Tragic letter from The Hobby Lobby CEO: results of personal freedoms slipping away

The Hobby Lobby CEO (left) and his wife

The Hobby Lobby CEO (left) and his wife

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This letter is a very sad example of what happens when our personal freedoms and liberties are taken away. America wasn’t built on this, readers, and we absolutely must share this to show people the impact the Obama administration is having on every-day Americans.

When my family and I started our company 40 years ago, we were working out of a garage on a $600 bank loan, assembling miniature picture frames. Our first retail store wasn’t much bigger than most people’s living rooms, but we had faith that we would succeed if we lived and worked according to God‘s word. From there, Hobby Lobby has become one of the nation’s largest arts and crafts retailers, with more than 500 locations in 41 states. Our children grew up into fine business leaders, and today we run Hobby Lobby together, as a family.

We’re Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles. I’ve always said that the first two goals of our business are (1) to run our business in harmony with God’s laws, and (2) to focus on people more than money. And that’s what we’ve tried to do. We close early so our employees can see their families at night. We keep our stores closed on Sundays, one of the week’s biggest shopping days, so that our workers and their families can enjoy a day of rest. We believe that it is by God’s grace that Hobby Lobby has endured, and he has blessed us and our employees. We’ve not only added jobs in a weak economy, we’ve raised wages for the past four years in a row. Our full-time employees start at 80% above minimum wage.

But now, our government threatens to change all of that. A new government health care mandate says that our family business MUST provide what I believe are abortion-causing drugs as part of our health insurance. Being Christians, we don’t pay for drugs that might cause abortions, which means that we don’t cover emergency contraception, the morning-after pill or the week-after pill. We believe doing so might end a life after the moment of conception, something that is contrary to our most important beliefs. It goes against the Biblical principles on which we have run this company since day one. If we refuse to comply, we could face $1.3 million PER DAY in government fines.

Our government threatens to fine job creators in a bad economy. Our government threatens to fine a company that’s raised wages four years running. Our government threatens to fine a family for running its business according to its beliefs. It’s not right. I know people will say we ought to follow the rules; that it’s the same for everybody. But that’s not true. The government has exempted thousands of companies from this mandate, for reasons of convenience or cost. But it won’t exempt them for reasons of religious belief.

So, Hobby Lobby – and my family – are forced to make a choice. With great reluctance, we filed a lawsuit today, represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, asking a federal court to stop this mandate before it hurts our business. We don’t like to go running into court, but we no longer have a choice. We believe people are more important than the bottom line and that honoring God is more important than turning a profit.

My family has lived the American dream. We want to continue growing our company and providing great jobs for thousands of employees, but the government is going to make that much more difficult. The government is forcing us to choose between following our faith and following the law. I say that’s a choice no American – and no American business – should have to make.

The government cannot force you to follow laws that go against your fundamental religious belief. They have exempted thousands of companies but will not except Christian organizations including the Catholic church.

Since you will not see this covered in any of the liberal media, pass this on to all your contacts.

David Green, CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Why does Hobby Lobby’s defiance matter? Find out here.

Please share this letter with your contacts, friends, family and social media circles. Only we can turn this back.

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  1. The issue is completely getting of base by some of these side comments and everyone’s personal beliefs that may or may not contradict with this business owners point of view. The CEO should have a right to exercise a business based on his beliefs and you have a choice not to shop or work there as long as he is not violating employee legal rights. The issue around the insurance is his tactical concern because due to this requirement it is now a legal issue for him around an elective event that would not normally be covered anyway. If you want to make a choice to proceed – then it is an elective you should pay for not pass on to the employer and employees to cover the additional costs because you did not take necessary precautions or your birth control small statistical chance to not work happened – something we were all communicated about in advance. Mandated health care will never be free. We will all pay for it and just like taxes with a government who overspends you will pay for it more and more with each administration. You may support the government on healthcare including this aspect if you want but this is a first step. The next time when the govt mandates something that you don’t agree with but you have no choice and it compromises your life choice you will understand. So that’s why it is tyranny. The taxpayers were not consulted and in fact the people who put it together confuse and misrepresent facts to the public make it impossible to decipher the mechanics of the expectations. And eventually all of our rights will be taken away and we will be drones like former Russia who could not even speak out against the govt for fear of retribution. So it really shouldn’t matter what side you are on. We all need to see the more strategic issue. If you do additional research you will note that initially they also wanted to mandate a “chip” that everyone needed implanted “for the good of keeping your medical care accessible to all hospitals…for your own good” in this health care reform bill. They took it out last minute because there was already too much controversy and they didn’t want to to take a chance it wouldn’t pass. Yet, medical oncology research shows the increased risk of cancer and the govt FDA group still approved it. The companies involved in the white house pushing the chip as it will make them profitable has admitted they cannot guarantee your information could be secure. Folks this is all pointing to a tyranny. So whether your a Christian or not, whether your pro-choice or pro-life whether your gay or heterosexual – It is essential to realize that this government is overcoming us by stirring up conflicts intentionally and keeping us divided to move forward their own agenda in their best interest. Remember your history…”United we stand but divided we fall.” Patrick Henry. Let’s quit falling down trying to get our own way on each and every item and look how we can prevent playing into the hands of removing all of our rights and stripping away life as we experience today.

  2. LANicholson says:

    I am reluctantly logging in to be able to comment on this only because I have no patience for people who claim to be upholding their beliefs when their “view” has no basis in fact. The morning after pill has absolutely NOTHING to do with abortion except that it may prevent someone from feeling that is an option for them. Conception does not necessarily happen immediately. That particular pill PREVENTS an egg from being fertilized. AND even if it did prevent a fertilized egg from proceeding – there is NO heartbeat involved in that, and if there is no heartbeat, that is not yet a life. Your view is ridiculous and makes other Christians who have common sense and the intelligence to actually KNOW what the facts are look as ridiculous as you.

    • I, too, am reluctantly logging to be able to comment on your reply. Because you have stated, “I have no patience for people who claim to be upholding their beliefs when their ‘view’ has no basis in fact” I ask you to use this same standard on the view you state in your comment. Consider the following, regarding the “Morning After” pill known as Plan B contraceptive:
      Dr. Donna Harrison, an OB-GYN, stated in an interview with, “In a woman who is already pregnant, [Plan B] will cause an abortion, just like RU-486 does, because it’s the same kind of drug.”
      This is because the main ingredient of Plan B is the steroid levonorgestrel. It comes from the same chemical family as the main ingredient in RU-486, the original “morning after” pill, which is termed a “medication abortion” by everyone from Planned Parenthood, the #1 provider and promoter of abortion, to neutral medical literature. In fact, levonorgestrel and RU-486’s main ingredient, mifepristone, share very similar molecular structures. The formula for Plan B is Carbon21Hydrogen28Oxygen2 while the formula for RU-486 is Carbon29Hydrogen35NitrogenOxygen2.
      While the Plan B website promises that “Plan B is not the abortion pill” and “Plan B will not terminate an existing pregnancy”, these statements are reassuringly misleading and untrue. If one reads further, the literature states, “In addition, it may inhibit implantation (by altering the endometrium).” This, in reality, means that Plan B can prevent a fertilized egg (i.e. conception) from attaching to a woman’s womb by causing the lining to thin. Plan B is thus denying the fertilized egg to ability to obtain the nutrients it needs to survive, which fits any definition of abortion (i.e. causing a fertilized embryo or fetus to die). So while it may prevent contraception for some, to those who have already conceived when taking Plan B, they are receiving an aborticide in disguise. THIS is what Hobby Lobby CEO David Green and family are against. And I, along with many others including those who have commented in the affirmative belong, agree with the Greens.

      • Very nicely said, “w8n4”. Also, I have heard that regular Birth Control Pills ALSO have the ability to “cause a hostile environment” for a fertilized egg, so I will never use them.

    • Where do you get that there has to be a heartbeat for there to be life? Bacteria was found on another planet and it was called life. A diving cell is alive like it or not.

      • This is a VERY good point. Science would be ecstatic if it found even one tiny microbe on Mars. And the headlines would read “LIFE FOUND ON MARS!”

