Is the Economy Unfair to the Middle Class?

Yesterday, Rasmussen released an economic poll that produced some interesting numbers. Some were predictable, and others were very troubling. The overall poll was centered on the idea of economic fairness in America.

Jason Blair is a contributor for The Brenner Brief. His columns post on Tuesdays.

Jason Blair is a contributor for The Brenner Brief. His columns post on Tuesdays.

According to the poll, Americans are split when it comes to how fair they think the economy is – 47 percent believe it is fair, 49 percent unfair. With a three-point margin of error, this result is a statistical tie.

When the same question was applied to how fairly our economy treated low-income Americans, the results did not change from the overall question (47 to 49). However, the numbers changed dramatically when the same question was applied to middle-income Americans — 41 percent fair to 56 percent believing the economy to be unfair.

The reason for the disparagement can be found in the political party breakdown. With respect to low-income earners, 72 percent of republicans believed the economy was fair to them, while only 30 percent of democrats felt this way.

Republican numbers changed drastically with middle-income earners. Only 50 percent of Republican respondents believed the economy was fair for them – a 22 percent drop. Democrat numbers remained relatively unchanged between low and middle-income earners.

It is not surprising to see such low numbers coming from the Democrats. Their party has long believed our economic system favors the rich and exploits the rest. What is troublesome are the Republican numbers. With a 22 percent drop in fairness from low to middle-income earners, there is an overall understanding that middle class Americans carry a heavier, unfair burden.

There is another stat showing 60 percent of low-income earners (those making under $20,000 annually) felt the overall American economy was fair. This high of a percentage shouldn’t come as a surprise. The combination of Obama’s rhetoric on the “rich” not paying their “fair share” and massively expanding social welfare programs would make any low-income American falsely believe the system has their best interests in mind.

There are three rays of light in all of this. The first is data that shows 72 percent of Americans do not believe people making $250,000 are considered wealthy. If Republicans are going to cave on tax hikes, they should at least continue to fight for the hike to be applied to actual millionaires. The data is on their side.

The second ray is one of reason over emotion. While 57 percent of likely voters favor tax hikes for the rich, only 18 percent actually believe it will help to reduce the deficit.  This leads to the final ray of light – the question of economic growth versus economic fairness. Americans believe in growth over fairness 54 to 37 percent.

The Republican Party needs to pounce on this. If Republicans can articulate the argument that people making six figures are not rich, that raising their taxes will do nothing to fix the deficit. While it may feel good to sock it to the rich, it will hinder growth in the end, they may have a chance to beat out emotion with reason.

As the middle class shoulders the bulk of the country’s economic burdens, the government carrot may start to look too appetizing to resist. Low income Americans are seemingly satisfied with their lot in life, the left continues to count on a consistent voting class, and we’re building a system that prevents them from escaping. Republicans will pay if they cannot win the growth versus fairness fight.





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