Rendering the Mainstream Media Useless

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter @MikeRuffing1

As 2012 is coming to a merciful close, it is the time of year to reflect on what has been and what it is yet to come.  It was a year marred by the taking innocent life, natural disasters, a stalled economy, and continued high unemployment.  And to top it off, we had the political punch-line of the year where the American voter either did not know or care that we are spending ourselves into oblivion.  However, with all the bad there is much good to hope that 2013 can be a year that things will turn around.

One nugget of hope I count as a sign of hope for better times and positive change is the site you are on right now — The Brenner Brief.  A site that is “rendering the mainstream media useless,” it is the embodiment of what conservatism and the Republican Party needs more of in the coming year.

How different might have things gone this year if more women like Sara Marie Brenner were at the forefront and fielding the “gotcha” questions from the media about abortion or the war on woman? How many voters would not have stayed home on election day if they read information the mainstream media refused to report, like the Benghazi attack?  How many individuals could have been better informed of the economic impact of Obamacare if there were more people like the contributors to this site that mentioned it over a cocktail with friends?

The point is that we are blessed to live in time where the technology available to most everyone is such that we do not have sit back and watch while the country is taken down the wrong path.  We have a voice and the means to make a difference.  We do not have to accept the narrative of the left that the mainstream media puts out every day. Surprise! Women are conservative.

From GOP fundraiser in Anaheim, 10-16-10

I was blessed to have crossed paths with Andrew Breitbart online last year.  If you do not know of him, you should.  He had the moxie to stand-up and fight the left and media with ferociousness and good cheer.  Like he was to so many others, Breitbart was my inspiration to get more involved and not accept the left’s divisive tactics and to seek out alternative news sources.  Thanks to him, I was blessed to have found The Brenner Brief via Twitter.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference, I encourage you to share alternative news sources like The Brenner Brief with your friends and family.  More people need to see the true conservative movement is dynamic  and comprised  of people of every race and sex.

Just think about it.  With all the advantages the left has — from public schools, the leftist seminaries that comprise the university system, to the media, all sounding the narrative of the left — they can only win the election by a few points?  They should be scared.

To all the readers of The Brenner Brief — may health, wealth, and good fortune be yours in 2013!

To the left, may 2013 be the beginning of the end of your reign.  #WAR!


  1. Right, left, it’s all such a silly, fake dichotomy. Life offers dozens of sides to every question. Too bad the media and the government can’t see it. Same goes for anyone accepting “conservative” or “liberal” as valid labels. Nobody fits in those cages except willing victims.

    • Michael Ruffing says:

      I appreciate your comment and visiting The Brenner Brief. Always good to see something invisible once and awhile.

  2. As we push “forward” the alternative media will grow stronger. Institutions never hold up against movements on the ground.


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