Please … Where Is the Non-Partisan Tone Here?

leaguewomenvotersThe League of Women Voters continues to claim that it is non-partisan. So I beg of you, please show me where in this email I received today the League demonstrates this supposed non-partisanship, or even bi-partisanship? Is there one right-of-center policy they support? The text added in blue is my snarky commentary mixed within their email. If you cannot hear the dripping sarcasm as you read the blue commentary, please listen a little more closely.


Dear Sara Marie,

I want to thank you — for all that you did to support the League of Women Voters this year.

I didn’t do anything for the League, but thank you!

This was a year of unrelenting attacks by politicians who tried to manipulate the system for their own political gain in which big dollars from secret sources reached historic proportions.

And signatures from secret sources, too, like “Hitler,” “Mickey Mouse,” and more.

Yet, we rose above these obstacles! Together, we helped millions of citizens make their voices heard and demonstrated that we, the voters, are still in charge of our democracy.

Who had difficulty having their voice heard? Where were you on people having their voice heard when well over half of the country did not want ObamaCare to pass?

Because of your steadfast commitment to help the League block dozens of onerous attacks on the rights of voters,

The “right of the voter” is to have his or her vote count, once. What you tried to block was legislation that would have protected the integrity of the vote so that one person’s vote counted once.

and through vital education and outreach in communities across the country, the League was an indispensable source of accurate, nonpartisan


information through our website, which served millions of voters.

But partisan political operatives pulled out every dirty trick to rig this election

Oh, so since you’re non-partisan, you do mean “partisan political operatives” on both sides of the aisle, right?

… and the big money interests that tried to buy it are not going away.

Nope, because they’re in the White House four more years.

Our democracy needs the League of Women Voters — and you — more than ever.

Please continue to fight for our democracy by making a special, tax-deductible contribution of $25, $35, or more to the League today.

While we worked to prevent millions of eligible voters from being turned away … voting in America is still too hard in too many places for too many people.

Yes … having 35 days to vote, being able to vote by mail (online in some places), not having to show I.D., being bussed in by unions or other organizations and then fed free food … that is all so hard! Argh!

And with every cycle, America’s elections are being bombarded by more and more special interest money, and next year those bills are going to come due.

The bills that are coming due are for our national debt, which we certainly don’t see you, the League, doing a darn thing about.

With your help, the League will be ready to push for new electoral reforms that address the very real problems we saw this year.

Oh! So you’re going to address people being able to vote without showing any identification to prove they’re a citizen or that they are who they say they are? That’s grrreat!

We’ll continue to press Congress to pass meaningful campaign finance disclosure legislation,

And tighter restrictions that disallow Hitler and Mickey Mouse signing petitions?

step up our calls for President Obama to appoint new commissioners to the Federal Election Commission who will do their duty to enforce the nation’s elections laws

You mean — who will make new regulations if you cannot get done what you want in Congress …

and renew our push for true campaign finance reform.

Ah. Then you’re also going to prevent the unions from donating, right? If you’re against corporations being able to donate, then you must be against unions — which are corporations, filled with forced members — donating to a candidate or campaign, as well.

And that’s in addition to the League’s ongoing work to advocate on critical issues like the federal budget negotiations,

It is a critical issue, for sure, but what are you doing to help the debt and spending side of the equation? 

implementation of the Affordable Care Act,

Doesn’t the League have a lot of elderly members? Maybe they’ll figure out that ObamaCare isn’t so great for them when they’re told their economic value isn’t worth the cost of their care.

climate change,

You still believe the scientist who said he doctored the data?

and more.

Hmm. Maybe somewhere in that “more” that is one policy that’s right of center. Just one? Maybe?

Thank you for all that you did to help us power the vote this year. Now we are counting on you to help us power our democracy in 2013 and beyond, by making a generous year-end contribution today. Tough battles are ahead and we can’t win them without you!


Elisabeth MacNamara

Elisabeth MacNamara
Chair, League of Women Voters Education Fund

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  1. Well, I am very surprised that you don’t see the Non-Partisanism here. They are non-partisan as long as people think the same way the League of Women Voters thinks. If not, then people are much too right-leaning and are wrong. And that is about as non-partisan as the league of Women Voters, as well as the Main Stream Media, are willing to commit to.

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