What the GOP must do to stop Obama’s tyranny in the making

We are being outclassed by the classless. It gives me no pleasure to write that, but it is the truth.

Republicans need to stop and take a deep breath. There is no doubt that we took a big hit in November psychologically and politically. President Obama and the Democrats are fully aware of this and they will use it to destroy the majority in the House if we don’t start to use our heads.

Richard Baris is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @RichBaris

Richard Baris is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @RichBaris

We can begin by agreeing we share too many core beliefs to allow the tiny rifts between us tear to us apart. The House Republicans are all that stand between us and a soon to be tyrannical government. By the time Vice-President Biden delivers his recommendation to the White House Tuesday, we better hope to have it together because the party cannot protect the 2nd Amendment in the shape we are in now.

Our party is leaderless, and senior party officials cannot hold the factions together. Tea Party conservatives are up in arms because they feel that the fiscal cliff deal compromised our principles without receiving adequate concessions in return. Speaker Boehner is clearly frustrated with some of his members for not seeing the big picture. On top of it all, Libertarians are hard pressed to find reasons to merge with the Republican party amidst the resistance to cuts to the sacred defense cow.

There is some validity to the concerns voiced by Tea Party conservatives, and they are an important wing of the Republican party. But politically, the Tea Party caucus in the House is too predictable and has consistently made it easy for President Obama to stir up infighting within the party. The latest Rasmussen poll finds the lowest support for the Tea Party since it’s arrival on the political scene — a bleak 8 percent. There is a big difference between standing up for principles and cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Like it or not, Speaker Boehner has been re-elected. Opposing his leadership is not the same as leadership accountability. Failing to support his “Plan B” during the fiscal cliff talks was exactly the short-minded reaction on which Obama was counting. Some of us are in desperate need of a lesson from Sun Tzu because our enemy has the Chicago version mastered. While President Obama is busy dividing and conquering, we can not even figure out how to live to fight another day.

There is enough blame to go around, but ultimately, responsibility falls to the party leadership. I see decisions made by both the House and Senate leadership that border on incompetence. Scrapping the relief bill for Hurricane Sandy victims was a political disaster that was easily avoidable. Someone needs to tell Speaker Boehner that he might find his members more able to see the big picture if he stopped keeping them in the dark.

GOP Republican elephant question markIt makes for great lame stream media television when Republicans take to the networks instructing donors to stop contributing to their own party. Governor Christie, proclaiming his distrust for his own party, certainly ensured his own reelection. The latest Kean University/NJ Speaks poll found his approval hovering at a whopping 78 percent. That includes an astounding 70 percent among those within the Democratic party.

Republicans can cry Benedict Arnold all we want, but much of the pork everyone is objecting to is Republican pork headed to red states such as Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. If the House leadership is going to decide to stand against waste for once then do so in a manner that is transparent to our own House members who represent victims of Hurricane Sandy. It was reprehensible to ignore four phone calls from a fellow Republican governor who seems to be able to do what others can’t — win elections.

We constructed the political bomb that is about to explode within the party ourselves, and now we are going to let President Obama light the fuse. I can see the hate mail calling me a poll troll being typed up now, but I am a realist. I understand what some in this party obviously cannot. This is a Democratic Republic, and in order to influence policy you must win public opinion and elections.

It’s time to get real. President Obama and the Democrats won the election and the American people will now get the government they voted for. There will be no comprehensive entitlement reform and no negotiation on the debt ceiling. He will use the 14th Amendment, and by the time it is challenged in court he will be writing his memoirs in his presidential library.

We need to have a plausible plan we are united behind, practice message discipline, and focus on the fights that matter and can be won. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow but we must — we are watching textbook tyranny unfolding before us.

As it stands today, aside from Governor Christie, the NRA alone enjoys favorability ratings that top President Obama. The left may view it as an extreme right-wing organization, but most Americans disagree. The preservation of the right to bear arms is a fight that can and must be won.

We have the organizational muscle, public opinion, and the votes to ensure we are victorious. The only path to defeat is through ourselves. If President Obama succeeds, then debating the other issues is pointless.

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  1. A house divided can not stand. U r right we need unity

  2. Richard, Obama and Democrats love that the GOP is fractured. I know several Libertarians who opted out to vote for Mitt Romney — they either voted for a third-party candidate or not at all. I don’t know what the solution is to bring the GOP together — a dynamic leader? The NRA is popular for a reason. Members of the GOP are not the only gun owners. The bastions of freedom are the 1st and 2nd Amendments — without those two, America will become a dictatorship. Both the left and the right opposed the SOPA and later PIPA bills, laws that would limit free speech on the internet. Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit and founder of DemandProgress, RIP.

  3. Pamela… excellent catch. You are right that Republicans are NOT the only gun owners. There used to be certain or dare I say “fundamental” issues that were not up for discussion in this country because both sides were united in opposition. Perhaps a leader is what we need. Lord knows it couldn’t hurt. But we need to rely on ourselves and dictate to the leadership the battles we are together on. We have to drop the pretenses and be the party of liberty. Freedom transcends party and reaches the reasonable no matter what party they belong. Thank you so much for the thoughts and comments. You got it! I am glad someone did. 🙂

  4. I was thinking about the Republican party this morning in my barn. I do my best thinking out in the barn.
    Anyway it occurred to me that what our elected Republican leaders lack is Courage.
    Courage is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as the ability to conquer fear or despair. My interpretation of Courage is being able to do the right thing(stand on principles) in the presence of Fear(fiscal cliff). Courage is not talking about doing the right thing and then behind closed doors doing something else.
    We need to find leaders with Courage. President Obama and the Democrats know this too which is why Fear is always a large part of any campaign. Fear is effective and leaders with Courage are rare. Just my thoughts.


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