Politically correct consensus

The media and authorities are demonstrating yet again the foolish and nonsensical nature of political correctness.

Chuck Russell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.Twitter @Russell1Chuck

Chuck Russell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.
Twitter @Russell1Chuck

Within a couple of weeks, two innocent people have been pushed to their deaths off subway platforms in New York City. The victim in the second incident was attacked under the (erroneous) assumption that he was Muslim, so this crime is special. Thanks to political correctness, it is “worse” to murder someone because you don’t approve of their lifestyle or background.

Due to liberal control of our media and university system, this stupidity goes unchecked. How can people arrested for the same exact crime be prosecuted differently? If I were to rob an individual at gunpoint, would I receive a lesser sentence if I stopped and made it clear to any witnesses  (including video cameras) that I was not doing so because of their sexual orientation, immigration status, or race?

Some criminals target homosexuals and immigrants because they are assumed to have more cash on hand than average citizens. Does this mean it is more egregious of an offence? Would this not make life a little more dangerous for heterosexual, English-speaking Americans, including minorities?

If I’m going to steal, I would steal from someone from whom I would get a lesser sentence if caught. Why should the motives of the crime dictate the punishment?

This is how the good intentions of political correctness become dangerous.  When we ignore reason to try to somehow erase transgressions of the past, as with social justice, truth and justice take a backseat to human emotions. This is why there is not a statute of limitations on past evils which can be capitalized on by those with agendas.

In a seemingly unrelated note, Al-Jazeera has purchased Al Gore’s poetic failure, Current TV. The price tag is reportedly $500 million with Gore pocketing $100 million. Good for him, I say. He can buy plenty of carbon credits for his private jets and a colossal, energy-consuming pad.

Former Fox News Channel host and now The Blaze Network owner — Glenn Beck — offered to buy the network first, but was refused. As with Rush Limbaugh, Beck was not allowed to buy the troubled network for his political leanings. Being a straight, white male probably didn’t help much either. Can Beck sue for discrimination? Or Limbaugh, for that matter?

The answer depends on politically correct consensus, which is variable.

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  1. You know I never thought of a potential statute of limitations on certain punishments. That is an idea that is definitely worth debating and looking into further.

  2. Great read!

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