      • That’s right kwsstin…bacteria is said to be alive…a cell IS life…and to think the zygote (fertilized egg by the sperm) as a dividing cell (can divide up to 32 times). If it weren’t for CELLS, there would not be a heart, therefore no heartbeat! When those 23 chromosomes of the mother meet the 23 chromosomes of the father…boom, a baby is made! And just so you know LANicholson…the Plan B pill or morning after pill CAN interfere with a pregnancy (I speak of pregnancy being an egg that was fertilized). It can do both…it can PREVENT pregnancy, but it can also CAUSE the killing of the zygote (fertilized egg) (it’s a hormone, a steroid that is in the Plan B)…you need to do more research before you go saying stuff like “when their “view” has no basis in fact”. And BTW…just so ya know…by the 4th week of pregnancy (before a woman knows she is even pregnant) the cells have already gathered themselves into their respective groups to form the nervous, muscular, circulatory, digestive, and skeletal systems. (My most recent research paper was on the miracle of life:). Heart begins to beat at 5 WEEKS, but this is not when the baby’s life begins…the baby’s life begins at the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg. Of course there are different beliefs out there and so be it but PLEASE people, before you start blabbing nonsense and telling other people “how it is” when you apparently are the clueless one…stop while you are ahead as to avoid making yourself look like an idiot.

    • When you say someone’s beliefs, i.e. faith, has no basis in fact, I see that as something a non-believer would say. Because faith, by definition, is the belief in something in the absence of proof.That aside, Our constitution guarantees us to practice our faith any way we choose, without government interference, so long as we do so in a responsible manner and not infringe in the same rights of others. The government has NO right to force any person or business to do ANYTHING that conflicts with our rights to FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

      • razzmatazz01 says:

        Joinca said: “When you say someone’s beliefs, i.e. faith, has no basis in fact, I see that as something a non-believer would say. Because faith, by definition, is the belief in something in the absence of proof.That aside, Our constitution guarantees us to practice our faith any way we choose, without government interference, so long as we do so in a responsible manner and not infringe in the same rights of others. The government has NO right to force any person or business to do ANYTHING that conflicts with our rights to FREEDOM OF RELIGION.”

        The key words above are “…and not infringe in the same rights of others.” Hobby Lobby is not a religious organization, meaning that employees are not required or expected to be christian or to have to follow that particular religion to work there. If they want to become a non-profit religious organization, then they can do so, but I don’t see that happening. Sure, the owners can refrain from using the day after pill, and follow all the “christian principles that they desire, but when they try to infringe on the rights of their employees who may not share their non work-related principles, by denying them the ability to choose what is best for them, then they are overstepping their bounds.

        • Razz, Hobby Lobby is not infringing on the rights of their employees by refusing to pay for abortions. If one of their employees wanted to take the ‘morning after, or week after pill, or even have an early term abortion, that employee would not be fired or otherwise punished because it was her decision and she’ll answer to God for her actions. The company just wouldn’t have paid for it in the past and should not be FORCED to pay for it now. That is the point being made here. The Government is imposing it’s belief system upon us and thus infringing on our right to live our lives guided by our beliefs, our faith, and our own conscience. This is the real issue here, and not whether someone believes life exists at the point of conception or when there’s a heartbeat. It’s about the federal government telling us how we MUST live our lives, and if we do not comply, they will fine or penalize you into oblivion.

          • When the Nazis came for the communists,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a communist.

            When they locked up the social democrats,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a social democrat.

            When they came for the trade unionists,
            I did not speak out;
            I was not a trade unionist.

            When they came for the Jews,
            I remained silent;
            I wasn’t a Jew.

            When they came for me,
            there was no one left to speak out. – Martin Niemoller

        • Rasmatazz, No one is saying that Hobby Lobby employees can’t make thier own choices. If they choose to do something that breaks God’s laws, then it’s their own souls that pay the price, not the owners. Still, that aside, the owners are just saying that they will not pay for anyone to do that. In other words, they will not condone that action because it is against their own beliefs. I admire them for doing that. If their employees want abortions, then they can pay for it, themselves. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that it is ok for our government to interfere and dictate. True Americans know that the government is suppose to work for us, and that they have no right to interfere. Why would you want them to dictate? Why on earth, would anyone want them to have any power over the american people. Why would any American go along with dictatorship…Why!

      • Amen! The government has no right!

    • Are you really that uninformed? You had better study your biology again, to know how that morning-after or week-after pill really works. And whether you believe life begins at conception or not isn’t the issue. Forcing an employer to fund ‘medical procedures’ against their beliefs is just plain wrong. History has taught us that religious freedoms are the first to go. (Stalin, Hitler, Mao)

      • dlgarcia5 says:

        What about employers forcing their religious beliefs on employees? Everyone’s benefits should be equal whether they are male or female, Christian or otherwise.

        • @digarcia5, HL is NOT forcing their beliefs on anyone. It is a company’s right to provide or not provide whatever benefits it so chooses, regardless of the reason. The gov’t. is forcing HL to provide a benefit they don’t want to pay for. The reason just happens to be based on they’re religious beliefs. So be it. No one is forcing anyone to work for that company. And why should HL have to pay for the promiscuous behavior of it’s female employees if they choose not to.

          • abaworlock says:

            @digarcia5. Their not forcing their belief on any one, they’re just not funding any ones else’s beliefs.

        • No one said they were forcing their beliefs on anyone. They give those who wish to have the to attend church on Sunday’s the opportunity to do so. Not offering the Plan B or morning after pill is not imposing your beliefs on someone…there are PLENTY of companies out there who do NOT provide specific insurance…some companies don’t provide dental insurance or very limited post-natal care…I could go on…

        • dlgarcia5 “What about employers forcing their religious beliefs on employees? Everyone’s benefits should be equal whether they are male or female, Christian or otherwise.”

          They are not forcing their beliefs on their employees. They are simply saying that they will not condone abortion by paying for it. The employees can still do what they choose to do, but at their own expense. Furthermore, they are not willing to allow our government to dictate to them how they should run their own business. Just as it was meant to be, but for some reason, many people have forgotten the principles in which this country was based on.

    • I also reluctantly registered just to comment on this because it drives me insane. To comment on the article itself, I agree with Hobby Lobby and will almost always prefer the power of choice to be out of the hands of the government. But as for the morning-after pill, LANicholson is absolutely correct. The pill only prevents implantation.. I wish I could underline that… IMPLANTATION. There is no life form at all, of course no heartbeat etc. So the asinine logic about bacteria is far beyond moot… following that logic every woman is already pregnant.
      How many problems in our society result from bad parenting? Oh yea, basically all of them. As a society why do we want to restrict prevention? It’s insane, we don’t need more unwanted kids we should be begging kids to get condoms and bc pills. Unwanted sounds harsh, but get over it because it’s true, it’s a real problem, and we need to address it as one. Your problems with abortions and birth control don’t seem to be that you care about kids, it’s more that you want to control people having sex. Pot, meet kettle. Not everyone shares your beliefs, I don’t want them forced on me either.

    • LANicholson, w8n4jesus is ABSOLUTELY correct. The morning after pill does NOT stop fertilization, it stops implantation. Different things. And if it stops a fertilized egg from implanting, that in essence is ABORTION. What I find fascinating is that so many people here want to crucify Hobby Lobby for standing up for their beliefs and yet you would have a cow if any one of us condemned your beliefs. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord right along with the Green family.

    • The best part about being an American is freedom. Religious beliefs is included in our freedom. Entrepreneurs choose what kind of business they are going to invest their time and money in and how they will build it.. Employees choose where they apply for work. A person’s belief system is a part of them and will influence how we conduct our daily business or where we want to work. I am not ok with the government telling the business owner he has to offer something to his employees that he himself does not believe in. This is about religious freedom and about the principles these people hold and which they founded their business on. They are not depriving their employees of anything that cannot be had at Planned Parenthood. Did you read the part about how they have been able to give raises over the last 4 years and employees make 80% over minimum. I did the math, 13.00 an hour, for retail and then this awful CEO wants you to spend time with your family so they are closed on sundays. Do you know any Walmart employees? Try to get 13.00 an hr anywhere in retail with sundays off.

  3. So Many people are quick to comment before they even really know what they are commenting on! People pay about half attention & then post! How many people have commented on birth control when that is not even an issue?! It is the morning after pill! Reed all the details before you speak people! By the way, I support Hobby Lobby on their rights to pay for what they choose & do not think they should have to pay for something against their beliefs. If an employee wants to seek such medical treatment they should have to pay themselves. Insurance is not made to pay all of a persons medical costs & often does not cover what the doctor recommends & therefore the pt. owes the difference. Not all insurance is created equal, some pay better than others & some pay for one procedure while another may pay for a different one. it all depends on the type of plan you have & each employer has the right to provide the plan that they choose & the employee can accept that, get insurance on their own or find employment elsewhere. People in this country expect everything to be given to them. It doesn’t work that way, You have to take some responsibility yourself for your own healthcare!

