Catholic Church: label as a hate group?

Night-Light-Bridge-St.-Peters-Basilica-Vatican-City-600x337The Catholic Church is being targeted by gay rights activists over the church’s stance on gay marriage, according to an online White House petition.

The goal of this petition is to compel the White House to designate the Catholic Church as a “hate group” officially. It comes after Pope Benedict XVI’s Christmas address to the College of Cardinals, in which he made a firm stand against homosexuality.

According to the Catholic News Agency:

The petition reveals an “underlying agenda,” which is not simply to prevent violent crimes, but to “stigmatize any disapproval of homosexuality at all and essentially to silence us,” said Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

He explained to CNA on Jan. 3 that applying the “hate group” label to organizations that are morally opposed to redefining marriage is simply “name-calling designed to cut us out of the public debate.”

Initiated on Christmas Day, a petition on the White House website had collected 1,640 signatures by Jan. 3.

The petition – which is aiming for 25,000 signatures by Jan. 24 – argued that Pope Benedict XVI’s 2012 Christmas address to the College of Cardinals “demeaned and belittled homosexual people around the world.”

The pontiff brilliantly points out that, “The manipulation of nature, which we deplore today where our environment is concerned, now becomes his fundamental choice where he himself is concerned.” Of course, this statement references the unnatural LGBT lifestyle.

He continues, “When the freedom to be creative becomes the freedom to create one’s self, then necessarily the maker is denied and ultimately man too is stripped of his dignity as a creature of God.”

The petition accuses the Pope of  “hate speech” and “discriminatory remarks.” Apparently anyone who disapproves of gay marriage now is a hateful zealot — unless they are muslims,of course.

The petition is a result of the administration’s idea to allow nearly anyone to petition anything via the White House website. Its author is only identified as Zach N. of Atlanta, Georgia. The petition is likely symbolic, as the White House does not designate organizations as hate groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Family Research Council as a hate group due to its controversial stance on gay marriage, so this could be the beginning of the conversation to persecute the Catholic Church as well.

Unfortunately, when a crazed gunman entered the FRC and shot an employee, it is not a “hate crime,” as Christians are the target of rather than protected by this bizarre ideology. Time will tell if these opinion forming tactics work. Let’s pray they don’t.

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  1. Good article, Chuck!

  2. The Catholic Church is a hate group. I was raised in the Catholic Church and by Catholic Church I do not mean the Catholic Religion. Religion and churches are two seperate things. The religion is the collection of creeds, beliefs etc while the people who run the churches are men who tell the faithful the ‘official interpretation’ of these creeds and guides and punish people when they stray outside their official interpretation. This makes these churches cults. The Catholic Church is a cult. See the documentary Deliver Us From Evil. This is why Martin Luther insisted up individual interpretation because each person is responsible for his or her own salvation. The Catholic Church is the oldest and largest orginization of child abusers in history. And all abuse is Hate.

    • chuckrussell3 says:

      While I am not Catholic, I do respect the Catholic Church’s stance on most issues. To call the Church a ‘Hate Group’ is persecution. What authority is there to determine the church is ‘evil’ for opposing gay marriage? Is the homosexual community in turn, the persecuted righteous? I think not.

  3. This is not so much about labeling the Catholic Church a hate group as it is about trampling on Religious Freedom. We need to keep a vigilant eye on America’s Religious Freedom. The church’s stance on homosexuality, abortion and birth control are not new beliefs. We still have the freedom of choice. The Catholic church is not forcing Americans to join their churches and they can believe in whatever they want. Just like I am able to have the power/God of my misunderstanding and believe whatever I want. We need to keep a vigilant eye on Religious Freedom in America.

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