The Post-Election “Twilight Zone”

twilight zone romney obama

Since the election, something has been haunting me. An eerie feeling stabs at my subconscious. The disorientation of a tipping point shatters the fragile balance I thought I knew.

As a Conservative, there are days that just make me feel as though I fell into “Wonderland,” where up is down, small is big and what was safe is now full of risk. Is it a bad case of political vertigo or has my world forever been changed? I feel as though I’m thrown back in time having to repeat the major inflection points history served up.

It’s not surprising that a resolution for the self-imposed “fiscal cliff” has turned into a Gordian knot of political arrogance and pure stupidity. Remember, the President did just win the election — maybe we do get what we deserve.

However, the  result has been that the financial markets have been held hostage, tied up by massive uncertainty a leadership void will create.

The truth of the matter is we already have gone off the cliff. What we are arguing about is how we will land. From family farms and businesses to retirees who are concerned about drawing down their principle, current policies continue to mock the “common sense” we all expect from the “rules of engagement” of a modern society.

For example, the zero interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve has stripped good people of the honor of saving for their golden years. They are left anxiously waiting for better days all the while watching a political “Gong Show” play out in real-time.

Although he’s now deceased, I had a friend who possessed a Lincolnesque wisdom about him. When analyzing choices he would  say, “to a drowning man the risk is you mistake the shark for a life-preserver.” Makes me wonder if a quick resolution to the “fiscal cliff” is being seen as a life-preserver, rather than what’s really needed.

But, elections do have consequences. Many Americans voted for divided government, nanny state and more of the “hope and change” they were promised in 2008. On the other hand, for nearly half of the other voters in 2012, the ultimate outcome would be a mystery, as though the results were written in a language undecipherable.

I think it’s this mystery that is so haunting — the realization that so many people have been seduced into the narrative that government can provide your basic needs and more, without knowing how that is economically or mathematically possible.
There are days I find myself wondering if I don’t get the joke,  I’m on the outside looking in, or we’re on the playground and I’m the “nerd” picked last.  However, the reasoned side of me sees it differently. The “cool group” has somehow missed a more threatening motive or future.

I’m reminded of a line in an episode of The Twilight Zone (season 3, episode 24) that I stumbled across the other day. “Odd thing, the fantastic ease with which human beings make adjustments.” When fiction resembles real life, it’s haunting. Somewhere between massive QE by the Federal Reserve, escalating federal debt, an obsession with green energy, and the insanity of the phrase “fair share,” I just want to scream, “it’s a cook book!”

My concern: my observation of a duplicit narrative the main stream media and the administration project. At the end of the day, our economic freedom is at risk — the great intrinsic value of America and the hope of free people.


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