    • ” By the way, I support Hobby Lobby on their rights to pay for what they choose & do not think they should have to pay for something against their beliefs. If an employee wants to seek such medical treatment they should have to pay themselves.”

      Would you also support a company owned by Jehovah’s Witnesses that refuse to pay for blood transfusions, even in emergency situations, because it goes against their beliefs? Would you also support a company owned by devout Christians who believe in faith-based intervention for medical issues instead of any medical care at all? Or how about someone that is adamant about the dangers of smoking and its health effects? Or diabetes and heart disease since these are mainly caused by obesity and the owner believes that obesity is a personal failing rather than a medical issue? Or treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction?

      If we allow HL to decide what their employees may use in their health insurance coverage, where does it stop? By rights, we should allow ANY business owner to pick and choose ANY conditions that he/she will allow his/her employees to be treated for. Would you or anyone else here in support of HL also support those instances? I think not, especially if the situation involves you or a member of your family.

      • You seem to forget the basic principle of businesses…….they provide a service and have their own beliefs which is find. If YOU don’t agree with them then YOU don’t have to shop their or work for them!!! It is person’s choice to shop at or work at a business!! The business doesn’t have to cater to YOU and if you don’t like their product or beliefs then leave them the hell alone! Thank you and that is all….

        • You didn’t answer the question. Would you also support the right of another business owner to deny employees coverage for specific health conditions based upon the owner’s belief that doing so would be morally wrong? Years ago, a Repub senator was morally opposed to embryonic stem cell research UNTIL his daughter was diagnosed with diabetes and he learned that such research might provide a cure. I think it was Strom Thurmond but am not sure.

          • @sjl4evr. Yes – companies have the right to offer whatever benefits they choose. Remember: these are BENEFITS, not rights. If an employee or patron disagrees with the way a company runs their business or the benefits they offer their employees – then don’t work there or shop there!!!!! Last I checked we do still have choices in America. Maybe not for long, but for now, we do.

      • abaworlock says:

        I wouldn’t expect any employer to pay extra for birth control any more than I would expect food stamps to pay for a bar tab. There’s a big difference between getting laid and saving lives.
        What I don’t understand is there should be a discount for using BC, its a lot cheaper than giving birth. It should be like the discount you get for having a car alarm.

      • Yes, I would support that company’s rights as well. Hobby Lobby isn’t denying anyone access to anything-they just don’t want to pay for it. The media has used the phrase, “denying access” to mean that someone doesn’t wish to subsidize your lifestyle. This is misleading, as I am sure it is intended to be. Just look at silly coed Sandra Fluke-who had absolutely NO IDEA how much birth control pills even cost!-No one is trying to “deny her access” to a $9 pack of pills (which she could buy with the remainder of her subsidized student loans, no doubt!),they just don’t want to pay for them. That is the biggest problem in this country right now- no one wants to be responsible for their own needs.

      • @sji4ever, First of all, HL is not forbidding it’s employees from taking these pills or even having surgical abortions. They are are opposed to these but are not imposing their beliefs on their workers. They are only refusing to be part of these actions by being forced by the government to pay for the insurance coverage of these because to do so goes against they religious beliefs. And yes, I would support any company that did the same thing for any of the treatments you mentioned, not because I believe the way they do, but I do believe they have they right to choice what employee benefits they do pay for. The government has no right to dictate what any company must pay for in the way of employee benefits, and no employee is forced to work for a company that does not provide the benefits they seek. Either find a company that provides what you want or do without those benefits, period..

      • Yes! Get a new job shop elsewhere turn the channel walk away! Capitalism would cause their business to suffer at least and fold at best. Vote with your dollars. Increase hobby lobby sales so they can fight and the government fears the people’s opinions as they should. It keeps them from overpowering the public. If we don’t stand for our rights we will fall to theirs’.
        It is not a right to kill a human with forethought and intent. It doesn’t matter if the baby is a day old or 100 years old, mentally ill or “normal”, physically challenged or athlete, cancer victim or newly conceived.

  4. Hobby Lobby stand firm. Remember that Daniel followed his religious beliefs over rules form the Gov’t. You have my prayers and I support your stores. May God Bless You.

  5. May God richly bless you for your beleifs and values. I thank God for people who stand on the word of God.Prayers are with you all.

  6. I will continue to support Hobby Lobby. I believe as they do and no liberal nonsense to the contrary will sway me.

    • I too support Hobby Lobby! My thoughts and prayers are with you as well! Stand Firm in your faith always! God Bless you and may he see you through this….successfully!

  7. Hobby Lobby is 100% correct. Our government “one nation under God” is taking away more & more of our freedom every day. Another problem with Obamacare that is unknown my most people is that no insurance company is allowed to cover transplants for people over 65 years old. This affects me because a rare (1 in 600,000) autoimmune disease that is destroying my liver. I will be about 67 by the time I need a transplant (58 now). Before Obamacare I was told that I would receive a transplant when needed and that cures the autoimmune disease in 80% of cases, and the other 20% live an additional 10 years. Now that Obamacare is in effect, I have no medical option because I will be 65+ and that means NO transplant unless I can pay 100% for the procedure out of my own pocket. I am not rich, so that’s not possible. Thankfully my trust is in God and He knows the number of my days. Left to our government rules & regulations I’d have no hope. Many Americans who think all the laws being passed by the Obama/democrat-liberals are just fine will have a very rude awakening when they find their own liberties are taken away. ACT NOW AMERICA to remain a free country and remain “one nation under God”. When we remove God from our daily lives, we remove His ability to bless us as a nation, so don’t blame God when there are droughts, floods, wildfires etc because God can’t bless a country that Refuses to let Him direct their paths.

    • Well said Debra. My prayers are with you that God will keep you all the days of your life and beyond. You’ll be around as long as He sees fit. Then you will be called home. Remember, as C.S. Lewis said, “I don’t have a soul. I am a soul. I have a body.”

    • My thoughts and prayers are with you Debra! And you are right…”Many Americans who think all the laws being passed by the Obama/democrat-liberals are just fine will have a very rude awakening when they find their own liberties are taken away.” Then, those hypocrites will be singing to a different tune, won’t they!

  8. perhaps a helpfull avenue would also be starting a petition. there are several free sites that host them and along with your facebook and employee following might help.

  9. ridiculous and based on–and spreading–misinformation. if the hobby lobby is indeed your “family,” then surely you can talk to them as you would family, let them know what your values are etc–presumably they continue to work there because they share them, and you seem to wear them on your sleeve–and urge them that if they find themselves “in a situation” to seek appropriate counseling in order to make (what you consider to be) the right decision. Just because birth control and contraception are included in the mandate doesn’t mean people have to use them. I do not support the war in afghanistan and was violently opposed to the war in iraq, but i still pay my taxes; i absolutely despise fox news, but i support and defend the first amendment. So do the right thing, buy into the plan, give your employees insurance, and trust the individual–your family members–to make choices that are consistent with your values. Or go ahead and pretend that your fundamentalist christian values are the only ones that matter, insist that they be imposted on everyone, refuse to buy into the mandate, go out of business, and put all your family out of work. But remember, if i purchase Plan B at the drug store, (a) it’s none of your damn business, (b) you’re not really paying for it–at all, and (c) don’t punish your employees for what i do.

    • @Felonius, that would not be doing what God has called us to do. We do not have any part in killing a child of Gods. No matter what you call it, they are being forced to be a part of it.

  10. God bless you and your family Mr. Green. Keep upholding your faith, and we will keep shopping at Hobby Lobby as long as your doors are open, which will prayerfully be for a very long time. We back you 100% and will pray for victory for you in the courts. Debra Silviano

  11. To the CEO of Hobby Lobby and every other CEO consider this!

    I predicate my comments on the following. I’m a Christian and believer I turn to the Bible for my answers. Further I respect “practicing Christian.” I’m not intending to pass judgment on the veracity of Hobby Lobby’s CEO letter because I don’t know him. But I do invite him to review the patterns and practices of dishonest business behavior in America. I further suggest he do more to clean up the business environment in a way that benefits the home front. Now with that stated I beseech you not to make the health care issue or lack of a single issue. I ask you do some soul searching on the following points.

    There are, “how many uninsured people in America who can’t afford the exorbitant cost of quality health insurance?” insurance which will not put them into bankruptcy or will not screw them out paid coverage, house and spouse. Consider the root of this which is lack of interest in the welfare of others or the welfare of society as a whole. It reflects an increasing trend in unethical business behavior in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

    I think you as reasonable people do recognize there is a serious and increasing despair between the have and have not in this Country. The middle class is disappearing mainly as a result of greed, selfishness, and unethical business practices in the quest of money. Succinctly put our leaders Business and Government have turn away from God. I hope you at least recognize the fact that the trend in concentrating wealth into the hands of the 1% continues with no regard to the needs of the 99%. Now I ask you where is the honor and justice in that!

