Perfect visual representation for liberals who need emotion and pictures.

The Rio Norte Line

Obama says - - -

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  1. This “illustration” makes no point, at all, and is proof of the fact that people believe *anything* they want simply because it’s convenient. Would you want to be Black; president of The[se] United States; and not be accompanied by a fully-armed guard, bullet-proof glass, and a pre-checked perimeter? Puh-leeeze! So, no, Obama’s supposed to walk around, unprotected, to prove a point, to the same people who wanted him *dead* because he interrupted their life-or-death football game? Remember them? Remember the people who Tweeted, with not even the slightest attempt to hide their identities, that they wanted that n****r dead because he… interrupted their… football game? Forgive the vulgar exclamation, but WOW.

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