Can 2013 be the year to re-birth liberty?

Out with the old, in with the new!  Break out a bottle of freedom and ring in the New Year! Is 2013 really an unlucky sounding year? Not necessarily so.

For some, 2012 wasn’t a lucky year. Conversely, 2013 brings to mind 13 founding colonies of the United States. Future performance is shaped from the past.  And, if history provides a window to the future, 2012 was but a doorway.

Katherine Trunk is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @KatherineTrunk

Katherine Trunk is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @KatherineTrunk

The founders of our country grappled with some of the very issues we are currently facing. The compass of a belief system guided them as they broke free from tyrannical rule. The differential today may well be one of passion versus apathy. The apathy can be compared to a broken cog. Even though the current state of our country could be better, it remains broken with the potential to become far worse.

Perhaps this could be the reason why many were taken by surprise when the current President won re-election. Progressive values were effectively preached and packaged towards an  apathetic, pervasive mindset. Saturation marketing had reached its goal through a docile audience. Apathy is particularly dangerous when it quietly sheds constitutional rights, as if discarding an old garment.

Passion effects change. The message of liberty is loud when spoken as a galvanized voice. Positive messaging needs to be communicated to every citizen.  The traditional value message in 2013 should reach all demographics in our country and connect with a right hook!  After all, the values which we share are stronger than the differences which divide.

The year 2013 can become a watershed moment in a creative, positive way. Critical times, by nature, define character. This is the year when Obamacare will be unleashed upon a nation bucking its reins. In the spirit of liberty, we should unite with those who are fighting the onerous edicts which attempt to suppress the right of conscience.

Hobby Lobby, an Oklahoma based Arts and Crafts supply company is one such entity. The arts and crafts supply chain is actively opposing Obama’s HHS mandate in the court system for protection of their constitutional rights. It is my hope that many people will come out in support of them. Perhaps pro-life coalitions, faith-based groups and all concerned could support such a value driven business as a sign of moral support.

Every tool in the constitutional shed ought to be utilized in the courts to stem erosion and/or violations of our Constitutional rights. As informed citizens, we should make our voices heard and speak up when there is an overreach of government. Friend of the Court  briefs could be helpful in the cause of liberty. Constitutional lawyers should be supported and engaged.

Awareness needs to be raised to the many who are consumed by the weight of day-to-day living. To improve our future horizon we need to safeguard our rights as Americans, and remove detrimental mandates which serve to dismantle our nation’s underpinnings.

The culture of life needs to be promoted. The light switch must be turned on to illumine our country which has been in a dark age during the past four years. We need to honor our  founders and fight to win the battle of hearts and minds. God will guide our nation and our steps, if we just call on Him.

All God’s blessings upon you and yours for the New Year!


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