.dramatic sympathy with the “underdog” against the system.-Not really
      #1-There’s four additional links to other sites on this topic.
      #2-This is a blog/forum for debates, not the Daily Bugle.

    • I don’t understand the couple of very vocal people who have a problem with this article. That Serrano has done this over and over isn’t relevant to the fact that Obama’s popularity is inexplicable and over the top, that Hollywood has called him “our lord and savior,” and the magazine that previously gave him a “gay-lo” has labeled him the second coming, despite the fact that he’s single handedly destroyed one-sixth of the American economy with a government program that will eliminate America as the leader in medical innovation and care. Despite the fact that this government program infringes on the First Amendment right of freedom of religion. Despite the fact that he’s grown the deficit exponentially. Despite the fact that he walked guns into Mexico in an attempt to eliminate the Second Amendment, and when that failed, danced on the graves of children to justify unconstitutional Executive Orders. THAT makes any attempt, be it one attempt now or ten thousand attempts previously, a very frightening prospect. And that was the crux of this article. But I guess that’s not what certain people want to talk about. It’s the whole, “Squirrel!” tactic the left seems to be so adept at. The fact that the detractors deliberately ignored the author’s specific mention of the near impossibility to make this resolution a reality is indicative of the nature of their argument. It’s not about the facts. It’s all about the perspective spin the left can put on it. And if a very right-leaning blog doesn’t cater to that bias, they’re shocked and offended. They enjoy their manufactured outrage, believing they can peel off a Conservative or two with it. If they didn’t, they’d not give this blog the time of day. Too bad Conservatives are too smart for that bs.

      And just to be clear, when you state you’re a Conservative and then take a liberal position, you destroy your credibility.

  3. Reblogged this on World Chaos.

  4. I’m quite aware that Serrano has introduced this on many occasions. The beauty of our founding document is the difficulty in changing it – even IF 2/3 of the House and Senate passed this (highly doubtful given the partisan split) you would still have to get 38 states to approve.

    I can’t see many Southern or Western states getting on board, even if there were shenanigans like the threat to withhold funding.

    Now, as for “yellow” journalism: the idea is not to rely too closely on one source. And if you checked her Twitter profile, the editor of this site states she is “Rendering #MSM useless w/ exposés, news, links & editorials from contributors on the right side of the media.” So you should be aware of her bias up front – unfortunately, those on the other side don’t often return the favor.

    Thus, the prospect of a leftist president retaining office beyond the prescribed two-term limit – regardless of how remote – indeed qualifies as news, with a dose of opinion added.

  5. Don’t be surprised, religionisnotunderattack, by the fact checking or the comments of the moderator on this site. I pointed out how wholly incorrect a “fact” was in a post that stated that non-firearms homicides in the US were higher than firearms homicides and I was called “reading challenged” ( Silly me, I linked to the actual statistics that the post purported to be referencing. Now I didn’t expect an apology given how snarky my comment was, but I ludicrously thought that The Brenner Brief would at least post a retraction or correction. Fat chance! The fact that The Brenner Brief chose to quickly disparage a person for pointing out a fallacy that is easily checkable just goes to show the Orwellian depths this site will use to push its agenda. Facts be damned.

  6. abaworlock says:

    WOW This is getting out of hand.

  7. Alright I have to weigh in on this nonsense. You ARE a trolling liberal AND a coward at that not being able to admit it. The writers on at least have the courage of their convictions to publish their values, beliefs, and make no retreat from them. The moderator is pointing out what everyone seems to know around the world except for ignoramuses like you – the media establishment is a “propaganda establishment” (as European and Eastern publications call them) for the liberal elite in the Democratic circles. Jose Serrano did “float” the same garbage in 2003 when he was on record claiming that there was “no chance” PRESIDENT George W. BUSH would be re-elected. So… just like him… you are wrong. I hate to tell you troll… your a tool. The more your side keeps pushing and the more you awaken the strength in this country. Your side is physically and intellectually weak and I can’t wait to prove it. You win elections with misdirection and misconceptions, BUT you certainly cannot run a country. Troll the NYT website coward. Here’s the link

  8. I say “Orwellian” and comments disappear like Winston Smith is pulling a double shift at the Ministry of Truth.

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