War on terror: American trained officers defect in Mali, French take lead

The events in Mali over the last few days have made one thing abundantly clear: the war on terror is alive and well. Although, you would not know it if you consume the product of the mainstream media here in these United States. Yes, there is basic coverage of the French involvement.  But none of the groupie media is digging in to ask the hard questions of the Obama administration.

maliFor instance, the defection of American trained officers and troops to the rebel forces was a colossal failure that now brings U.S. tactics and intelligence to the Islamists. Why no outrage? Why are no alarms being raised about the possibility of a failed state becoming a haven for terrorists a short distance from Europe? Why no alarm that we have had multiple terrorist, yes terrorist, attacks on the American homeland? After 9/11, we had none under George W. Bush. Why aren’t we talking about what could come next? Any rational person should expect the attacks to grow in frequency and lethality. And of course, the mother of all questions, why do we still not know what happened in Benghazi?

The American mainstream media is corrupt.  When you combine that with a population who is disinterested in international affairs and an uneducated believer of the garbage they are fed, how can you expect them to deal with the reality of a growing terrorist threat? How can they face the reality that people want to kill them and change their way of life if the questions are not being asked?

The media’s goal has drifted into promoting an ideology they believe in, not in presenting the news and asking the tough questions. This is as grave a threat to our national security as are the terrorists.

The left in the past castigated Bush for Gitmo.  Now they don’t bat an eyelash when Obama kills upwards of 3,000 suspected terrorists with drones.  I guess the left is fine with dead terrorists, just not live ones where you can interrogate them for intelligence.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with killing bad guys, but the double standard is nothing but corrupt.

So now we see that the French have had to take the lead and deal with the Mali issue.  I, for one, am glad our European allies are stepping up to the fight.  But again, where is the analysis of leading from behind? Where are the questions? Is the strategy working? Is there a strategy at all? Does Obama care about preventing the spread of radical Islam? Does he see it as a threat?

My fear is that because we are not asking the tough questions, because our leaders are not being held accountable for their policies, my country will be materially harmed.  And at some point, it won’t be a few burnt aircraft in the desert or the destruction of a few buildings. It will be devastating. It will be nuclear. It will be biological or chemical. It will be WMD.

And the mainstream media will have blood on their hands. And maybe we will become a failed state.

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