    I spent 20 years as a Committeeman on the Republican Executive Committee at the “County level,” and I stood by and watched the party be hijacked by the above referenced interest. As a result I’ll have to spend the rest of my life asking God’s forgiveness for not doing more to prevent this from happening. It makes me sick and want to vomit when I hear participants at a Republican functions chanting “let them die, let them die,” when it comes to discussing health care issues. Is this what Christ wants? Is this what God wants?

    What have we as a society come to when we neglect the needs of our own people and the needs of our economy in the pursuit of the dollar. Dollars which ends up in the hands of the 1% and please spare me the song and dance about creating jobs. CEO’s are being disingenuous with that statement when you send jobs outside America. “Whoops I stand corrected,” I guess you create jobs in Countries that pay at slave labor rates.

    Further when our CEO’s “yes you heard right CEO’s,” make outrageous statement such as “when you, ‘meaning the workers’ are willing to work and be paid what the Chinese are then I’ll bring jobs back to America. “ Lord give me a break,” what is this CEO actually saying. He’s saying you’re not worthy, you are not worthy of your hire,” you are worthless, you owe it to us your,”god and master,” to work as our slaves. You should be happy the make us richer, you should be happy just to have a job, oh you lowly pariah of the great unwashed masses.”

    What have our CEO’s come to in when our economy is in shambles because of corruption, greed and the other remaining deadly sins? I ask you to remember an old case involving the alleged murder of “Karen Silkwood,” by the big bad – powerful energy industry. Further what about all the patent suppressions occurring for example “zero based energy development,” and car engines that run on water. Where is the honor in such behavior? Allowing the development of such patents would end a lot of the worlds suffering.

    I want to conclude with a prayer. “Oh Lord save the good hard working people and those who want to work and justify their existence and make this Country a better place for themselves and their children. I pray this in the name of your son Jesus Christ.

    • @Laurice, the bottom line is, if Obamacare forces businesses to pay for abortions, then everyone that claims to be a Christian needs to stand up and be counted, and not accept this without a fight. Anyhthing that goes against Gods law needs to be addressed.

  12. Guys I’m very upset by this story though my heart leaps for joy at your faithfulness in all the father has blessed you with! God word says that we must abide by the law of the land and pray for our leaders in the decisions that they make…… Having said that his word also states that we are his children and we answer to him…. The father knows your hearts he sees beyond what we see and he is just…. God does not open doors that man can close he owns it all he spoke and it was he planted the seed in your heart for this and he himself feed and watered it and see how it has grown look at the lives that has been blessed because as faithful servants you followed we’re he lead he says in his word the gates of hell will not prevail against it no weapon formed against will prosper having done all to stand withstand in faith remember the battle is his in psalm37 god says take his rest he says ask and it shall be given onto you take heart god is in this battle it’s his trust!!! Lord today we ask you to take control of this situation you see this family and there hearts to serve you you see the lives affected by there faithfulness to you lord right we THANKYOU for your hand upon all affected and we THANKYOU for victory in this battle to your glory we THANKYOU for the lives that will be spoke to and changed through this whole situation we THANKYOU that your faithful and just we give all the glory to you and we look forward with thankful heats to hearing how you have moved and touched changed and blessed all involved for your glory amen

    • @tkturk101, So thankful to see a fellow Christian defending HL stance, but was a little confused on your phrase. “God word says that we must abide by the law of the land and pray for our leaders in the decisions that they make…… ” Please provide scripture so that I might show myself approved, because the only thing I could find was Peter and the other Apostles saying we must obey God rather than man. Agreeing with you that we need to pray for our leaders, but thinking we are called to stand for what is righteous, even if it goes against mans law. I believe all of us will be judged by God on our actions and inaction. your sis in Christ

      • wheresthemega, the scripture you’re searching for it Romans 13:1-7. It states that you are to obey the government.
        The next question is “Is there a time when we should intentionally disobey the laws of the land?” The answer is found in Acts 5:27-29, “Having brought the apostles, they made them appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest. ‘We gave you strict orders not to teach in this Name,’ he said. ‘Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man’s blood.’ Peter and the other apostles replied: ‘We must obey God rather than men!’“ It is clear that as long as the law of the land does not contradict the law of God, we, as Christians, are bound to obey the law of the land. As soon as the law of the land contradicts God’s command, we are to disobey the law of the land and obey God’s law. However, even in that instance, we are to accept the government’s authority over us. This is demonstrated by the fact that Peter and John did not protest being flogged, but instead rejoiced that they suffered for obeying God. This is found in Acts 5:40-42.
        I hope this helps you. God bless!

        • Yes, this does help, thank you kksign. Since the 3rd verse lets you know he is talking about God laws and not mans I thought maybe tkturk101 had another verse. Just concerned that tkturk101 didn’t know, that just because a man changes Gods laws does not mean we have to follow them, that we are to stand up against evil even if that means going to jail or being flogged. Thanks again. God bless you and yours as well.

  13. I would like to know some examples of companies exempted from the mandate and why they were exempted .

  14. We need insurance companies created for such christian companies that offer a comprehensive insurance plan that would provide an A option and a B option to be compliant with the current OBAMA care guidelines. Insurance companies can cover certain drugs in their coverages. Why can’t the Green’s help to create with Pre Paid Legal or Legal Shield coverages that would comply with government but allow for altered prescribed medications?
    It is not to fight this issue but work around the issue for a solution that Jesus would appreciate.

  15. I have never shopped at Hobby Lobby unless my wife holds a gun to my head. HOWEVER, I will never miss an opportunity to give you my business from now on. I applaud your courage to take a stand. 30 years in uniform and nine tours of combat convinced me that evil exists and it cant be defeated merely by good intentions and pseudo-intellectualism. We must stand up and be willing to fight for principle and for those that cant protect themselves. I salute you and will pray for you, in all things GOD in in control.

  16. When did the constitution grant government the right to tell private employers what type of insurance they must provide the employees? Or tell insurance companies what type of policies they must sell? What are we doing when government controls the details of how a business is run? If an employer doesn’t compensate you, or treat you (provide the benefits) the way you want, and why would you work there? If you don’t agree with the way a business operates why would you shop there? These are the principles of free enterprise and capitalism supported by a Democratic Republic system; why not let them work the way the are suppose to without government interference/control? What advantage is there to putting a major provider of employment out of business just to prove a point about the fine details in an insurance program?

    • This is the 64 million dollar question. The answer is: Liberals do not care what the Constitution says or grants or does not say or does not grant. They have openly declared that the Constitution is outmoded and outdated.

      • @ttjrogers, Please don’t try to lay the blame on Liberals because both Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans have been systematically stealing away our constitutional freedoms for the past several decades. The problem is that our gov’t. is out of control and no longer serves the people, but rather is forcing the people to serve it. We have become a country of blind sheep following any goat with a bell around it’s neck. We need to wake up and take our country back from the bureaucrats who seek to make us subservient to their whims.

        • “The problem is that our gov’t. is out of control and no longer serves the people, but rather is forcing the people to serve it. We have become a country of blind sheep following any goat with a bell around it’s neck. We need to wake up and take our country back from the bureaucrats who seek to make us subservient to their whims.” Agree 100%

        • This deserves repeating….”“The problem is that our gov’t. is out of control and no longer serves the people, but rather is forcing the people to serve it. We have become a country of blind sheep following any goat with a bell around it’s neck. We need to wake up and take our country back from the bureaucrats who seek to make us subservient to their whims.” Agree 100%. Thanks for posting it joeinca.

  17. Having sex gets you pregnant, if you dont want to get pregnant DONT have sex THAT simple. A company should never have to pay for someones choice to have or not have sex. There are LOTS of people that cant afford health insurance, that is mostly because of life choices. Its not a companies fault that someone cant afford something. Not everyone deserves it either. If somone really want insurance they will find a way to be responsible and afford it. The gov. trying to make sure everybody has insurance and is taken care of is what is driving up the cost of insurance and sending this country into more and more debt.

  18. Who are you to decide for everyone what to choose. If you do not want anyone to use it then hire accordingly. Just because the option is there does not mean it has to be taken. That should be a choice to the employee not just the boss!!. And just for the record I would not take that pill but that is my choice! and should always be my choice!!

