Unions and “Choice” — The Hypocrisy Continues

The time has come, comrades.

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. His columns post weekly on Thursday.

Mike Ruffing is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. His columns post weekly on Thursday.

It is time to hold union leaders and the Democratic Party that funds them with your tax dollars responsible for their actions and the damage they are doing to our country.  As reported on The Brenner Brief, conservatives were attacked during a Right to Work (RTW) protest Tuesday in Michigan. The decades old union tools of threat, intimidation, violence, extortion, and mafia-like tactics must come to an end.  It is time for all of us to demand from the leadership of both parties to denounce these methods whenever and wherever they occur. President Obama did not denounce the violence, but he did support the union’s efforts in a recent speech in Michigan.

As Rebecca Smith reported Tuesday on The Brenner Brief, the unions fired across the governor’s bow in February by introducing Proposition 2.  The purpose of this was to prohibit any legislation that would threaten collective bargaining.  In any event, the times and economy have changed.  The horrible working conditions of the industrial revolution have long since been rectified.  Workers in RTW states enjoy equal or greater pay rates than states under mafia union control.  Public unions are tearing this country down financially just as their brothers in Michigan tore down the Americans for Prosperity tent with no regard for the people inside it.  And, like Steven Crowder being on the receiving end of a union member’s punches, the American public is getting pummeled about the head, face, and pocket-book from union contracts based on a 1950s era economy.

RTW is the Republican answer to the question, should union membership be compulsory?  Please allow me to ask it another way for fun, comrades. Does a woman have the right to choose?  Does she have the right to choose whether or not she joins a union? Hmmm? When asked this way it kind of changes things, doesn’t it?  The union controlled Democrats are telling women they have no choice when it comes to union membership.  It turns out Obama is the commander-in-chief of the war on women, not the binder wielding Mitt Romney.

Conservatives and Republican leadership should be addressing the Right to Work issue as a matter of choice in the years to come.  It is factual and straightforward enough to get past media filters and presents a challenge to the left that is hard to square.  Liberal Democrats are willing to sacrifice so much under the banner of  “choice.” At the same time, to protect union interests, they will fight to our collective fiscal deaths to prevent women from choosing on union membership.  Let’s not even mention her ability to choose to which school she sends her children.

As state and local governments deal with allocating dollars in a time of scarcity, union contracts that have enjoyed exemption during times of plenty are now forced to be on the table.  And while more and more governments are faced with impending bankruptcy, Democrats are running out of  alibis and places to hide the largesse of public union benefits.  In other words, coupled with the financial realities of today, the long-standing quid-pro-quo arrangement between unions and the Democratic party may turn out to be liberalism’s Achilles heel.

In the short-term, we must insist that union and party leaderships denounce the violence in Michigan and pursue the prosecution of those involved.  We should point out that criminal activity in the name of worker’s rights should not be ignored.  There was a time and place for unions.  However, should they insist on protecting their interests through criminal activity and view the American public as a hostage whose well-being is to be ransomed, the time for unions should be over. As on the playgrounds of our youth we should stand up to the bullies.  It’s time to hold the unions and politicians that protect them accountable, comrades.




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