Finally, we hear about growing the economy

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With a shiny new press release via email today, Speaker John Boehner says that the Republicans are focusing on cutting spending and growing the economy.

With the 113th Congress underway, the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives is gearing up once again to confront the spending problem that’s driving our national debt, weakening our economy, and threatening our future.

In his remarks to the opening session of Congress on Thursday, Speaker John Boehner said, “The American Dream is in peril so long as its namesake is weighed down by this anchor of debt.Break its hold, and we begin to set our economy free,” and “secure for our children a future of freedom and opportunity.”

“Nothing is more important,” he said

“Growing the economy” – now that’s a phrase that the Republicans, and President Obama, seem to forget about. Why is that not the target of everything they are doing? Who else has been discussing “growth” through all of this? What is the matter with our elected officials that they have forgotten about the concept of “growth,” seemingly until now? When will they focus on “growth” instead of just the semantics of whether we raise revenue, tax more, or spend more? How do we growth the economy? Where is the leadership?

Just from this morning’s Sunday talk shows, I can think of two excellent leaders: Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Jim Jordan. Cruz, from Texas, is serving his first term as U.S. Senator. Jordan, from Ohio, is a consistent conservative in the House, and really took it to Rep. Chris Van Hollen on Fox News Sunday this morning, not allowing the Democrat Van Hollen to get away with his inaccurate talking points.

Cruz explained that Hispanics will be attracted to the Republican party if the GOP articulates the conservative message clearly. Of course, the Republican party seems to have a problem with communicating, but perhaps Cruz is the person to reach out to Hispanics and other minority groups. Cruz also references “growing the economy” in this interview:

So when is the party going to coalesce around the concept of growing the economy? That should be the issue, and all of the decisions made should be based on that being the results. Of course, one can argue whether Obama really wants the economy to grow, and that is a conversation for another story. However, the Republican party, at the very least, should focus on this being the result of any policies passed through Congress.

If the GOP is going to take advantage of its majority in the House, the party must decide what to stand behind, and move forward in lock-step to support, articulate, promote and force those policies.

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  1. Absolutely agree. The focus should be on growing the economy.


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