Gallup Poll: Compromise, or Stick to Principles?

It appears that the majority of Americans want to see Congress and the White House reach a compromise agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff.

According to the results of a Gallup poll released today, 62 percent of all Americans want to see “compromise to reach agreement.” When breaking that number down by party, the results are 71 percent for Democrats, 61 percent for Independents and 55 percent for Republicans.

Only 25 percent of Americans want to see their legislators “stock to principles,” including just 35 percent of Republicans.

When asked whether it was likely that Obama and Congress would reach a solution to avoid the fiscal cliff before January 1, 44 percent of Americans said it was “somewhat likely.”

The poll also makes it clear that the Republican leaders in Congress are failing in their communications, methods and positioning on these issues. When asked whether the person approves or disapproves of Obama, Democrat leaders and Republican leaders, overall, 52 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s handling, 49 percent disapprove of the Democrat leadership handling and a startling 63 percent disapprove of the Republican leadership’s handling (including 63 percent of independents and 39 percent of Republicans).

The Republicans are continuing the same failed communications strategies that helped to lose the 2012 general election. Until those are turned around, we can only expect these numbers to continue to worsen, and for the Republicans to receive the blame.

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  1. You can only stick to your principles if you have principles to begin with. The current Republican leadership has no principles beyond their keeping their jobs.

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