    • Julie, the only entity trying to decide for everyone is the government and it’s not offering a choice. It’s telling HL to comply or be fined out of existence. The employees of HL can choose any pill or procedure they wish. All HL is saying is they will not pay extra insurance to cover the cost of any pill or procedure that results in the end of an unborn child’s life, which is their right.

    • Your choice…yes…and at your own expense. Just as it should be!

  19. If Hobby Lobby is a company that doesn’t discriminate as to who they employ, that company must also be willing to respect their beliefs and values as well. The owner(s) and manager(s) don’t necessarily have to agree with certain values and beliefs of individual employees, but denying them the certain rights dictated by the government simply because the boss doesn’t “believe in it” is wrong.

    • @heretic, You say it’s wrong for a company to deny their employees the right to take these pills or have an abortion because the gov’t. dictates it. First, HL is not denying these actions by it’s employees, rather they are refusing to pay for them. Second, where is your outrage at the gov’t. for dictating how a company conducts it’s business and what it pays for in the way of benefits for it’s emplyees?

    • Heretic…they don’t have to agree…but they also do not have to provide ALL types of insurance coverage. I say again, some companies do not provide dental, or STD, LTD coverage…that is the privately owned companies choice and SHOULD REMAIN THAT WAY! If you don’t like the insurance coverage provided by the company…work elsewhere…PERIOD! And you hit the nail on the head, the government shouldn’t DICTATE (what are we communists?) what companies provide what insurance.

    • Heretic says:
      “If Hobby Lobby is a company that doesn’t discriminate as to who they employ, that company must also be willing to respect their beliefs and values as well. The owner(s) and manager(s) don’t necessarily have to agree with certain values and beliefs of individual employees, but denying them the certain rights dictated by the government simply because the boss doesn’t “believe in it” is wrong.”

      First of all, the owners are not denying their employees anything except that they will not pay for their employees to get abortions. If their employees choose to do that, then they must pay for it themselves. The owners are not saying that their employees have to believe as they do, they are just saying that they will not believe that abortion is okay and they will not condone or contribute to it. Their Belief…Their Right…and…Their Business! Again, the “government” has NO RIGHT TO DICTATE! Why would you or anyone agree or condone the government even trying to dictate? You and everyone else here should be more outraged by that, and should be speaking out about that, instead of bashing the owners of Hobby Lobby for a belief that could, very well, save their souls.

  20. I applaud you for sticking to your beliefs. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 I believe you are here for just such a time as this and for all Christian businesses, large and small, trying to run their business in Christian principles.

  21. You have a right to “Due Process of the Law” according to the Constitution of the United States. Look into it!!

  22. You go ahead and stand up for what is right. I will continue to support you. I am supporting you and Chick Fil A.

  23. The WHINING CHRISTIANS are at it again. Be as “religious” as you like in your family and personal life but if you are not adult and Christian enough to “RENDER UNTO CAESAR” then start another business and above all STOP WHINING!

    • @Erdman, rendering unto caesars, does not mean going against Gods laws. You will have a chance to render unto caesars when Obama raises your taxes, and when he does, I will not be happy, but I will pray about it and then pay it, because, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. Taxes are Caesars and the babies are Gods.

    • abaworlock says:

      @Erdman, Duh. family business. “The WHINING CHRISTIANS are at it again” You use such convincing logic, You win.

  24. mkesling63 says:

    Dictating minimum wages didn’t upset you but medicine did. This is not a healthy commerce decisions that is business is business. Pro-Life in a world where human slavery, human trafficking, Domestic and civil violence, welfare, rape, etc is on the up-rise is one of the most irresponsible things to support in healthy commerce.

    Business here is a platform I can’t support. Your decision is a personal one not a business one. BY doing what you are doing here gives capitalism a really bad rep. This is self personal belief you are claiming will fail your business. That is your OWN SELF BELIEF not business killing.

    You are using the American dream of opportunity, free enterprise as your way of getting attention for a religious issue. This is not a competent business decision. In fact with crime at the rates they are, it isn’t even a religious issue anymore. It is a fire the government issue. Pro-life can’t even be addressed as responsible until Judicial catch up is achieved. What that as to do with business is beyond me. Sounds like the pro lifers are simply taking a beating as well they should if they can’t put it in the correct “Without Prejudice” terms.

    • Just curious, why should any business have to pay for an elective surgery. We should be overwhelmed with joy that they want to help us with a real medical problem not something that is( in my opinion) cosmetic. This country has too many entitlement issues, just saying.

      • mkesling63 says:

        They shouldn’t but there is more wrong with business. A business shouldn’t be forced to provide any benefit. Minimum wage looks good and is just as bad but in the end the product cost increases by a dollar for all public’s and the wage after tax is less net or only 1 cent.

        So if a person has a baby and the minimum raises to get more in the tax bracket and they realize less, net, is this responsible?

        The government dishes out depression, recession like this all the time playing on the public’s want top help. In the end of the minimum wage, they get more and everybody else gets less.

        When the government gets more, they don’t pay for themselves so it goes on and on. So not only is Pro Life irresponsible in crime rates it is irresponsible in income providing. These are separate issues.

        To me first things first, provide for the babies you are promoting and/or get better birth control then just how to education. Like emotional issue and sex. But to preach business owner then can’t separate issue, I have a problem with that integrity is all.

        If you want the government to provide medical by itself then fix the problem from the start not your own finish. The courts are clogged with it. Why does the government get to dictate what you pay to an employee? Isn’t it the same thing regardless what is dictating? The USA being a democracy is becoming a joke now. Dictating is dictating is dictating.

    • To compare minimum wage, which is determined by both a federal and state gov’ts., with this issue, which is not about pro-life, but the federal gov’t. taking away more of our constitutional rights by mandating what a business must pay for in the way of benefits, is not even a valid argument. The federal gov’t. does not have the right to tell any business what they must pay for in the way of benefits. Besides, HL starts their employees at 80% over minimum wage for the state that store is located, which varies from state to state.

      • mkesling63 says:

        Don’t bother replying anymore. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Which means that Pro Life can’t be law either. You are setting Precedent to dictate and that is all you are doing. You and this constant court clog is what creates the entire dictating thing to begin with.

        It also means that you are 1 out of millions of business owners. Join clogging up the court for your issue along with millions of other Pro Life cases. That do nothing but set another precedent, if you know anything about the law and a dictionary, to dictate some more. You and others like you are inviting red socialism into this country. If that happened you wouldn’t have any control over anything. Try looking at soviet Russia again and what happens when millions of you say : You don’t have the right to dictate to me.

        Your politicians say its soviet time since you can;t settle it yourselves. You will not get the last word with me here. So don’t reply. Clog up the courts and throw away your money. It’s your right. I’m sure there is a money eyes attorney just waiting in line for you.

        • abaworlock says:

          You example is contradictory to you statement.

        • Go…Hobby Lobby…Go ! Clog up the courts. Yell from the roof tops! Stand Firm in your beliefs. God is watching! And I fully support your fight!

          • @tnwltn, I don’t know whether to laugh or be frightened to death at the stupidity, blindness, and the “right to entitlement”. that many people here have. Those of us who “get it” seem to be in the minority. God help us all!

          • Have faith joeinca! If your able to reach even one person, it’s a blessing.

          • mkesling63 says:

            Stop bothering me with it. Donate to their legal fund. They will need it. Raise money for them not words.

          • I shop there, and if they need it, I would donate to help their cause. I would also talk to others about donating to help too. It’s not just their cause though, it’s ours too. To defend our rights and freedoms is the best cause. Still, they will continue to receive my support with words as well. So you see…no matter what form it comes in, they have my complete support!

          • mkesling63 says:

            Why are you writing me about you taking another’s choice away that are included in “We the people” ? I am not interested in knowing who supports them. I am happy they are a successful business stop writing me and donate to their attorney fees. I am for business not being required to pay any medical. In case you have a problem with taking another’s choice away. Screw just your drugs. Take your drug cause somewhere else. I spend my time on bigger things then your small fry issue. I am rallying for no mandatory medical for any business period it takes all their rights away.
            Take your Pro Choice drug issue to small small fry court that cares. Try the UN they are just as petty.

          • “Why are you writing me about you taking another’s choice away that are included in “We the people” ? I am not interested in knowing who supports them. I am happy they are a successful business stop writing me and donate to their attorney fees”

            In case you forgot, you provoked it and I just replied. Seems to me, that you asked…did you not!

            I am for business not being required to pay any medical.

            You seem wishy washy in your comments and it is hard to tell just where you stand. I would agree that, at the very least, no company should be dictated to pay for it. Instead, it should only be an insentive that employers have for their employees because they value them, not because the government forces them to.

