Lucky for you, New Yorkers – your guns will not be confiscated

disarm citizens quoteThe liberal Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, stated recently that he would consider confiscating guns.

Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.

Monday evening, the New York Senate passed Senate Bill 2230.

Its purpose is explained as the following:

This legislation will protect New Yorkers by reducing the availability of assault weapons and deterring the criminal use of firearms while promoting a fair, consistent and efficient method of ensuring that sportsmen and other legal gun owners have full enjoyment of the guns to which they are entitled. A thoughtful network of laws provides the toughest, most comprehensive and balanced answer in the nation to gun violence. Through this legislation, New York is the first in the nation to completely ban all pre-1994 high-capacity magazines; to ban any magazine that holds more than seven rounds (rather than a limit of ten) and to both track ammunition purchases in real-time to permit alerts on high volume buyers, while also checking on the buyer’s background. In a range of reforms the bill attends to the weaknesses in the state’s current regulatory structure to bring a consistency and rationality that must be the cornerstone of a safe society. A single standard across the State will ensure that legal gun owners obtain their licenses expeditiously while those prohibited are denied that privilege. A statewide database will keep the registry current and guard against the dangerous or unstable possessing guns. New rules will close a loophole that excludes private sales of guns from a federal background check; tighten provisions governing gun ownership by persons with serious mental illness; require safe storage of guns for gun owners who live with someone who has been convicted of certain crimes, is under an order of protection, or who has been involuntarily committed as a result of a mental illness. The bill also creates new and enhanced penalties for illegal gun use, and enhances protections for victims of domestic violence by requiring the firearm surrenders and gun license suspension and revocation in cases where an order of protection has been issued.

What liberals who support this legislation do not understand is that law-abiding citizens have the right to own weapons. The Constitution says that the second amendment “shall not be infringed,” and this bill being passed by the New York Senate certainly infringes on those rights.

When citizens have to register their weapons or their ammunition, it means that the government knows exactly who owns what, how much, and what fire power each person has in their possession. This is not the government’s business. And, the second amendment is not for “sportsmen and other legal gun owners [to] have full enjoyment of the guns to which they are entitled.” That is not the second amendment’s purpose. The state of New York is saying that people may enjoy guns “to which they are entitled.” Who is deciding which guns you are entitled to own? The government, of course. However, I do not see any place in the second amendment where that power is provided to the government. Perhaps an argument could be made that a state can do that, and I suppose that is the case given that all other powers not mentioned in the Constitution are given to the states. Still, state law cannot violate the Constitution of the United States.

the-experts-agree-gun-control-hitler-castro-qaddafi-stalin-i-political-poster-1275189575-510If a woman is allowed to have an abortion because of “privacy,” how can the liberals support violating the privacy of law-abiding gun owners by forcing them to register their weapons and ammunition? Does the right to privacy apply to one’s uterus, but not to the weapons permitted by the second amendment of the United States Constitution?

“A statewide database will keep the registry current and guard against the dangerous or unstable possessing guns.” Remember when the Tea Party was being watched by Homeland Security to possibly be a terrorist organization? So, who is determining who is “dangerous” or “unstable” and thereby unable to possess guns? And, don’t be too loud of a Tea Partier, or you may have an order of protection filed against you (meaning that your guns would be confiscated).

Apparently, Cuomo wants us to be glad that he is not confiscating guns. If you live in New York, or any state run by a liberal Democrat governor, beware — this is only the beginning. And of course, the New York Senate passed this bill at 11:20PM ET Monday evening, practically in the dead of night, so that fewer people would see what was happening, be able to protest or attend the session. Americans are tired of this, we say, yet, we continue to allow it to happen to us time and time again.

Forcing Americans to register their guns and their ammunition defeats the purpose of the second amendment, and is therefore in violation of the second amendment. But, who will stand up against this New York law? Who will explain this to the American people? Who will make sure that other states do not follow New York’s lead?

We must stop this, and stop this now; otherwise, this cancer will spread throughout America, and we will not have kept our free republic.

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  1. abaworlock says:

    Old cliche; “I wonder how many criminals will register their guns”. Now the big question, What will they’ll do when it has no effect on crime.

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