The New, Expanded, Unified GOP

As much as there is to criticize in our country these past few years, one question silences most of the criticism and focuses us on the real task ahead.

What other country would you rather live in? Is there anywhere else on earth that you think is better — overall — than the USA?

John Mariotti is an experienced author and former senior executive. His columns appear weekly on The Brenner Brief on Wednesdays.

John Mariotti is an experienced author and former senior executive. His columns appear weekly on The Brenner Brief on Wednesdays.

If that question caused you to pause and think hard, I need to say no more — except that our road ahead remains one on which we must persevere to revitalize and “re-unify” the majority in our country.

If, as many claim, this past election was dominated (and won) by the less informed, then our job is to change the voting population by sharing more, and better, information with them.

Our challenges come from not getting agreement among the many parts of the GOP. The Tea Party, the Religious Right, the Rush Limbaugh conservative followers, et. al., have good and noble motives, strong opinions, and sincere desires to make America the kind of country we want, and a better one for all for all of us.

The problem is that unless we can build a new, expanded and unified (GOP) coalition of “center-and-right” voters who will elect our candidates, we will continue to be the minority. We will be constantly struggling against elected officials like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, et. al. who are changing America into something we neither want to imagine nor endure.

My goal therefore is to bring this message to everyone of generally similar Republican (and Independent and Libertarian, and even many “Blue Dog” Democrat!) philosophies who mostly agree in principle and disagree on the details or the extent. I hope to help convince them all in the need to unify and form a new, broader coalition within the (new) Republican Party. This can be a party which represents enough of us to win national elections, and not compromise our core values and principles, while supporting the Constitution that has guided the USA for over two centuries.

The outcome of the recent presidential election is behind us and Mitt Romney lost the election. As part of that loss, the nation, and we, lost “control of our country” for four more years to the Democrats’ creeping socialism under Barack Obama’s imperial presidency. The harm they can do in these four years is incalculable, unless we can find ways that — by compromise and coercion — we can still influence enough of the agenda to start America back on the road to unity and solvency.

As much as we might dislike the philosophies of these elected leaders, we must find ways to work together for the good of the country to get some critical things started for America’s sake. Examples include reining in the deficit spending, and trimming the deficit by a reasonable combination of “revenue” (code for tax revenue increases) and spending cuts, including cuts in entitlements — the largest, but far from the only, cause of these irresponsible deficits. The deficit has grown too large to reduce it without finding new sources of revenue. Economic growth — the best source of new revenue — under a stifling Obama administration, will come too little, and too late to help anytime soon.

As a country, America needs to return to living within its means, to a country where earning a living is preferred to being on some form of welfare, and a country where cooperation, collaboration and yes — compromise — are words that describe our combined Congress and leadership. “Deals” need not be a dirty word in D.C. if those deals are balanced and help America regain its fiscal sanity and solvency. The term “deal” can describe how positive things get done in this divided partisan Federal government.

I don’t need to reinvent the words that describe our plight and the outcome of inaction. These words were first used in 1768!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

This is still true as ever at this pivotal time in history. This simple, powerful phrase also applies to the Republican Party, and to the United States of America — more than ever since the Civil War.

May God bless us and aid our efforts to achieve these goals, for the sake of the United States of America and of all Americans.



  1. First of all, the GOP needs to get rid of the “Libtards light” such as Boehner et al. (a new Speaker of the House is needed DESPERATELY)

    Then they have to chose one of the following ways:

    A) The House “sits on the money”. Do what Kasich/Gingrich did with Clinton. Shut down the government if necessary. Do what’s right and what needs to be done. At the end of the day, the Failure-in-Chief will be seen as the one who balanced the budget (as was respectively still is Billy Boy Clinton), but we are on the right track.

    B) The GOP should hold a press conference and tell the American people that the Failure-in-Chief isn’t willing to negotiate and work on a real solution and that the GOP knows that his plan will fail (as it did in the first term) but that they will step aside and let him do whatever he wants – but then he, and he alone, owns the results. No one to blame!

    Unfortunately, the so-called leadership made an offer that was almost as bad as the one the Failure-in-Chief made. With this plan -I don’t even know if we can call this a “plan”- the Failure-in-Chief is the BIG winner: he gets almost everything he wants and the “leadership” of the GOP opened the doors for all the blame they’ll get. And the conservatives will lose again in 2014 AND 2016.

    So, the “Libtards light” such as Boehner have to go and real leaders have to step up. We need more people like Mia Love, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Allen West, Michele Bachmann, etc. – the new face of the GOP (I’m not longer very happy with Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal who attacked Romney for his correct comments about who voted for the Failure-in-Chief. They want to please the Medias and slide to center-left. In addition to that, Rubio attacked Michele Bachmann in the Huma Abedin case, i.e. he doesn’t recognize one of the major threats against the Western civilization: Islamism). The GOP has to find back to it’s values and to stand for them and defend them. The “conservative product” is better than the progressive one. We just don’t have the right marketing. The snake-oil salesmen from the evil side are selling their crappy product like crazy – that needs to be stopped, the “clients” (voters) need to be informed and educated.

    • Thank you for commenting!

    • Three thoughts to “moderate” (verb not a noun) your positions: 1) Remember the the “Failure in Chief” has ALL the mainstream media as his “message distortion machine” and those media feed the managed news of “his greatness” to the voters who elected him–the aggregation of either liberal or dependent niches, and those easily convinced by shallow arguments.
      2) Don’t be too quick to disparage Rubio and Jindal…this party must avoid being marginalized by taking only the most idealistic (in your position) stands. We need a broad, not a narrow, base, and while we must cling to core beliefs, sometimes there are compromises that lead to bigger victories.
      3) I’m old enough to remember Barry Goldwater–the first presidential candidate I was able to support. He was right (and “right”) but his convictions and positions were so firmly held that he ended up being dead right. “Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all…”
      Most of all I am happy that you felt strongly enough to comment and the share deeply held beliefs. That is what America and “patriots” are all about. Thanks.

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