Jon Hammar, Home for Christmas from Mexican Jail

Jon Hammar in Mexican jail, where he was sometimes chained to his bed

Jon Hammar in Mexican jail, where he was sometimes chained to his bed

As we reported Friday, Jon Hammer — who was periodically chained to his bed while in solitary confinement in a Mexican jail since August — has been released. The Daily Mail has reported that he is safely home after his ordeal.

After petitions failed to gain any traction, Hammar’s family publicly appealed for help. Within hours the conservative Twitter community was abuzz with calls for his release. A few days later, Facebook followed with an initiative by NOPC Radio to encourage Americans to call the State Department demanding action. Many also called the Mexican Embassy. These efforts culminated in calls from Republican Politicians as well as Fox’s Bill O’Reilly not only for Hammar’s release but for a boycott of Mexico.

The drama unfolded when the 27 year-old  veteran, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, made the mistake of taking his great-grandfather’s antique gun with him on a road trip to Costa Rica accompanied by a friend of his. On Aug. 13, U.S. Border control allowed him through after he completed a form. The Mexicans jailed them and released Hammar’s friend shortly thereafter. They then held him without trial and periodically chained him to his bed. In a television interview, his mother, Olivia, passed a photo she had received anonymously to the media and commented on her son’s surprise at the degree of sheer hatred that the officials had expressed towards Americans in general.

Hammar’s  father confirmed he was released from CEDES prison at 8 p.m. local time and they had crossed the bridge between Matamoros, Mexico where he had been arrested to reach Brownsville, Texas by around 8:30 p.m.

While the former marine declined interviews, his father expressed concern for his son who had battled PSTD since 2008.

Welcome home and Merry Christmas to Jon Hammar and his family, friends and all who aided with his release. This is a great victory for the grassroots conservative community who managed to garner sufficient support in spite of the mainstream media’s focus on vilifying gun ownership in the last week.


  1. It’s good that he’s out of jail. But really, who takes an antique shotgun on a road trip to Costa Rica? And who is going to take Homeland Security’s word on what is and isn’t allowed in Mexico? Mr. Hammar’s experience should serve as a warning to others.


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