Ohio Is Doing It Right — Unemployment Falls to 6.8% In Nov.

From Columbus BusinessFirst:

Ohio's Republican Governor, John Kasich

Ohio’s Republican Governor, John Kasich

The state’s unemployment rate fell to 6.8 percent in November from 6.9 percent a month earlier, according to data released by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

November’s household survey shows the number of employed Ohioans increased 7,000 to 5,384,000, while the labor force edged up only 1,000.

Angela Terez, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, called the report “good news,” but said the number of unemployed Ohioans still is far too high at 391,000, down from 396,000 in October.

The business payroll survey showed nonfarm wage and salary employment ticked up 1,600 over the month to stay just below 5.2 million.

Job gains were led by the retail sector, which added 7,700. Manufacturing posted gains of 4,700 over the prior month. Recreation led losses with 6,500.

Overall, goods-producing industries added 3,700 jobs in November, while service-producing industries gave up 2,100.

The state’s employment performance continues to be hampered by discouraged workers who gave up looking for jobs in the past several years, according to Regionomics LLCowner and economist Bill LaFayette.

The labor force participation rate is still down 0.6 percent from a year ago when it was 64.3 percent.

“Things are continuing to improve,” LaFayette said. “Just not as fast as we’d like.”

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  1. I live in Ohio, so this is great news for me personally. However, as one looking for work in an engineering field, I have noticed a huge decline over the last several months in the number of job postings in my area of expertise.
    The other point I want to make is that it isn’t enough to say that Ohio is doing it right. Please explain what Ohio, and specifically conservative policies, are doing to make the employment situation better than in other states. With so many “low information” voters out there, conservatives must do a better job in explaining why our policies would be better for every state. It never ceases to amaze me how some states continue to elect liberal leaders who do nothing but make things worse. Please continue to hammer home the specific ideas that make conservative ideas work so much better than liberal ideas.

    • Doug, Kasich and the GOP legislature have made many changes — including making Ohio a more business-friendly state. We are not the most conservative of states, so actually, the more conservative states need to be explaining to us why we need their policies. The easiest stat to point out is that Gov. Strickland was bleeding jobs when he was defeated, and now Kasich is bringing in new jobs in very diverse fields, growing healthcare, technology and more. It’s not about the auto bailout (that’s for sure), but it is about the changes the legislature has made to help businesses in Ohio and those who want to come to Ohio.

  2. If you are a very small business and not a large employer they seem to care less about being business friendly, and more friendly to the bureaucrats. For information about our fight in vane for a change to remedy an ill thing put in during Stricklands term and not being remedied by the Kasich administration in spite of their “common sense initiative” please see: http://www.freethewineries.com or http://www.facebook.com/FreeTheWineries

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