            “In case you have a problem with taking another’s choice away. Screw just your drugs. Take your drug cause somewhere else.”

            My stand has nothing to do with drugs. I am 100% against drugs and always have been. Instead, it is about the rights of the people not being ruled by government. I don’t believe in handouts of any kind. I believe in earning things and working hard to do that.

            “I spend my time on bigger things then your small fry issue. I am rallying for no mandatory medical for any business period it takes all their rights away.”

            No, it should not be manditory! So why are you so defensive to people in here if you are against dictatorship? Are you just not understanding what people are saying or what? I get it that you don’t want manditory medical period and I think that is what some of us in here are saying as well. True, I believe that companies should offer something if they want good, hard working people to work for them. To show how much they value their employees, but not because they have to. It should be their choice, just as it is an employees choice to work for a company or not.You are the one who starts it off, yet you keep telling people to stop writing you. You can’t have it both ways. You speak and they speak. That’s generally how “conversations” work. Maybe you should make your position a little more clear. Just saying!

          • mkesling63 says:

            I make my position very clear. In fact brutally clear I am told constantly. If you can’t see it then get the comments off another’ s blog and make them on mine.

            If you want to know more about my position then look at me on my blog , otherwise I can only detect you are not interested on anything but public arguing.

            If you are only interested in arguing then stop cluttering up the public pads and especially somebody else’s presentation.

            Again, stop writing me here and my blog is easy to get to. Stop using somebody else’s presentation.

            This blog post is about Pro Choice and business taxes. I put all my stands on this very clear on my blog. They are right, but take the whole battle if you are going to take it on with your own profits.

            My original comment was very clear, wages are dictated too. Wages are any businesses major expense. Especially when you have to add unemployment. FICA, and worker comp matches/taxes on all the payrolls. Since they obviously sound like a good business with great ethics it is a shame they have to pay all these. Guess they like too. So leave it to them.

            Now unless you are familiar with all these payroll matches and taxes constantly extorted from all businesses, stop commenting on things you know nothing about.

            Minimum wages laws extort far more from their business then any drug. Medical insurance is just another government failure being extorted from business. Now have i made myself clear or are you going to continue embarrassing yourself not knowing a thing a bout business?

            Being profit makers they should see get rid of the high payroll extortion’s and have their own legal fees covered to take on theirs and YOUR Pro Choices issues.

            Again. This is brutally clear to any that can produce a profit making business and supply jobs for people. If not get out of business. You are asking for more extortion from people just like these.

            By the way if you can’t add all these government extortion up to your own costs everywhere in all business, they don’t do it for free, get out of commenting on any business issue. That means the cost of living too.

          • We have received an abuse report regarding your comments. Please do not harass, harangue, troll or be combative. Otherwise, we will need to suspend your ability to comment.

          • mkesling63 says:

            Report it to wordpress That is their duty.

          • Actually, it’s ours as editors, thank you. WordPress has nothing to do with it. We can and will handle our own problems with comments.

          • mkesling63 says:

            Then take my ability from your website. Considering your followers, you have my complete permission. Commenting on your website is not a to be considered a privilege. That attitude doesn’t get endorsed well.

            Please with all speed take my “privilege” away and take your whinny babies with you that keep trying to argue with logic and can’t. Your followers obviously represent you well. That or teach them a bit better to understand loosing an argument is not harassment because if it is, you have very weak followers and representation that can’t gain. An agency full of weak followers makes it a weak agency.

            Before you respond again like the rest who think their input is a privilege to me, I’ll try your language: PLEASE TAKE YOUR ABILITY AWAY TO GET MY COMMENTS.

        • mkesling63, Trying to be as nice as possible, i must say, you’re either an idiot or a pro-choice nazi. Either way, you’re so far off base you’re not even in the ballpark with your statement. This whole thing and HL’s stand is based on their right as a legitimate business to provide or not provide insurance coverage for whatever pill or procedure they wish, based on their own beliefs, PERIOD! How dare you even suggest that we who support them are suborning communism. We are in fact standing up for our inalienable right to free choice and freedom of religion

          • mkesling63 says:

            Raise money for legal fees not words. I am for Democracy. You are for dictating. Raise your legal fees not money for them. They will need that more then words.

            Pro choice is Democracy. I don’t give a hoot about your abortion issue. So yes I am a Pro Choice Nazi. Abortion I could care less. Pro- Choice, self choices is Democracy.

            Do I dare? Yes I most certainly do. Abortions are a sex ed failure. You people just keep raising them money for attorney fees. They will need it. Your words of them and yours being denied as PRO CHOICE WHAT I PAY FOR NAZI’S will need lots of attorney fees. Words do not pay attorney fees.


            I say all of you that comment on them should raise them money so their business doesn’t have to suffer instead of playing on the professional to get what you want. They provide PRO CHOICE jobs paying more then NO CHOICE minimum wages. You people are just providing PRO CHOICE BITCHING.

          • mkesling63, You really are an idiot! This has absolutely nothing to do with pro-life or pro-choice. It has nothing to do with clogging up the courts with lawsuits. It has nothing to do with companies denying rights to their employees. Your rantings sound like you lost a legal case and it cost you a lot of money so you’re just plain PO’d at the legal system. That’s just a guess tho. There is only one question here. Does the federal government have the right to dictate company policy for any business, publicly of privately owned? Those of us who stand with Hobby Lobby say NO, the gov’t. does not have the right to tell a business what benefits it must provide to it’s employees. The reason why HL does not want to pay for coverage of abortion pills or procedures is NOT at issue. Try reading the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, and have someone around to explain to you what the big words mean. Like self-determination and freedom of religion. When a gov’t. takes free choice from you and tells you what you must do, it is no longer democracy, it is fascist dictatorship, and it is a historical fact that freedoms based on religious beliefs are the 1st freedoms to be denied by a fascist dictatorship. But you can keep on with your nonsensical rantings, that is as long as the gov’t. allows you to do so. That right will disappear right after they take all of our guns away in the name of “the common good”. Just don’t be surprised when they come and kick in your door, drag you out of your house, and shove you into a boxcar to take your stupid ass to a reeducation (concentration) camp. Wake up!

          • mkesling63 says:

            Stop replying and good luck. I’ll be an idiot for democracy instead of socialism/communism. It is very obvious to me when you people can’t beat a sound argument, you get petty personal abusive. I talked to a federal judge about Pro Se. Now I fully understand why they like attorney’s. Fund raise for attorney fees. Your PRO CHOICE to sue for this, good luck suing Washington DC. Stop embarrassing yourselves here because you really are.

          • mkesling63 says:

            BY the way. I guess if somebody has an abortion they can drag them off to that reeducation camp. A little more for the simple mind that fears.

            For that fear, they bring the camp to you. It has already come to millions of Americans just like you. Stupid enough to believe it doesn’t exist now.

          • mkesling63, You make absolutely no sense whatsoever. But, I’ll defend to the death your right to make a fool of yourself, over and over and over…

          • mkesling63 says:

            Keep doing it you are doing a great job. Keep commenting just like you are everywhere. I look forward to it.

          • mkesling63 says:

            I am trying to get to your blog so you can continue to defend my right to being an idiot for me. But it just doesn’t want to come up. So remove the coward and make comment on mine so I can on yours.

          • Well said Joeinca! You go girl!

          • If you are backing the government on this issue you are the one that is for socialism/communism/fascism. I and all those who back Hobby Lobby are for democracy, the constitution, and the freedom to live our lives without government interference or control. These freedoms must extend to all Americans, whether you agree with them or not. And mark my words, you false patriot, this question will not be answered in this forum or in the courts. The government has already taken control of the courts. This will be decided, at best, in the voting booths, when we vote all incumbents out of office and take back our government. Or, at worst, in the streets and fields of this great country when we take back our country from the fascists by force of arms, which is our right and our duty as free Americans. I only pray to God it doesn’t come to that. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE AND IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT AND COMES WITH GRAVE RESPONSIBILITIES. You can go back to drinking your beer and smoking your pot now.

          • LMAO! Joeinca, you are awesome! I’ll be one of those in the battle field beside you..kicking some communist butt….you can bet on that!

          • @tnwltn, I would be happy to share a foxhole with you any time. But, I feel i must correct you on just one thing. I think it’ll be fascists we’ll be fighting rather than communists. Semantics, I know. LOL Shall we just say anti-democratic forces bent on subjugating the people of this great land.

