Detroit News Managing Editor Says Steven Crowder “Instigated” Fight; Violence Against Michelle Malkin

Tonight, the Managing Editor of The Detroit News responded to our conservative rabble-rouser friend, Dana Loesch, accusing Steven Crowder of instigating the union thug:

And now, Steven Crowder is being threatened to the point of feeling this is necessary:

And, if you look at Michelle Malkin‘s timeline for tonight, you will be amazed by the death threats, name calling and violence from the left. That’s your “war on women,” folks. It’s too vulgar for us to post the tweets here.

I highly doubt that the National Organization for Women will say a thing. After all, Dana and Michelle are beautiful, intelligent, conservative women, with whom NOW would not want to associate.

But, a little bit of humor to end this tirade…


  1. The tent integrity was being threatened. Crowder was responding/reacting.

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