Ohio State Rep. says conservative is mentally ill, shouldn’t own gun

Our Editor, Sara Marie Brenner, was having a conversation about gun control on Facebook with Ohio State Rep. Bob Hagan, a Democrat, when he said this:

This is why conservatives oppose background checks. If Rep. Hagan could decide what it took to be considered “mentally ill,” those who disagree with him wouldn’t be allowed to own guns because they would be classified accordingly.

Finally, a legislator admits it on the record. Conservatives are nuts — too crazy to own guns.

Update: Hagan has deleted some of his comments from his Facebook page and blocked Brenner.

Update: Brenner is no longer blocked on Facebook.

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  1. treebeard431 says:

    Anyone who’s that quick to belittle half of the country at the drop of a tweet, and bandy the spectre of mental instability about, is probably on loose ground inside his own head.

    I wonder if Ohio is thankful enough that they have him in their corner?

  2. Is Rep. Hagan a “loose cannon?” Researching him on Google brings up some interesting items. According to an article on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Hagan) “A strong proponent of liberal agendas, Hagan occasionally uses satire to make a point. In February 2006, he placed a spoof request for co-sponsors for a fictional piece of legislation called the “Republican Adoption Ban of 2006.” The bill was meant as a response to HB 515, which was a ban on adoption by homosexual or bisexual people or couples, and in presenting the fake legislation Hagan cited so-called “credible research” indicating that children in Republican households had a host of emotional problems.” This comment today seems to lend credence to what the Rep. had stated back in 2006 If someone didn’t know this was a “spoof” (and I’m not sure why it is a “spoof” when a “spoof” is supposed to contain humor and this, obviously, does not), they might believe that Rep. Hagan had some problems. In addition, it was indicated in the same article that he is an alleged racist by using the term “buckwheat” in a Facebook posting. He may not find it to have any racial connotations, but others do. That seems to be what matters. As a representative of the people of the state of Ohio, Mr. Hagan needs to learn to put his own personal beliefs to the side and to represent the people of his district…ALL the people of his district.

  3. I was following this conversation on FB. I would say that Bob Hagan is unhinged and has a genuine hatred for conservatives that he cannot explain.

    But shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone! He quickly deleted the comment!

    Poor Ohio. They pay taxes to fund guys like Bob.

  4. Absolutely deplorable behavior from an elected official. Thank you for being vigilant Sara!

  5. Never trust the government. They have the goal of governing, which is controlling. How easy would it to be to accuse someone of mental illness and strip them of their rights.


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