  25. Thank you Hobby Lobby for standing up for God and your principles.

    • I admit I did not thoroughly read every Reply here, but it looks like no one mentioned this: without stats to back me up, I think it is highly probable that most of the people who would use the type of contraception that is the focus of this issue, the morning after pill, would be unmarried women who had sex. This behavior could be viewed as acceptable/condoned by provided financial assistance for the morning after pill. Christians who follow the Bible do not support sex outside of marriage; this could be a Christian’s reason for not wanting to pay for the morning after pill.

      • Yes Janie, that is one of the reasons, we let our government dictate to us about allowing the schools to give out condoms, because it would mean safer sex, when instead they should have been teaching abstinence. Since the whole condom thing only made children believe that apparently it was ok to have sex because they are giving out condoms at school, now we have a lot of pregnant teenagers and adults that used to be teenagers with that mindset, and instead of teaching life and adoption, they are handing out death and emotional turmoil. Since that didn’t slow down(the whole getting pregnant thing), their thought is to make us businesses and taxpayers pay for their bad ideas. They once again have the wrong answers. When do we stop being stupid, and bring God back in to the picture, the one who has all the answers even before we had questions.

        • holyhill1203 says:

          Let me preface this with that my comment has nothing to do with the HL letter. Your statement about abstinence education is extremely false. Teaching abstinence has been shown to have no effect and in some cases it has been shown to increase teen pregnancy. Although I believe that teaching abstinence is extremely important for a variety of reasons, both religious and other, abstinence only teaching holds many teens to unrealistic standards because their ability to hinder themselves is still developing (their brains are underdeveloped). If teens were taught about both abstinence and contraception, then the need to use morning after pills would decrease. Prevention of destruction of life should be the goal.

          • Let’s take this one step further, holyhill1203. It is not our school’s or our teacher’s duty to instruct our young on sexual responsibility. That falls on the shoulders of the parents, and let’s face it, today’s parents are far to lenient with their kids. I don’t care if both parents are working or there is only one parent in the home, it is their duty to teach their kids to be moral, responsible, respectful individuals. Unfortunately, most parents I talk to are afraid to discipline their kids due to child abuse laws that have gotten out of control. I have been told by moms and dads that if they spank their kids, that Child Protective Services will come and take their kids away. Yet another one of our rights that the gov’t. has taken from us and put into the hands of bureaucrats.There’s a lot to be said for the philosophy of “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

          • Holly there was a time when abstinence was the rule of the land, having sex before marriage was unheard, if you got pregnant you were ostracized for it, and it hasn’t been that long ago. So what happened, well for starters prayer was taken out of schools, God was taken out of schools, corporal punishment was taken out of schools and our reason for being was taken out of schools, the evil that was let to run a muck in our country is destroying us. Children were not being taught to respect authority or their elders they were led to believe they had the upper hand. All of us allowed the government to do this to our children and our country. God forgive us.

  26. This is simply a case of a greedy CEO hiding behind his “Religion” in order to justify cheating his employees. He doesn’t have the right to push his religious values on his employees. That’s a clear violation of THEIR First Amendment right. He doesn’t have the right to tell them to go to Church on Sunday. He doesn’t have the right to tell them to give 10% to Church on Sunday. He doesn’t have the right to choose what medical procedures his employees have the right to access. If he were a Christian Scientist, his religious principles would dictate that he never visit a doctor – I doubt anyone would support his claim of “principle” if he demanded that his employees cease visiting doctors on the basis that it’s a violation of his religious beliefs to pay for doctors’ visits.

    • abaworlock says:

      @Darren “This is simply a case of a greedy CEO hiding behind his “Religion”” Apparently you didn’t read the article, It will cast him $1.3 million PER DAY in government fines if he doesn’t comply. So tell me again who’s greedy and who’s stupid!!!

    • @darren, How could you say this CEO is greedy when he, 1) starts all employees at 80% over minimum wage, where most companies pay minimum or just above it to start. 2) has all stores close early during the week so all employees can have time with their families, 3) has stores stay closed on Sunday so any employee who wishes, can attend whatever religious service they choose or just have a day of rest. In no way is he imposing his beliefs on his employees. In my opinion Mr Green and his family have created as close to the “American Dream” of a company as any I have heard of in recent history, and they should be applauded not only for their integrity and consideration for those they employ, but for the courage of their convictions in standing up against a corrupt government.

    • @Darren:

      “This is simply a case of a greedy CEO hiding behind his “Religion” in order to justify cheating his employees.”

      Honestly, I wish they would have left the part out about the coverage of abortions and the like from the article as it would have just been enough for me to support HL in the fact that the government is trying to interfere in their business. However, since coverage of abortions and the like is the reason for the governments interference in the first place, I guess they had no choice to bring it up in the article. As a result, religious beliefs naturally had to be included as well. Actually, in thinking about my last statement, I would be more inclined to think that “coverage of abortions and the like” may not be so much the reason as it is an excuse to interfere. It’s just one of those avenues they plan to use to gain control over the american people.

      “He doesn’t have the right to push his religious values on his employees.”

      How do you get that he is pushing his religious beliefs on his emplyees? He is not telling them they can’t do something. He is just saying he will not pay for it. He is also taking a stand agaist government interference. His right…Our right as Americans. Where did you come from?

      “That’s a clear violation of THEIR First Amendment right.”

      He has not violated his employees’ rights in any way, shape, or form. He pays them very well and he cares about them having time off with their families. Sunday is the best day for that. Its a day when children are out of school, and, (if they are fortunate enough to have employers who feel the same way) their spouses will be off as well. It’s a day for family, and if his empolyees and their families worship then they are able to do so. He simply gives them that option (as God intended to be). It’s suppose to be a day of rest. So for a Christian who believes in that, it makes sense that he would live by that and allow others to as well, if that is what they choose to do.

      “He doesn’t have the right to tell them to go to Church on Sunday. He doesn’t have the right to tell them to give 10% to Church on Sunday.”

      I must have missed this part….right! Not! He never said that. He did not tell them they had to do either.

      “He doesn’t have the right to choose what medical procedures his employees have the right to access.”

      He is not saying that they cannot have whatever medical procedures they want to have. He is just not going to pay for it! Since when, did it become his obligation to support their medical procedures? Especially, when those procedures happen to be against his religion. Since when, did it become his obligation to consider his employees choices over his own beliefs? Where is it written that he should compremise his own beliefs in order to give handouts. Why would anyone want him to? Unless, they, themselves expect handouts in some form. Only people who think the world owes them something would begrudge this man. Furthermore, You said, “He doesn’t have the right to choose what medical procedures his employees have the right to access.” What a hypocrite! Yet, you think…what…it’s ok for the government to tell him that he has to cover this or be fined! To think that it is ok for the government to rule over us…is communism. They may be our leaders because we vote them in as such, but they work for us, “WE THE PEOPLE”. They are NOT our rulers! People need to stop having this mentality that they are.

      ” If he were a Christian Scientist, his religious principles would dictate that he never visit a doctor – I doubt anyone would support his claim of “principle” if he demanded that his employees cease visiting doctors on the basis that it’s a violation of his religious beliefs to pay for doctors’ visits.”

      Honestly, Doctors are overrated, and overpaid! A person can heal themselves most of the time anyway and do it cheaper as well. Still, that aside, this is really more about being dictated by our government. A right that they do not have. This man and his family have the right to run their business as they see fit. It is not up to you or me, and especially not our government to interfere or dictate.

  27. I think restricting access to “abortion” pills is a threat to personal freedom. Making a pill accessible to your employees is not the same as handing out free abortions and forcing every woman to have one. Instead, it is giving your employees a choice, which they deserve to have. By not covering plan B, you are taking away the freedom of your female employees.

    • abaworlock says:

      Bull shit!!! You still have access to them you just have to pay for them. or just buy a box of rubbers or keep your pants on. It is a luxury. Whats next. insurance to pay for piercings and tattoos.

    • @emma, HL is not restricting access to anything. They are just not willing to subsidize the promiscuous behavior of their female employees by provided insurance coverage to stop or prevent a pregnancy due to that employees bad judgement and lack of morals. Every company should have that right. You say you want personal freedom, I guess to sleep around or have sex without a condom. With freedom comes responsibility! If you make a baby, you should have to raise it. End of conversation.

    • See reply to abaworlock…the company is NOT restricting access…it is an OTC pill…they just don’t want to have to PAY FOR IT! And I don’t blame them…if someone wants a Plan B pill they can stop by their local pharmacy and pay for it themselves…’nuf said!

    • @Emma, killing a baby is killing a baby, and we don’t want to be forced to take part in yours or any others murder of an innocent child. There is enough information out there, that most people recognize abortion as murder, while others are in denial, probably because they had one or know some one that did.

