A man’s hateful email to Hobby Lobby

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We received this email at The Brenner Brief through our contact form in regards to the Hobby Lobby letter from the CEO that we posted on our site recently.

If this man, who we’ll simply call “Mike,” wasn’t intelligent enough to recognize that a contact form with The Brenner Brief at the top of it wasn’t the Hobby Lobby’s web site, then he has more issues than he realizes. It’s no wonder he has bought in to the class warfare and the lies.

This is a demonstration of the hate in this country — all because one man, the CEO of Hobby Lobby, wants the religious freedom this nation has promised him until President Barack Hussein Obama came along.

I see the beautiful picture of you two… But, you and your lovely wife unfortunately are pigs. I will never shop at Hobby Lobby again except that I have a lot dog poop in my backyard that I think is now destined for your store. You disgust me with your recent comments. I cannot believe that you of the wealthy and lazy 47% (that whines all the time about how your wealth is taken away despite your excessive wealth) now all of a sudden wants to’ dump on’ the rest of us. Take a stick and jam it up your rectum, intestines and throat. When you get clean with the lord we will try to help you to extract that filthy stick up your ass. We all want business to do well but for you to take such a callous view when you understand so little about healthcare or the economy that the 53% of the rest of us face is egregious. If being white, anglo- saxon is to be like you…well I would rather be frickin’ black or Latino rather to associate myself with the likes you. The African Americans and Latinos may not be strong as you but at least they have class that you will never have and of course they have a gateway into Heaven ratther than the pathetic path of Hell you have chosen for you and your wife. Good luck on that journey.. What happened to your morals, or ethics?

Maybe “Mike” should check his own morals and ethics, and his facts.

Please share this. People need to see the difference in the hatred and disguise from the vile left versus the gracious determination of the Hobby Lobby’s CEO.

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  1. Sounds like “Mike” has a significant problem. I completely support Hobby Lobby for standing up for their religious beliefs. God bless you for your convictions.

  2. That is really sad. “Mike” lacks education on the issue, the Constitution, and frankly basic grammar. This person is a classic oxygen thief.

  3. I am trying to be open-minded about Hobby Lobby’s position, but I will say that once you leave the private sector to become a public business that serves many people from many different beliefs, religious and personal, you tend to lose your control over being the moral police over your employees and customers. How you run the day to day operations of your store is up to you, but there must be boundaries when it comes to reaching out into personal lives. We all have to do things we do not like sometimes and this MIGHT be a situation where Hobby Lobby might have to pay for health insurance for its employees and just “hope” their employees make the right decisions.

    • Michael Ruffing says:

      I understand your point,but you miss the point.They provide health insurance.They don’t,nor should they, be forced to pay of an optional aspect of “care” that is a direct affront to their morality. Additionally, birth control is widely available on every street corner.They aren’t saying employees can’t use it, they just don’t want to pay for it.
      Sidenote: forced coverage of ANY service adds yet additional cost burdens to companies AND raises the cost for birthcontrol, which will impede hiring/add to unemployment.
      Do you propose people should be forced to pay for one’s ammunition? I don’t have issue with you,but those in the government who are purposefully confusing the matter so good people like you are being misled. All the best.

    • To Hennessy: Sometimes employers may have to do things they don’t like such as hire employees at 30 hours week because they can’t afford to pay benefits, courtesy of Obamacare.

  4. Another point to address would be whose money is paying for the health insurance, the employer’s or the employee’s? It depends on how you look at it. Today, many businesses try their best to only offer “part-time” positions, to avoid having the cost of paying for health insurance for “full-time” employees. This situation becomes part of the problem of why many Americans go without health insurance. When a person is job hunting, they look for an “impressive and fair” WAGE & BENEFITS package before applying for a particular job. In this case, the “benefits” part of the package may be considered the employees money because it is part of the payment for doing the job. But if you look at it in the way where the employer does NOT usually offer a “benefits” package to go along with the wages, but is forced to offer and pay for health insurance, by the government, the money all of a sudden becomes the “employers” money? Maybe they should have been offering health insurance of their own choice to begin with, to avoid being pressured to?

