A Letter to America: Your Decisions Are Enslaving You

Dear United States Citizen,

I am writing this letter to expose how ridiculous and inept you have become when it comes to your decisions surrounding your government.  This letter is written to gain the attention of those who need it in our society.  How do you know if I am speaking directly to you?  Well, if you have to ask the question, “Is he talking to me?” then I am talking to you.

D.M. Lukas is an author, entrepreneur and contributor to The Brenner Brief.

D.M. Lukas is an author, entrepreneur and contributor to The Brenner Brief.

Right now, the people you have elected, 67 percent of them Democrats, are in the midst of allowing the largest tax increase in the history of the United States to take place.  This will happen if nothing is done by Tuesday.  Remember, you have elected these people to represent you.  You have chosen Barack Obama as your leader — your Commander in Chief.

I have one simple question for you that you need to answer…honestly.  “If you choose somebody to be your leader, do you expect them to lead?”

This is a very simple question with a very simple straightforward answer, “Yes.”

So United States Citizen, please explain to me how the Democrat party that has 67 percent of the power and from which you have chosen your leader can blame the reason that they have not done anything about the largest tax increase in history on the opposing party that only has 33 percent of the power?

In fact, the opposing party — the 33 percent — actually passed a bill over six months ago to not increase taxes on any US citizen and it has sat on Harry Reid’s desk (the Democrat leader in the Senate for those not in the know), never once being brought to the Senate for a vote.  Now, how can Harry Reid come out and say that the reason nothing is getting done is because the Republicans — the 33 percent — have not done anything?  They are the only ones who were proactive and actually did something over six months ago.

Now, a couple of facts before we get to your “Commander in Chief.”  First, the largest tax increases that will happen will be on the people who make the least amount of money in this country.  That’s correct — those of you who think you won’t pay any taxes will have the largest increase.  And, your welfare is going to get cut.  The lower income tax brackets will see their taxes rise by over 80 percent in most cases. That is not a typo. Read the following articles to learn more.

Now for Obama.  I am going to ask you another question, “How do you think a leader that is facing this type of problem (the largest tax increase in US history) under his watch would act if he truly wanted to make sure it did not happen?” Would he meet with both sides day and night?  Would he have been proactive and worked on it months ago so it did not come down to wire and have the potential to screw with the whole country’s money?  Would he compromise because he knows that the people also elected the 33 percent for a reason or he and his party would have gotten 100 percent of the vote?  Of course he would.

Now ask yourself, is Obama doing any of this?  Is he really acting like a leader?  Has he even put forth a plan?  Of course, he hasn’t put forth a budget for the government in four years (one of his top duties as President) that has passed through Congress, so why would he put together a plan to avert the largest tax increase in history on you?

Obama, if you are being honest, is acting like someone who wants this to happen.  And why wouldn’t he?  He has spent more than any President in history (over $5 trillion in less than four years).  Just think what he could do with all of that new shiny tax money that he is going to get by letting this happen: More handouts to keep you ignorant and depending on him; more money to spend on his friends and failed projects in green energy that will never work; more “Obama phones” being handed out; and there are countless other examples.

United States Citizen, you have become so ignorant and so blinded that you are becoming slaves right before your very own eyes and you do not even know it.  You are becoming economic slaves.  The less money you have or can get, the less opportunity you have to do better, earn more, etc. just enslaves you even more.  Can’t you see that Obama is doing everything possible to create a funnel that drives you to government for your needs?  Food stamps, welfare, health care, rent subsidies, utilities subsidies, etc. are going to be provided for you and all you have to do is sit on your butt and vote for him.

But, this comes with a price as you will see.  You will soon begin to feel the pain of your decisions.  You will get squeezed more and more until it is too late.  Just like the frog in a pot that water slowly boils around him and eventually kills him, soon, some of the everyday freedoms you are used to will start to go away, then your opportunity to get a better life for yourself and your family will start to diminish. Eventually, you will be left with just enough to live around the poverty line having your life controlled for you — your decisions about your body controlled for you.

In the end, your ignorance and lack of personal responsibility will enslave you worse than you could ever imagine.  Consider this a warning that if you do not get off your butt and start to take back what the founders gave you, you will lose it all, and your children will become slaves in even worse circumstances than you.

Remember, you voted for this, whether you knew it or not.  You better start paying attention.  Even, if there is some sort of “fix” or “short term” compromise, consider this one of the last warnings you will get before your world starts to change dramatically.

Happy New Year!


D.M. Lukas


  1. You’re right D.M. The Republicans, led by Speaker Boehner, share no responsibility for our current fiscal situation. We’re completely blameless. We’re just trying to make sure that the super rich don’t pay any more in taxes. It’s all the Democrats’ fault. What we need in this country is one party rule, the Republican Party. Then we can be just like those other bastions of democracy with one party rule, such as Iran.

  2. Well Said DM. Sadly I believe Obama is accomplishing exactly what he wants to accomplish. His goal as president is to punish the “evil rich” and successful in American. He cares little for actual economic facts, as long as he gets the “rich” to pay “their fair share”.

    The political parties care nothing besides being in the majority in Washington. Both parties will support any politician that they feel will get the votes and put their party in the majority. Because of this the Democrats have allowed Barack Obama to lead them to the cliff just because he can win elections. The Republicans are only worried about winning the next election in 2014 and are not going to do anything that jeopardizes their chances of “winning” that election cycle.

