Agenda 21: Property Rights and Rewilding

agenda_21_1The Brenner Brief reported on Agenda 21 on Monday, explaining the basics of the United Nations program. Agenda 21, also known as “Sustainable Development,” is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all human beings in the world.  It was signed onto in 1992 by President George H.W. Bush along with 178 other world leaders.

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 3-14, 1992, in conformity with General Assembly resolution 45/211 of December 21, 1990 and its decision 46/468 of April 13, 1992. This is documented proof that it was Bush 41 who brought this home to an unsuspecting America. It was former President Bill Clinton who sustained it, George W. Bush who signed papers for a North American Union with Mexico and Canada, and President Barack Obama whom the U.N. brought into power to fully implement it.

Americans need to realize that, at its core, Agenda 21 is in direct conflict with the founding principles of the United States. The U.S. is based on the concepts of  “inalienable rights” and Constitutional protections of  “life, liberty and property.” These are under attack. Agenda 21 is the carbon monoxide of the world of bureaucratic entrapment.  It has already poisoned and killed you before anyone noticed its presence.

Recently several good books have been written on Agenda 21. Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke have a new book aptly entitled Agenda 21. Canada Free Press writers Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, author of UN Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy and Kelly O’Connell, write about it.

The underlying intent of Agenda 21 is itself transparently directed towards extreme remedies for the “problem” of mankind.  Ideas like reducing human populations and relocating them near industry, while revoking property ownership rights and “re-wilding” are the remedies proposed for humanity’s errors. The Wildlands Project’s notion of “re-wilding” — or returning huge tracts of land to pristine status while restoring all former animal groups — is one of the most dramatically anti-human ideas ever conceived.

Rewilding is “the scientific argument for restoring big wilderness based on the regulatory roles of large predators,” according to Noss and Soule in their landmark 1998 Wild Earth article “Rewilding and Biodiversity.”

Rewilding is ultimately about property rights, so it fits into the sustainable development concept quite nicely. The transferring of large tracts of land (required to create their “big wilderness”) into the government hands would negate property rights of the original owners.

The most controversial part of the rewilding plan is reintroducing expurgated classes of large carnivores onto the American continent, including long-gone American animal groups. The reintroduction of former indigenous species who once roamed our land could be accomplished by finding DNA materials to recreate extinct animal groups, or, cloning extinct species. A group of scientists have already provided a detailed proposal for the restoration of North America’s lost megafauna in The American Naturalist.

There is no doubt that rewilding will drive humans out of existing cities and towns to create the so-called “big wilderness” needed. It will undo domestication and create anarchy. This chaos is at the core and roots of Marxism and will yield the desired results.

Agenda 21’s concepts and principles have wormed their way into your local governments mostly under the guise of sustainable development. Rewilding has been doing the same thing, working its way in, under the guise of “restoration and local biodiversity protection” programs that sound like good things. They are not good things. Noss and Soule firmly believe rewilding “is the only means we have to protect and heal the wounds of the land.”

There are many resources available providing incredible details on the planning and execution of Agenda 21. In The Brenner Brief’s December 10, 2012 article, “Agenda 21: Global Marxism In Disguise,” we reference the film “Agenda 21 Explained.” It is excellent and worth mentioning again.

Our third installment of this Agenda 21 series will discuss the U.N.’s concept of One World Government — U.N. control under the guise of Agenda 21.


  1. I’ve watched the video posted in the first article at least twice now. Anyone who wants to know more about Agenda21 start with that video. A little hidden fact is that the designers of Agenda21 believe the earth can “sustain” only 1 billion people. What’s to happen with the other 6 billion living right now?

    Agenda21 is a clever scheme to steal property from Americans, and apparently from other countries as well. I look forward to your third installment.

  2. While the concerns raised here about rewilding and the agenda of the environmentalists to wipe rural Americans off of the map, we shouldn’t concede the ground of genetic engineering and the revival of extinct species to the environmentalist movement. It is likely that the advancement of these technologies are imminent. Those who oppose the advances of eco-fascism should be using the advancement of genetic science as a starting point for getting rid of laws like the Endangered Species Act that have been used effectively by environmentalists as a tool for enacting expansive land use restrictions. For more on this, you can read my latest post at the Post Scarcity Alliance:

    • You’re absolutely correct. What we need to do is get out of the UN and stop funding it. The UN is their vehicle for all these schemes which subvert the Constitution and avoid Congress.

  3. This was my primary source: Rewilding Network—Saving Globe Through Big Wilderness: Another UN Agenda 21 Hoax, August 5, 2012,


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