League of Women Voters: People Are Dying!

global-warming-gore-fireToday, the “non-partisan” (which it is not) League of Women Voters used scare tactics in an email to make us think that people are keeling over in the streets. In an email, the League said:

We Are Losing the Planet


I’m going to be blunt: People are dying because of climate change. Our families, our communities and our planet are all threatened by it.  It is time for President Obama to lead us through the greatest environmental challenge of our generation. “Climate change is not a hoax. More drought and floods and hurricanes and wildfires are not a joke. They’re a threat to our children’s future. And we can do something about it.” These are the words of President Obama, and we couldn’t agree more. Now we need your help to ask him to use his existing authority under the Clean Air Act to set tough standards to control carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.  Yes, the President has the power by himself to limit this killer pollution. With climate change, we face deadly heat waves, droughts and killer storms like Hurricane Sandy. The health of our kids and seniors is threatened by lung damaging and asthma-attack inducing smog made worse by a warming planet. Tell the President that saving the world is a legacy worth fighting for. The world has known about climate change for decades, yet little has been done to address the issue. President Obama has the power to make the world a safer place for our children to live and breathe.  President Obama has the power to lead the rest of the world through this challenge. If President Obama doesn’t do it, it won’t get done. If the United States doesn’t lead, the rest of the world cannot follow.

The gang murders in Chicago are a “threat to our children’s future,” too. What is the League doing about that? Let me guess — they want fewer people who follow the law to own guns because that will somehow supply fewer guns to criminals?

Even though a climate scientist has admitted to lying, the League continues to reinforce that climate change is not a “hoax.” Remember, it was first called “global warming,” and now it’s “climate change” because the world got a little too cold after it got a little too hot. There are many reasons for swings in temperatures, including the sun, weather patterns and other elements. It is extremely beneficial, though, for the League to use climate change to implement anti-business, anti-freedom and anti-liberty policies. We all know we can never let a crisis go to waste.

Wait a minute… Climate change has happened before? And before we had SUVs, power plants and evil corporations? That just can’t be.

Great, now they’re going to use Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and “big brother” to implement climate change policies because it’s a national security issue. Just make mortgages, healthcare, voting and anything else — make it a national security issue and you have a whole new battle.

People are dying every day from many things other than climate change. Perhaps the League can find something to focus on that will have more impact, and that a whole segment of society doesn’t question.


  1. Dinosaur Farts. Climate change has been going on since the days of the dinosaurs, and apparently the methane gas thing as a result of dinosaur flatulence may have caused the first bit of climate change (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/07/dinosaur-farts-climate-change_n_1496476.html). The League of Women Voters are using scare tactics in order to push the “leadership” of Barack Obama. It is up to level-headed individuals to educate the public. The League of Women Voters have now dropped to the level of common scammers and have about as much credence as being the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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