    We have been so dumbed down by our government school system to be nothing more than a nation of consumers and sports fanatics that the majority of Americans care only for “winning”. 92 million voting age Americans did not even bother to cast a vote in the last election, Apathy has set in.

    To anyone not from America reading this, I am sorry. America is no longer the beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. I fear it is too late to rise up a generation of patriots that are able to regain that role. I will do my best to raise my children to not be consumer sheeple, but I feat there are not enough of us to make a real difference. If you can make a difference in your country, please take the lead and do so.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. gopwin. Thank you for your comments. It is nice to have someone actually disagree for once. To answer you question though, let’s be intellectually honest. Boehner did make attempts to compromise, but Obama would not even consider reducing spending. The truth hurts, but you know as well as everyone else that raising taxes on the rich does not solve the spending addiction we have. Past actions are the only way to measure what someone will do in the future. Nothing in Obama’s actions and the Democrat’s actions to date would show that they would actually use the money to pay down the deficit and debt, even though the increase would only be enough to fund the Government for a few days. We know they will spend it. Their actions show this. Remember, they had total control of Government for over 2 years and have had at least 67% of the control whole time and did nothing to solve our debt problems or reduce the spending. Instead they spent more than any other adminstration in history. We could tax 100% of the wealth from the wealthiest Americans and it wouldn’t even run the government for a month. We are spending over $1 Trillion more than we take in every year. Social Security and Medicare have unfunded liabilities of over $100 TRILLION (not a typo). And guess who it was that took Security and put it into the “general fund” for spending…Democrats. Guess who cast the tie breaking vote to start taxing Social Security benefits in the Senate….Al Gore. You need to start researching your history as you will find that almost every liberal program ever put into practice generated the opposite of its stated intent. The Great Society by LBJ to “eradicate poverty”—more people in poverty than in history in the US. Social Security—money set aside for you for your retirement to be only used for retirement—gone. And on and on. I wish you the best, but the people that are going to be hurt the most in the coming years are those that put their trust in the government for the handouts as it is unsustainable, The only solution is for people to start taking their own personal power back by taking responsbility for themselves, not accepting handouts, and self-educating themselves on the truth.


  4. Obamacare has cooked our goose. Before the left realizes they were swindled, it may be too late. They won’t get all the things Obama promised and then they’ll find a way to blame the “other party.”

  5. Let’s not forget that it was Republican G.W. Bush, along with a majority of Republicans in Congress and many Democrats, that got our country involved in two unfunded wars that were funded “off the books” without any spending cuts or revenue increases to pay for them. It was also our party that pushed through a prescription drug plan for seniors that was also unfunded without subsequent spending cuts or revenue enhancements while denying the govt. the ability to negotiate drug prices with the large pharmaceutical companies. So, our party is not blameless.
    President Obama has presented spending cuts, as has Speaker Boehner. They just haven’t reached agreement on the amounts, but hopefully they will. Let’s be positive and supportive in their efforts.
    Like FLPatriot, I agree that it’s politicians from both parties who have gotten us into this mess. Many folks think that it’s mainly the fault of the Democrats,, and many blame the Republicans. Recent polls have shown that if we reach the fiscal cliff, that it will be our party who gets most of the blame. Let’s not forget that in November it was the Democrats who received the most votes for President, Senate, and House, so most Americans favor Democratic policies over our own, even though we would disagree with the choice that those voters made. But it is not constructive for the future of our country for us, or the Democrats, to always blame the other guys, without looking inward at our own party, our policies, and the politicians that we elect and send to Washington and our statehouses. I want the two parties to work together to solve our problems. If we keep being negative towards the other party and the elected leaders of the other party, we’ll sound like shrill harpies, little will get accomplished, and we’ll be seen as the bad guys even though we will protest that it wasn’t our fault, but that it’s the other guys.

  6. i completely agree!! if u forsake liberty for security..then u deserve NEITHER liberty OR security??? the liberals have tried to erase our faith, our beliefs, our rights & our sovereighnty to the highest bidder. people need to get their heads out of their butts & wake up. like a nation of sheep led to be slaughtered….our history is being erased from history books. if you have no history…you have no roots…..which makes you easily led. go back to school…go back to history…read the constitution! be proud to be american……men & women have died and are dying to be free here. we have no interest in being ANYTHING like the eurotrash overseas. we ARE americans!! we are the best because our people are the best! this “handout” “entitlement” attitude is exactly what weakens us. the gov’t wants nothing more than to have our lives in their hands….control every aspect of our lives! i will fight like the revolutionaries did against king george. we have forgotten to act like we have a backbone. it’s embarrassing! the ignorance & laziness of our citizens is exactly what the liberals count on. those taking handouts who have no need for it should be exposed and ashamed. these stupid people will get whats coming when we go broke and cant afford to pay their lazy asses to stay home. this president is a socialist & will do everything in his power to break our american heritage & God-given rights. he does NOT believe in the U.S. Constitution. he has no interest in being accountable to the people. he serves his own interests using OTHER PEOPLE’S money! his downfall will be at his own hands….i will be there to see it. thank God the presidency has term limits!!

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