Another company reducing hours due to ObamaCare mandates

In a December article, we reported changes in Walmart‘s health insurance plans due to Obamacare.

WendysThe hits continue coming. Employees of Wendy’s in Nebraska can expect reduced hours so Wendy’s may avoid fines associated with the Obamacare mandated coverage.

Although the mandate is not effective until 2014, according to economist Mark Zandi, , “it will have a negative impact on job creation” this year. Businesses are required to report employee hours 3-12 months prior to the mandate’s 2014 inception, so we expect more companies to announce changes as the year proceeds.

Walmart and Wendy’s will not stand alone making the choices required to fit their company’s business model. The International Franchise Association reports 31 percent of franchisees will reduce staff under 50 to avoid the Obamacare mandate, while other employers will reduce employee hours.  A recent Mercer consulting study suggests approximately half of the employers who do not offer employee healthcare currently plan to use the latter option.

Employee layoffs and fewer hours are the consequences of the 2012 election.

The mainstream media will demonize these companies for implementing and following budgets to stay in business. But should they? Ask Hostess employees if they would prefer a reduction in hours or a job. Ask the Hobby Lobby employees if they prefer to have other benefits rather than their company’s paying a $1.3 million per day fine. The Brenner Brief has extensively covered the Hobby Lobby situation.

Whether you reside in a Democrat and Republican household, choices are made each day to live within our means. Yet, businesses are demonized for doing the same.

Taco Bell, colleges and Wal-Mart are among those that have reduced employee hours in order to save money as a result of Obamacare mandates.

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  1. Part of small wave soon to grow into a giant Tsunami

  2. It’s kind of an oxymoron for legislation

    Obamacare is no care at all
    3000 pages brings it’s effort to a crawl
    The intent maybe noble, as one would hope
    colored in shades of gray, black, white even taupe

    If words could speak, what would they say,
    why on this page do you use me this way
    By design I’m titled to speak the truth,
    Yet content and verse is just abused


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