A Special Note From the Editor, Sara Marie Brenner: Tragedy In Connecticut

There are stories you sometimes hear on the radio or television in the background that make you turn your head back again to ask yourself, “did I just hear that correctly?” Yesterday morning, that happened to many of us as we heard that over two dozen adults and children were murdered in an elementary school in Connecticut.

Immediately, the main stream media used the opportunity to talk about gun violence, gun rights, not allowing this crisis to go to waste, and making sure that we do something about the supposed gun problem in America. In my opinion, if a few well-trained, responsible teachers and school employees had guns on them, fewer people — if anyone — would be dead. Gun control is not the answer, as I discussed in my Dec. 3 column on this subject after Jovan Belcher’s murder and suicide. The liberals telling you that the data shows otherwise are not telling you the truth about that data, and also not comparing by percentages of population.

I encourage you to take a moment today and say a prayer for our nation. With an administration that will seek out opportunities to change the law based on fear, it is difficult to know what direction President Obama may take.

And, take some time to pray for the families of those who lost loved ones on Friday, as well as the families of survivors and all those affected by this tragedy in Connecticut.

As you discuss the horrific events with your friends and family over the next few days, remember: the person committed these murders, not the guns. The guns are not the problem, the people are. We can control guns all we want, and the criminals will still get the guns — that’s why they’re criminals. Let’s not take a tragedy during which we should be supporting families and helping them and make it about gun policy. It’s about the families, the lost and the Connecticut town that will forever remember the tragedy that befell them on December 14, 2012.

Sara Marie Brenner
Creator/Editor, The Brenner Brief


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