Shared sacrifice, or is it?

Charles Krauthammer said in a recent Fox News interview with Sean Hannity that Obama is concerned about his legacy now that he is in his second term. Although I respect Krauthammer, I disagree with him on that point. In my opinion, Obama doesn’t care about his legacy. It may be true that Obama is using “ruthless skill to fracture the GOP” but that’s only collateral damage to Obama, the Schadenfreude, who is bent on destroying America economically from within.

Pamela Seley is a regular contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @PamelaSeley

Pamela Seley is a regular contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @PamelaSeley

What do we know about President Obama? Dinesh D’Souza is the New York Times bestselling author of “Obama’s America” and his recent documentary “2016: Obama’s America” was a hit at the box office, earning $33.4 million, but not earning a place on this year’s Hollywood Oscars list. This is not surprising, since Hollywood has been notoriously biased toward liberal or progressive ideas, and in particular, the Democrat Party agenda. Because this movie is a political anti-Obama movie, Hollywood can’t bring itself to acknowledge that not only did the movie do well at the box office, but sheds light on a President that doesn’t show him to be the demagogue they believe him to be.

D’Souza’s documentary is a thoughtful analysis of Obama’s psychology by studying his own words written in his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.” The film’s subtitle is “Love him, hate him, you don’t know him,” and after seeing the film, it does seem plausible that Obama is on a mission to avenge his father – to destroy America as the world power it has enjoyed for decades. From many liberals I converse with on a regular basis, they also hold the view that America needs to be taken down a notch or two.

So what are Obama’s economic policies? We know he wants everyone to pay their fair share. He wants to tax the rich. We know he likes behemoth, government entitlement programs, such as Obamacare. Stands to reason, he wouldn’t want spending cuts to any entitlement programs, or maybe he does if it involves cutting entitlements to the middle class.

Whether Obama believes raising taxes increases government revenue or not, in November, House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, herself worth $26.4 million, said “We understand our responsibility here. We understand that it has to be about cuts, it has to be about revenue, it has to be about growth, it has to be about the future.”

The left — whether they believe their misguided stand on tax revenue or not — will say publicly that growth comes from tax revenue. We have witnessed that when taxes are decreased, or there is tax reform to lower taxes, tax revenue to government actually increases.

Then to confuse matters more, in December, piped-piper Pelosi said that Obama’s social security cut proposal (involving changing the current standard for calculating cost of living increases to what is called a “chained Consumer Price Index”) would “strengthen” the program. She said this just one day after saying the proposal was a concession to the GOP.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Red (D-NV) said and he knows Obama feels the same way, “to avoid the fiscal cliff of tax increases and spending cuts, part of the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff must also include raising the debt ceiling.” Obama has said that if Republicans use the debt ceiling game again it will hurt the economy.

In an interview with notorious, 30-round-magazine waving, David Gregory on NBC’s Meet the Press this last Sunday, Obama said, “I was modestly optimistic yesterday, but we don’t yet see an agreement…And now the pressure’s on Congress to produce.” Without saying what he means, Obama manages to blame Republicans for not coming to an agreement.

It is worth pointing out that it is Obama’s current lack of coming to an agreement with Republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff proves that either he wants a poorer America, or is an irresponsible leader. And, Obama is playing a game.

House Speaker Boehner released a statement on December 30, 2012 that the House has passed legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff, and said that the very “needed cuts and reforms that the president agreed to just last year were no longer on the table, as [Obama] cited an inability to sell them to Democrats.”

As the fiscal cliff negotiations continue to waffle back and forth, the previous deal to cut the deficit by more than $2 trillion over ten years is gone. Republicans complain, and rightfully so, that Obama demands too much tax revenue and not enough spending cuts to health care programs.

On New Year’s Eve Obama made a statement on the progress of the fiscal cliff negotiations: it’s almost done. Big daddy comes to the rescue: the Bush tax cuts will be extended (as I expected). In keeping with the fairness meme, Obama said, “And if we’re going to be serious about deficit reduction and debt reduction, then it’s going to have to be a matter of shared sacrifice.”

It may be going into 2013 we’ve avoided the fiscal cliff for now. Except for Liberals, why would anyone gainsay getting to keep $2,000 of their hard-earned money next year?

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  1. This is true and we need to stop pretending that it is not – all over the internet and LSM through our leaders. Liberals I know have contempt for this country and so does there beloved leader. Others are just ignorant and haven’t heard the truth because conservatives have been too cowardly to tell it.

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