  5. Michael Ruffing says:

    I may have to change my name now! Thanks “Mike” for showing everyone how in the name of “tolerance”, people with religious beliefs will no longer be tolerated. You really should have been born in an earlier time, like, I don’t know, maybe 1920. That way, you could have had a really good time with a willing audience in 1938 Germany- and been popular.

  6. This whole situation is bad, in so many ways. I honestly do not know what is wrong and what is right? All I know, is that it is a shame our country has come to the point of businesses like chik filet and hobby lobby having to fight for what is right and wrong, and what is moral and immoral. I am pro-life and was raised by a mother who participated in “operation rescue” and was a very devout catholic. I just don’t like the road this whole situation is leading us down. I honestly don’t even know what else to say?

  7. Just read the letter from Mike. Obviously Mike has some mental issues as well as some sexual disconnects; noting the stick placement etc. But beyond that is the rage he is spewing. I have noticed the left is very angry. One simply cannot have a discussion or debate with the left; it is always akin to WWIII. There is no moderation just shouting, talking over their opposite and absolute rage. I recognize this symptom from a writer by the name of Paul who talked about the those who refused to love the truth so they were given strong delusion. This seems to be strong delusion.

    It has been my observation that the left tends toward darkness in all areas. We love life, see children as a blessing, and the elderly as the wisdom of the hoary head. The left pushes abortion, death panels and euthanasia which they call dying with dignity. We honor marriage they push homosexuality. We believe that God gave us a remarkable and expansive creation they concoct some impossible theory of evolution.

    Certainly there is a pattern here. These folks don’t hate religion just Christianity and Christians. They freely support the darkness of Islam and teach the religion of Humanism daily in our schools and colleges. The bottom line: They hate Yahweh the God of the Bible. This is not a political or financial war this is a spiritual war.

    That’s why Mr. Obama is forcing churches ,religious organizations and Christian business people to provide abortion services. It puts them knee deep in the depravity and innocent blood of abortion. By the way the shedding of innocent blood is the one sin that God says he will not forgive a nation. With 54 million dead do you think we have a problem?

  8. From what I have read in this letter, it does not seem that the owner of Hobby Lobby is refusing to pay for insurance, period. He states that they do not want to pay for insurance that covers certain things that are against their beliefs. They are not requiring their employees to believe these things, or even to abstain from these drugs. The owner simply seems to want the right to choose whether or not to pay for it. This should be the right of any business owner. Even if you may not agree with the belief system of the owner of any given business, it is in fact their business. When we allow the government to start claiming the right to control people’s choices such as these, how long will it be before the government tells us it should control even more? The government will claim it knows better than we how we should live our lives. But what is the United States government if it continues upon this path of quietly taking control, while we turn our heads or stand aside so we don’t rock the boat? Certainly not the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” that it was created by our founding fathers to be!

    • I am 100% behind the CEO of Hobby Lobby standing up for what he believes in. If more people had done this years ago when all it took was 1 person to take praying and Bible readng out of schools, we would not be in the mess this country is in today.

  9. Sunlight is the best disinfectant against liberalism.

  10. Wow, Mike’s such a fine, fine spokesman for his cause … Lord help him if he ever disagrees with his own party on something (not that he does enough deep thinking for that to occur). He’ll discover then, that the point is not whether you agree with Hobby Lobby’s position, but whether you agree they should be forced to go against it by a dictatorial government. People can get birth control with or without their employer paying for it, so why force them to partake in what they fervently believe is murder??

  11. Mike is obviously struggling with psychological issues since he resorts to vulgar words and images of violence. Since public schools have taken critical thinking out of the curriculum, the result is persons who cannot express themselves intelligently in a civil manner when they disagree. The point of Hobby Lobby’s CEO is lost on Mike.

  12. What needs to be decided here is whether the employer has a right to make medical decisions for its employees on religious grounds. If that’s your position then Jehovah’s Witness-believing employers should be able to disallow blood transfusions for its employees no matter what their beliefs.

    I wouldn’t be too anxious to blur the distinction between political views and the way those views are expressed by the worst advocate you can find who believes them, lest you wind up with the Westboro Baptist Church as your spokesman.


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  2. […] A man’s hateful email to Hobby Lobby (thebrennerbrief.com) […]

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