The next Benghazi: Algeria

We have another place in the world where Americans have been attacked, and killed, and this administration is not doing anything about it. We do not have answers, and there is no sign that President Obama plans to do anything to go after the terrorists.

After all, if they can get away with Benghazi, why would they fear America?

This is the next Benghazi. When will we have answers about this one? Which member of the Obama administration will delay testifying for several consecutive months now?


ap_algeria_hostages_moktar_belmoktar_jef_130117_wgThe UK prime minister confirmed on Friday that he had not been warned about Thursday’s Algerian security operation against militants even though he had asked the country to warn him if any action was planned.

In a statement to the House of Commons, Mr Cameron told MPs that the number of British citizens at risk from an al-Qaeda attack on an Algerian gas facility earlier this week was significantly fewer than 30, but said he could not comment further because the operation was still under way.

Mr Cameron also said the attack appeared to be “large, well co-ordinated and heavily armed”.

Before his statement, he chaired a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee and talked to the Algerian prime minister, with whom he has had four calls since the crisis began.

The prime minister has also spoken to the leaders of other countries whose citizens have been taken hostage, including President Barack Obama in the US and François Hollande, the French president.

Mr Cameron said the attack appeared to have been carried out by al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, a terrorist group that he said wanted to establish Islamic law across north Africa and attack western interests.

“It is growing, and a focus quite rightly for us,” he said. “Just as we have reduced the scale of the al-Qaeda threat in other parts of the world, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the threat has grown in other parts of the world.”

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, said the government had the full support of the opposition and expressed his “deepest concern and sympathy” for the victims.

Mr Cameron said on Thursday that the country had to prepare itself for “bad news” after Algerian security forces stormed the remote natural gas facility.

The prime minister cancelled a trip to the Netherlands, where he was due to make a speech on Britain’s relationship with the EU. William Hague, the foreign secretary, is cutting short a visit to Australia.

Mr Hague condemned the “wanton act of terrorism”, which he said highlighted the threat in north Africa and the Sahel. “Working with our international partners, we shall maintain our resolve to see that threat countered and defeated, and al-Qaeda denied a foothold on Europe’s southern border,” he said.

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  1. I’m wondering how the President is taking this situation, since both Panetta and Clinton have already referred to the perpetrators as “terrorists” and there is no video, so far, to blame. Will Ambassador Rice comment on this situation?

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