Miss New York spews gun control mantra, wins Miss America


During the final interview question in tonight’s Miss America Scholarship Pageant, Miss New York was asked whether teachers should be armed.

She said that we shouldn’t “fight violence with violence.”

Some on Twitter aren’t happy with the decision.


Miss New York also mentioned that she would take classes on how to handle a gun, and how to lock them up. She specifically stated that teachers should not be armed.

Will she have any armed guards?


  1. For those of you who watched this program…Why? Notice the major networks don’t even show this program anymore and haven’t for many years. So, very, very few people watched it, or will ever know who Miss America is.
    For those of you who care what this person says or thinks…Why? She’s just not that important. Maybe Miss America was in the past, but not anymore. Woman have advanced beyond that. Miss America just isn’t that influential to very many people.
    This young woman has a first amendment right to say what she thinks. We should allow her that, but not place that much importance on what she says.
    Our focus should be on what the president says, or John Boehner, or Chuck Hagel, etc. Let’s not get all riled up about what unimportant or irrelevant people say or think. It just doesn’t matter that much. Let’s use our energies on more important people and issues.

  2. ABC isn’t a major network?

    Even 20/20 did a one hour special special on all of the contestants the hour before it started.

    Not to mention, you’re missing the point: the judges selected her because of what she said. Her talent was “just ok,” her swimsuit was nothing special, and her evening gown was nice. The 1st runner up, S. Carolina, was amazing all around but probably didn’t answer the question in the PC way the judges wanted.

    This isn’t about Miss America or how popular the show is. It’s about the judges selecting her for this political reason.

    • My point is that in 2013 Miss America is not an important person and her opinions just don’t matter that much. It shouldn’t matter why the judges selected her. I doubt if their only criteria for selecting her was a brief answer to a question, even if she “spewed” it, which I doubt that she did. Did Miss South Carolina and the other contestants also “spew” when they answered their question? Maybe she was the best at walking across the stage in a skimpy swimsuit while wearing heels. Maybe it was her incredible talent routine. Her brief answer to a question was not the only reason she was selected. We’ll never know for certain why they chose her unless those judges tell us, but it just doesn’t matter. The whole contest is an outdated method of judging women. We should encourage America’s young women to strive for more than being Miss America.
      What our political leaders said on the Sunday morning talk shows matters.
      What Miss America said last night, doesn’t.
      Let’s not get upset or care about it. It just doesn’t matter.


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