Some language may be offensive: the unions’ real war on women

Some language in this article may be offensive.  The verbiage is from union members, not the author or The Brenner Brief. The posts have not be redacted.

Rebecca Smith is a contributor to The Brenner Brief and an expert on union issues. Twitter: @unionhypocrisy

Rebecca Smith is a contributor to The Brenner Brief and an expert on union issues. Twitter: @unionhypocrisy

According to the unions, right to work (RTW) laws hurt women and other minorities, which is a part of a diabolical anti-woman plot by those he-man women-hating club Republicans. Scary!  However, the truth is even more frightening as the war being waged against women comes from the very unions who promise to fight for them – the grand deception.

Let’s review the involvement of women on the boards of some of the nation’s unions:

These are the heavy hitter unions with memberships in the hundreds of thousands, and in the Teamsters’ case, over a million. I could go on with other unions and with the absence of other minorities, but that would make this a lengthy read.  This is a culture of the unions.

The following is a sample from a union chat board:

Under the heading of Anne Coulter Says:
Who Are You  (Union Member) – “Ann Coulter is hilarious. The blonde bimbo is a right-wing bible hugging conservative traditionalist wacko!”
11:58pm (member) – Would you bang Ann?
Who Are You – Just to hurt her
Farley (member) — before you speculate about copulating with Ann Coulter, I do hope that you noticed the prominent Adam’s Apple.

Maybe you think that this is just a hostile attack because it’s Ann Coulter.  Perhaps you should read on to see how they deal with an average everyday working woman.

This is also from a union message board, in a posted discussion over salaries paid for by the members’ dues:

11:58pm responded – Be quiet t w a t . The things you don’t understand could fill volumes of books.  The only words you should understand are “now swallow”!

That was followed by this posting:

Teaking – Why is this cunt still on here?

Do you find this offensive?  The outrage of the left over birth control while claiming the conservative movement would send women back to the Middle Ages should be exposed to the public for what it is.  Pure hypocrisy by the left.

Therefore, can the GOP please explain why they are always on the defensive in the left’s manufactured war on women?  The GOP should find their backbone and start asking openly the tough questions. Such as, Mr. Hoffa — can you explain why you only have two women on your executive board?  Or, why women are referred to as “tokens” by your rank and file?

Maybe Mr. Gerard can explain the overwhelming absence of women in leadership roles in his union, or can the UFCW answer with pride how many women are running their locals. They can say they are democratically elected, but their leadership chooses their slates of candidates.

At this point, the conservative movement should be bringing this to the public eye.  If the GOP’s record on women can be debated in the press, certainly we can let the public debate the record of accomplishment of unions in regards to women.

What I wrote about today is only a sample.  There is more than enough ammunition to start defining the real “unions” for the American people.  As the Minnesota Vikings showed us recently, you cannot win if you are always on the defensive.  It is time to go on the offensive and bring the fight to the unions.

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  1. The war on women is a left-manufactured “problem.” There is, however, a war on women but it comes from within the culture girls are now facing. The question is: where is the guidance of mothers while the girls are facing this culture attack? Girls are sent to the public schools everyday with boys asking them for sexual favors made popular by the 42nd President of the United States. The spike in these sexual favors are directly connected to the actions of the president. ( Where is the guidance of the mother perhaps letting their daughter know that having oral sex with a boy she does not know is a degrading activity that can be posited to slavery. Listen to the words of popular rap songs openly played on the radio and you will hear that women are objects, useless, tokens and bitches. These are the songs sung repeatedly by girls themselves somehow finding nothing wrong with thinking of themselves as second to men, thugs, rap stars and ignorant boys. Before we can say that there is a war on women from outside forces we must look at the culture of women today. They are not taught from their families or their culture that having ambition, self-esteem and their own strength are virtues. That what some random boys thinks or doesn’t think of you does not define who you are. When this changes you will see a change in the state of womanhood itself and not until then.

  2. Perhaps, Ms Smith, it is time to look up from your keyboard. It is society in general that has stooped to a low that would be inconceivable a half century ago. Attacks against the people of Newtown, Conn. accusing them of being co conspritors with the government to change the gun laws. Truthers seemed to have picked any incident to indite people with over (it seems) anything. Others can be called Haters, just raw vituperous hate rules their days and nights. It isn’t necessarily new, what is new is the will or desire to slap these sub humans down. Partly this is due to the annomous nature of the internet. Think back to high school to remember the bully with his crowd of followers. Over in the corner sat the indiviualist, the moralist, the care givers and the gentle people. Usually alone. The last thing a wanker wants is a foreman or union steward that believes in common courtesy or decency. One that treats women with respect is generally looked down on by those that fail to compete successfully on an even field. So this version of superiority is just more noticible because of its setting, and more contemptable because a woman is much more likely to be censored than a man is to be stepped on like the cocroach that he is.

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