Our 2012 Top Stories and Year In Review

This past year has been huge for The Brenner Brief. Let us take you through the progress made over the last few months.

  • Through September, this was primarily Sara Marie Brenner‘s personal blog with 5-10 posts each month and just a few hundred monthly visitors.
  • In October we only had 30 posts, but we hit 20,000 hits for the month due in part to one of Brenner’s stories hitting DrudgeReport.com.
  • We built on that momentum from October. On November 26, we relaunched the site with nearly two dozen contributors, and had 155 stories post for the month.
  • This month, we are on track to close in on 30,000 hits with a few hundred posts.

2012YearInReviewLogo_4cHere’s a visual: 19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. The Brenner Brief was viewed about 84,000 times in 2012 (about 78,000 since October). If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about four sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

We have readers in 125 countries, with the top three countries being the United States, Canada and the U.K.

Our Top 5 Stories of 2012

  1. BREAKING NEWS: Ohio Voter Fraud and Intimidation October 2012 — investigative journalism story by Sara Marie Brenner (this story was on DrudgeReport.com)
  2. CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ohio Voter Fraud Update October 2012 — investigative journalism story by Sara Marie Brenner
  3. Why Were Early Vote Totals Released by Cincinnati.com? November 2012 — investigative journalism story by Sara Marie Brenner
  4. Gun Control: Does It Work To Reduce Crime? December 2012 — editorial by Sara Marie Brenner
  5. Elections Have Consequences: Wal-Mart Dropping Healthcare December 2012 — editorial by contributor Stacy Rush

A Note From the Editor

Brenner Briefers,

We couldn’t do any of this without the support of our readers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, newsletter subscribers and radio show listeners. Thank you so very much for your consistent readership and support! Our mission is “rendering the mainstream media useless,” and as you continue to share TheBrennerBrief.com with your friends and family, we continue to move closer to our goals.

One of the requirements for conservatives to gain more of a foothold — and eventually control — in Washington, D.C., is to have media outlets tell the truth and cover the stories that matter. We have to take control of the messaging. Instead of checking the “lame stream media” sites for your news and sharing stories on social media from those, we hope that you will bookmark TheBrennerBrief.com and visit our site daily in 2013 for all of the news that will really matter to you, your family, and to this country. When you share stories on social media, share ones from our site and other conservative outlets so that you can support media outlets that are working to make a difference, not the ones who support liberal elites.

And, if you haven’t yet — please sign up for our daily newsletter.

Thank you again for your support in 2012. We look forward to continuing our growth in 2013 — with your help!

Happy New Year!

Sara Marie Brenner

Sara Marie Brenner is the Creator and Editor of TheBrennerBrief.com and the host of “The Brenner Brief” talk show airing on Monday nights from 9-1030pm ET.


About The Brenner Brief

The Brenner Brief is rendering the mainstream media useless.
To submit a tip, contact us or request information on becoming a contributor, visit TheBrennerBrief.com/contact.


  1. I enjoy reading the Brennerbrief Brief !

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