Marijuana: Progressive Bizarro World

marijuana-cigaretteRecreational marijuana use is now legal in Colorado and Washington state. Good for them, I say. I’ve said for years that marijuana prohibition was a waste of time and resources on the state and federal levels. I think it is a step in the right direction in favor of personal liberty and freedom.

People are going to smoke pot whether it’s legal or not. Why not turn it into a revenue generator instead or a drain? The thing I don’t understand is why many of the same states that are working to legalize marijuana are simultaneously trying to curtail all tobacco use. Look at socialist dystopia California. They have been persevering (something rare for liberals) setbacks to legalize pot for a number of years. They were the first state to legalize pot for medicinal purposes, and the first to ban tobacco use in multi-family homes such as duplexes and apartments.

Welcome to “progressive bizarro world,” where marijuana smoke is medicine and tobacco smoke is forbidden poison. Colorado and Washington also have fairly strict tobacco laws, as well. The laws in place in those states are to protect non smokers from harmful secondhand smoke. If second hand smoke is harmful, won’t the newly relaxed marijuana laws put many who do not smoke pot at risk for exposure to secondhand smoke? Oh wait, I forgot marijuana smoke is medicinal — it’s good for you. Marijuana is a healing plant. That’s why it doesn’t make people cough when they smoke it. People exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke are fortunate then.

This is the logic with which we are dealing: tobacco use in any form should be curtailed, so more people need to smoke pot.

Maybe progressive lawmakers figure stoned voters will be easier to fool, due to the effects of prolonged marijuana use. Short term memory is also impaired, which is ideal for scandal-prone Democrat politicians. The baked masses won’t be able to remember the last drug arrest, sex scandal, or corruption charge. Perfect.

There is one other possibility, which has been my suspicion all along. The tobacco industry has been a large campaign contributor to the GOP, as well as a job creator to southern rural america — two things progressives despise above everything else. First came the lawsuits, then bans on tobacco in state buildings, followed py private establishments such as taverns and restaurants. States and municipalities continue to increase restrictions on tobacco use with little resistance.  They have deceived the masses into believing it is for health reasons.

Are we so gullible and spineless we are now going to let the government pick our poisons?

Chuck Russell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. His columns post on Fridays.

Chuck Russell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. His columns post on Fridays.


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  2. I agree. Especially in a down economy, recreational pot on a national level would create more jobs than we would lose (even if those jobs are court/jail/police related). I’m considered fairly liberal in my social views, but I also agree that trying to curtail tobacco use is just downright stupid. I understand how horrible it is for you, and others around you, but infringing on personal freedoms is not going to stop it. I lived in Los Angeles for a while, and smoking is literally banned everywhere in downtown Burbank. If you don’t want a ticket, you better smoke in your car, with the windows up. I didn’t realize downtown Burbank was run by North Korea

  3. It has always boggled my mind that leftists and the media have been able to convince the world that second-hand smoke is more dangerous than smoking anyway. There is nothing you could say, no evidence you could possibly present me that will convince me the “experts” are right about this. You want me to buy the notion that breathing cigarette smoke vicariously is worse than sucking it in directly from the filter (or lack thereof)? I’ll bet there’s a bridge in Brooklyn you want to sell me, too! So let’s just cut to the chase and admit what we conservatives have known for ages: the whole cigarette ban is all about government exerting control over its citizens. And we all know it’s much easier to control people when they’re sedated.

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