Gun hysteria sweeping nation as Obama unleashes plans

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According to the AP, Obama has called for $500 million for a program to curb gun violence following the Newtown shooting. More government spending. And, let’s guess — will the unions be in charge of these “programs” too? My Dec. 3 column explained that Obama’s new policies are not going to help to prevent massacres.

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From Drudge:

W.H. readies 23 'executive actions'... Developing...
Press doctors to ask patients about guns in home...
'Health care providers' to offer gun safety tips...
'Counselors' in schools...

Just take a look at some of today’s stories on guns, gun control, President Obama’s reaction to guns and officials planning not to enforce the 2nd Amendment infringement our president is leading. We do not usually just link to other articles on The Brenner Brief, but in this case — to prove a point — we wanted to bring to you just a few of the highlights from today. If you haven’t been following the gun issue, today is your day to start, and this is your handy guide on the issues we’re facing in this nation.

For Obama supporters, look at these headlines and tell us — how are any of Obama’s laws or executive orders going to prevent another Newtown?


  1. […] Gun hysteria sweeping nation as Obama unleashes plans […]

  2. […] Gun hysteria sweeping nation as Obama unleashes plans ( […]

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