    • Do not speak of freedom. You do not understand the concept at all. It is about being responsible NOT shirking responsibility.

  28. @ wheresthemega you appear obsessed just on one aspect of Obama care. When there are equally as big and concerning elements which need addressing. “As Judges say take judicial notice of the abortion element.” Now as far as everything else – I hear you saying, “let them die,” “let them die.” Answer this question are you willing to condemn those who don’t have health insurance to death. That what I hear you saying. You don’t care about your follow man. What kind of person professes to want to save and protect life in one hand and in the other condemn others to death that should be considered equally as innocent.

    Humans have proven they are humanistic and need laws to keep them from taking advantage of his fellow man. You can not run a business the way you want, because the way humans want to run a business results in someone being deprived and hurt.
    Now pay attention carefully. Unethical and corrupt behavior of business in America is despicable. Business owner and manager have an obligation to God and society as a whole to be fair and equitable with its customers and employee. If not you’re not better than those you profess to despise.

    • Laurice the bottom line for me is, what does God say about it. The end does not justify the means. I do not believe a place of business is responsible for what its employees do outside of the work environment. Should a employer be responsible for a drug addicts professional help, no, should an employer be responsible for sending an alcoholic to aaa, No, should an employer bail out a womans bad decision she made the night before by helping her committ murder with a day after pill or an outright abortion, NO. Should an employee expect medical help for their lack of discipline, I think not. This is part of what churches are for, they are to help the fallen, it is the churches responsibility to help the sick, homeless, broken hearted.

    • abaworlock says:

      @Laurice; Obama care is a financial disaster, hundreds of thousands of jobs are slated to be lost because of it. so in the end same amount of people will be un-insurance but more unemployment.

      • Yep, that is what will end up happening! Uninsured and unemployed, but I wouldn’t be too sure that the government isn’t wanting that to happen anyway. Then we would all be dependent on them. We’d have no jobs, no insurance, no health care, no homes, no food, no guns, no protection against them, no rights. “We the people,” would be helpless. Wasn’t there something said…oh about 30 some years ago, that they want there to be only two kinds of people….”The extremely rich and the extremely poor”!

        • abaworlock says:

          Agenda 21: Bush signed on in 1992 along with178 other countries. This kind of shit is made in to SI FI movies, but this could be a reality!!!

    • I think this line sums up the intellectual content of the rest of the comment: “Humans have proven they are humanistic…” My Lord, some of the longest rants on this thread make no sense at all. Typical tactic of the raging Left, tying our energy up with nonsense and distracting us from the real battle that is being waged elsewhere. Our Lord said that some demons could only be driven out with prayer and fasting. Back to the battlefield I go.

  29. The rights are being denied, or sweep away from in the name of bigotry and this is just another case. Denial of rights, that you already have, from others, based on your religious belief system is bigotry. NOTHING justifies it. AND Bigoty should and can not be used as a weapon under the guise of freedom of speech. Hobby Lobby needs to be boycotted. I for one will not spend another cent there ever.

    • @Thomas bigotry
      stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own. For someone intent on following Godly beliefs, bigotry is not an insult. Your ability to throw this word around as an insult, only means that you too must be a bigot, because you are intolerant of their beliefs. No one has the right to play God, not even Obama.

    • abaworlock says:

      @Thomas. What rights are you talking about??? I haven’t heard about the right to free birth control. This has absolutely nothing to do with any kind health issues, It has nothing to do with women’s rights. My insurance company has never bought me condoms. nor-should it. This is nothing more than people wanting shit for free. I guess it is your right to want, it’s just not your right to get.

  30. I praise you for standing up for your beliefs and doing what is right — Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong – Sadly I see our freedoms that are so dangerously fought for slipping away – Stand proud – you are not alone!!

  31. “We believe doing so might end a life after the moment of conception, something that is contrary to our most important beliefs.”
    — Countless conceptions actually end naturally (; does God plan these? If so, why? For real. And why is this one of their “most important” beliefs, given that overpopulation is ruining the world in countless ways?

    “It goes against the Biblical principles on which we have run this company since day one.”
    — Where does the Bible EVER talk about what other people do with their wombs? It never even mentions abortion. Plus, in both the old and new testaments, lives of all ages are ended abruptly and cruelly by both Christians and God himself.

    “If we refuse to comply, we could face $1.3 million PER DAY in government fines.”
    — I actually laughed very loudly when I first read this. With all the links they included throughout their article, why didn’t they have a source for this little “fact”?

    I’m no troll – I’m a genuine seeker of truth. And this article if rife with harmful exaggerations and conservative propaganda.

    • This is not an article — it is a letter from the Hobby Lobby CEO.

      Your first comment is in reply to someone’s religious beliefs. David Green and his leadership team have the right to run their company as they see fit. Employees are aware of the policies, and can work elsewhere if they so choose. Green believes that life begins at conception, and you — and all Americans, including Obama — should respect his right to believe that. Here are a few Bible verses explaining how and why Christians believe life begins at conception, since you seem to not know the Bible well: Should you need more, use your favorite search engine.

      Again, this is a letter, so of course Green does not cite the fine. However, a simple Google search on your part would find evidence of this. Or, you could read the ruling against Hobby Lobby. Or, you could review the HHS documentation. Or, you could read ObamaCare. It’s always interesting when liberals say something isn’t sourced; yet, you haven’t taken one second to try to find that source yourself — you’d rather just whine.

      No one is saying you’re a troll, but how can you be a seeker of the truth if you don’t even Google the information you seek yourself first? C’mon, certainly you’re smarter than that.

    • @ aj….”I’m a genuine seeker of the truth”…then why didn’t you SEEK the truth about the fine before you posted your blurb? You can google or bing “Hobby Lobby Fine” and from that will come a plethora of information…lol. You “laughed very loudly”…well, I did the same after reading your post…great thing about this country is free speech and the FREEDOM to run a company how I would want or how Mr. Green wants. No government should have the right to dictate what insurance plans are offered with any company. If the EE doesn’t like it, they should find a different ER. Not all companies offer the same insurance and they shouldn’t have to. Lest we become socialistic about healthcare…Obama and his “care” will ruin this country. Hobby Lobby is a good company that treats their EE’s with respect and good pay.

  32. I am logging in to say something also. This article of course, is almost a real fabrication of what Hobby Lobby is all about. First of all, if they are such great christians that run the place how come nobody knew this until they tried to get out of this healthcare thing? Number 2, they claim they pay 80% above minimum wage-oh yah, at what store? That would be $13.50 per hour in all state, I never met anyone at Hobby Lobby that made that much money besides the store manager, most of their staff make around $8.50 per hour. Number 3, I understand the patriotism thing and maybe even the religious thing, but as far as beoing part of the local community? Bull !-they buy the majority of their products through a company called Hong Kong Connections, if they are truly about patriotism and community then buy from Americans and I will support you, you guys cant have it both ways. Finally number 4, Hobby Lobby only offers a major medical plan, and have never offered anything else, and no major med plan that I ever heard about included anything except payment if you were hospitalized, so no kidding that their plan does not include contraception and on top of that, it is only available after you have been there six months and are full time, nobody in Hobby Lobby stores is considered full time except department heads and managers.

    • Perhaps you didn’t know Hobby Lobby was a Christian-owned and operated business, but that is not a reflection on what others of us knew. It just tells us that you were unaware of it. As to the rest of you charges, you cite no sources and offer no proof. Allegations do not an argument make. The issue here is not all the other things you mentioned. The issue under discussion here is whether or not Hobby Lobby can be forced to provide insurance that provides contraception, forcing them to violate their consciences. That is the focus of the letter and the threat facing them (and the rest of us) and this thread. The rest of your tirade, I thinkm is aimed at obscuring the issue and distracting attention away from the central point.

    • abaworlock says:

      Don’t care if its a religious thing. Promiscuity, drugs and alcohol or even a low fat diet are all personel decisions and should be paid by the person that made that decision and not by the employer. Companies shouldn’t have to pay for employees bad decisions.

  33. I made typos: “you” should have been “your” and “thinkm” should have been “think,”. Darn tiny keyboards. Grrr.

  34. What has happened to personal responsibility? Since WHEN did YOUR CHOICE to engage in sexual activity – along with the natural consequences – become SOMEONE else’s responsibility?

    Regardless of religious views – WHEN did it become the the RESPONSIBILITY of the employer to PAY for ANY woman’s contraceptives?

    These ‘people’ are all about ‘my body – my choice’…. but apparently NOT ‘my responsibility’?

    I stand with Hobby Lobby!


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